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looking back to the magnus fitness and South Tulsa personal training show. Good morning, Tulsa. We hope you guys have had a great start to your week. I’ve taken care of your body is your mind your spirits and huge shout out to a few people and we are getting calls week after week about people interested in our two weeks free, no contract, particularly people who were trying to beat the new year’s resolution, um, and uh, and reformed their health goals before everyone else attempts and tries to once again tackle their new year’s resolution and inevitably not completed. So I love it. I love these people who are coming in here. I’m a big shout out to LLC. South Tulsa Personal Training, she’s, she’s finished her two weeks and beginning in her program and Shannon starting her program and, and Daniel and so many other countless people coming in to magnus fitness South Tulsa and the results are real here.

Um, but today on our personal training podcast, I want to talk about something that needs to be addressed. And it is something that comes from my coaching psychology, uh, and it has to do with your willingness to reach your goal. Okay? Um, and, uh, I say it that way because I know you’re willing, South Tulsa Personal Training, but at what cost, at what risks. You have to understand that there’s always a risk and reward and associated with what you were doing to reach and maintain your goal. Maintain is a very, very essential word in that statement. But, uh, we’ll talk about maintenance later and then how to keep it off and not fall into that statistic of 95 percent of people who reach their weight loss goals, put it back on. But in the meantime, reaching your weight loss goals, particularly in our personal training company, um, and our personal training studio, this all comes down to a, a, a very, very big word.

A lot of people are afraid to discuss it more and more, I find. And that’s the word courage. A courage to me, um, means willing to confront some things in your life that you need to confront. Not Run away from them, but confront them. But with due process. And courage isn’t the ability to just whimsically up and do a goal despite the facts and the risks that are involved. Part of courage, I think, in my opinion, the true definition of courage, or at least the most effective aspect of courage I’ve seen in people’s lives, South Tulsa Personal Training is not just the ability to confront a circumstance, but to do it correctly, uh, honestly, ethically, morally, to approach a circumstance that needs handling and to confront it.

This is, this is essential. This is a very important key component that I think a lot of people, particularly when it comes to weight loss, South Tulsa Personal Training, are very afraid to do. And that is not, is to tackle their weight loss goals with the right process.

People more and more and more, I find are, are willing to do whatever it takes to get out of their circumstances, to go from things desired to things possessed, but doing it in a way that is unsafe. The magnus way has been developed in our personal training company through leading research and safe and proven processes that give you results. It is very important for you to understand that our personal training program is not based on just getting you to your goal despite all of the other health risks associated with weight loss. You have to understand that weight loss in and of itself and weight gain is already so stressful on the body. So can you imagine not just it, you know, going down the weight loss journey or the putting on weight journey, um, you know, the process in itself is already tough on the mind and body, but then adding a cheats or what other people would call shortcut, South Tulsa Personal Training, you know, starvation, a diuretics, pills, all of those things associated.

When do you, do we realize the risk that’s involved there instead of just taking a slow, I’m honest, respectful approach to wait, lost in reaching your fitness goals and not using shortcuts. I mean, what’s this really about? What is weight loss and muscle gain really about, for you? Is it really about health or is it about some other deeper issue that you may have? Um, your, your. I mean, and that’s for you to answer. That’s not for me to answer, but uh, but having the courage to really confront these questions and to, South Tulsa Personal Training, to really, uh, to take into consideration all the things that are associated with, with reaching your fitness goals and being honest. Okay, so you know, this, that this podcast is more so just a say law, right? To consider why your first off while you’re doing your fitness goals, have the courage to ask those questions and then ask yourself, what’s your driving factor?

What’s moving you forward towards your fitness goal, on your journey? What’s the fuel for your fire? You know, we don’t want it to be anxiety and fear. We don’t want it to be all of those components, uh, that, uh, ultimately will not sustain us even when we reach our goal. Because that’s the biggest thing here. When you reach your fitness goal, what is, what is, what are the ingredients that helped you be successful? Because you know, if you used a bunch of stuff that really isn’t stable in your life, like a negative emotions, toxic self image, right? All those different things that we have, then you better understand that’s not a firm foundation that will collapse, okay. South Tulsa Personal Training even if you reach your fitness goal, if you have not tackled the mindset issues associated with weight loss or, um, you know, reaching your fitness goals, then there’s, you know, what does that look like?

Like adopting a new lifestyle that’s a really important component, right? Forsaking or old lifestyle and learning how to leave the weight behind with new habits that’s healthy, that’s a healthy approach. Um, so that’s, that comes down to associating ourselves with new friendships, maybe going and joining a cycling club or hiring a personal trainer at our company or anyone else’s company for that matter. But, uh, but just changing your associations. That’s a healthy step, right? That is a very healthy step. Creating new friendships, people who make fitness a lifestyle because you will only be in your life. You will go. You only reached the goals in your life to the degree that you know, those friends are reaching their is in their life. So, um, confront these questions today. Those of you who are magnus fitness, South Tulsa, first of all, training podcast listener, South Tulsa Personal Training if you’re a client in our personal training company, I really want you to, um, if you’re unclear as to what I’m talking about, come see me in person and I will sit down and I’ll talk to you about this.

I’ll talk to you about how important it is to take into evaluation your long term health goals and not just a temporary fix. Love yourself enough on this journey to do it correctly. Do not just flippantly make a decision to just follow someone’s advice, you know, and that’s the other thing I have to adjust on this podcast real quick on our personal training podcast is this ketosis thing, um, nutritional ketosis. You experience does not make you an expert. You cannot go around and start advising people on the Kennedy Diet. You cannot do that with intermittent fasting. You can’t do that. You can’t just say, this worked for me to work for you. This is, this is how we create fats. South Tulsa Personal Training This is how we create instability and proven science. This is how we hurt people. Okay? I understand your intentions are to help people, but you cannot, you cannot, just because you understand the concept of something, uh, begin to, um, to begin to advise people on a specific subject that you’re not an expert on.

So, um, that’s it. I want you guys to have the courage to approach a yourself in the mirror this morning and ask yourself, why are you doing this? What’s your why? Why are you doing this? Why are you losing weight? Why are you packing on muscle? What’s your why? Your body was given to you in my belief by my savior, to be able to sustain a marriage, a parenting relationship with my child, and to run a fitness company in business and to be there for those members in my body at my church, the body of Christ, if my congregation and be there for them and to give, okay? That’s what my body’s for. My body is alive and on this planet to, to be present for those things. Okay? So answer those questions. South Tulsa Personal Training Have the courage to approach them. If you need help, you need someone to talk to you about this. Come in nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Again, this is sky with magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training company. Go to our website, magnus fitness, Fill out a contact us form. We will have one of our staff reach out to you as soon as possible. We love you. We believe in you. Our goal is ultimately to help you reach your fitness goal.

Um, if again, courage, courage, courage, courage, get out there and conquer your goals, but do it the right way. People.