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hope you guys are having a great into your week, help your fitness levels are being met. For those of you who are a current client and magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training, uh, we will not see you for the weekend. So stayed diligent, stay attentive to your goals, do not let yourself down by giving into overindulgence is and, uh, remember to go for walks and enjoy nature. Your bodies were meant to move. They were never meant to be secretary and, uh, waiting around for things to happen. They’re meant to go and, and take action. So without further ado, today’s subject, we’re going to talk about how to build a successful personal training regiment around our own lives. Now, I’m not going to give you all of our secret sauce over our podcast. I would encourage you to come into our personal training studio and Magnus fitness South Tulsa. And if you have to admit you need some help, feel free to come to our are really a judgment free zone it magnus fitness south.

Also, personal training company, you can march right up in here to our personal training boutique fitness studio where we focus one on one on helping our clients obtain their fitness goals. Did you know real quick, a quick statistic for you? Side note that 92 percent of people inside of big box gyms are people who have gym memberships or simply are not obtaining their physical fitness goals. Do you realize more people injure themselves in the gym then outside the gym? Did you know that 80 percent of people in our society are not committed to obtaining fitness goals? Did you also know that 70 percent of the databases that big box gyms hold including your membership in mind, 70 percent of those people do not even utilize their gym memberships. How are we going to tackle such a massive issue or epidemic when it comes to obesity and living sedentary lifestyles?

What do. What are we going to do? Magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company is here for you as a resource. Our coaches, our concept is here to help you, primarily the weight loss community, focus on your goals and accomplishing your weight loss goals, um, alongside a community. It is private and it is one on one, but community is not excluded. That does go without saying that a lot of our clients intermingle and create friendships, lifelong lasting friendships. But if you were to walk into our personal trading company and admit that you need help and you could definitely say you’re aware of those statistics, they’re pretty prevalent in your life. Your, you know, what it means to spin your wheels and personal training or excuse me, just personal fitness levels and you’ve never had a personal trainer and you’ve got this facade about personal trainers that they’re there to just a, you’ve got kind of two types of personal trainers and particularly what I’m very aware of.

You have your, um, your trainers who play it safe right there. They have you in a big box gym. You’re cutting costs with gym memberships and the personal trainer and they’re there and they’re sort of there just to kind of mimic stuff they see on social media. And they give it to you and you’re really feeling like much is going on. You’re there, but they’re not there and they’re, they’re kind of just giving you simple stuff. It’s not filling targeted towards your specific goal. If you’re a dude, you’re training your, your, South Tulsa Personal Training, your trainer. I can’t say male or female, but, uh, they’re having you do air squats every session and fire hydrants and donkey kickbacks and hip bridges. All those are essential for flexibility and mobility. Those really aren’t going to get the lean physique. Dad Bod the July, the rounded shoulders, the upper deck chest, right?

The lots, the ABS, or just simply weight loss, right? Those are pretty simple movements. Um, and you can add resistance with those using bands and ankle weights, et Cetera, and dumbbells and barbells. But for the most part, it doesn’t feel customized. And then you’ve got the other end of the spectrum where your personal trainer is overly educated from about 30 years ago. They really have no idea what they are talking about, but they talk about everything that they, they’re certified in. South Tulsa Personal Training. What do I mean by that? Um, it, it’s, it’s almost like, um, they’re too smart and they turn you off that you know them and you trust their knowledge, but you just don’t like them because they’re overly educated and they seem to tell you everything that you don’t do correctly and they, they reiterate and remind you constantly of everything you do incorrectly and everything that’s already wrong with you.

You know what I’m talking about. You Walk in, you get your consultation, they tell you everything you already know that the doctor says is wrong with you. And then when you do your workouts, they’re constantly adjusting and constantly commanding, um, what it is that, uh, you shouldn’t and shouldn’t be doing. So you got to know, like, and trust your coaches or your personal trainer and a that goes on saying there’s never going to be a perfect person. There’s never going to be the perfect coach. Our dream at Magnus fitness South Tulsa is to create a spot for those trainers to train the best in Tulsa where we seek them out and we put them under one roof so that there’s no competition. There’s nothing more important for you to be able to choose the coach of your own kind. Someone who’s able to. Yes, having a base knowledge, education and understanding that there’s different body types and what’s works with everyone doesn’t.

It doesn’t work for everybody. Okay. What everyone tries to make work for everyone does not work for everyone. And so personal training, it can be a very, very, very, um, confusing industry. It’s like, you know, when you meet a personal trainer, you’re gonna tell them everything you don’t want because you’re just really your belief that, that they only believe that one thing is what they believe in. The one thing they have is what you do not want. You need to be aware for those of us who are well educated, whether it’s self taught four year degree, um, you know, uh, or, or some of the best certifications out there, which that really doesn’t even qualify you really. Some of the most stuck up personal trainers I’ve ever met in my life are Nazism certified nationally, Congress sports medicine, South Tulsa Personal Training which largely I don’t agree with a lot of the information they put in that study material.

I understand the fundamentals and the, uh, in the, in the base knowledge of it as a lot as a kinesiology a that’s accurate, but when it comes to your speech, European sports science, it doesn’t match. I don’t know unless you can, that’s another topic, but when you’re looking for a personal trainer, you, you got to understand what works for everyone. Doesn’t work for everyone. So I’m going to give you real quick. So, uh, some, some basic how tos, how do you, how do you approach weights? How do you ever purchase strength training program? How do you approach just getting fit and do I have to worry about all of these other things like bulking, South Tulsa Personal Training right direct to worry about what are some other things we think about? Do I have to worry about injury? Don’t have to worry about incorrect form. Do I have to?

The answer is yes you do, but you don’t as well. You don’t need to become ocd about your fitness. Do you realize that? A lot of people ask me, you just bodybuilding? No, I do not. I cycle. I run, I jog, I sprint, I jump rope. I do the Airdyne bike, I do the elliptical, I bench pressed, I squat, I do leg extensions. I do abductor and abductor exercises. I use machines for core. I use my. I use the pull up bar for core. I do pull ups. I do calisthenics. I do it all because I understand and I enjoy staying. Fit is the most important thing besides Jesus in my life and it keeps me going. It keeps me fit. I just want to be able to move my body and lifts some weight and this leads me to this polarizes, my podcast. This is the point I’m trying to make. If you can just make fitness a part of your lifestyle that is customizing it instead of trying to find a one size fits all. How about we view fitness as a way of life? Whatever it is for you that you enjoy most doing and fitness asked her personal trainer to teach you that ask your personal trainer to help you do a pull up. Ask Your personal trainer to help you jump rope for 10 minutes. Ask Your personal trainer to learn how to flip a tire, asked her South Tulsa Personal Training, whatever it is your personal trainer needs to be a resource there for you to reach your goal

because I’m not so much interested in about your initial weight loss and a program. While that stuff sells and it’s marketable and you can advertise that. I really want to know that you’re going to be a client that’s going to make a lifelong change because that’s how we’re going to make an impact with the obesity issue that we are leading in in the global global obesity concern. We are leading in obesity and I don’t believe that personal trainers or all these different concepts and fitness programs out there are going to work. Unless you understand how to gain momentum and enjoying the fitness journey. Quit trying to find the perfect coach to perfect set that perfect rep count. Just get out there, do something, go for a walk, go jog, go for, go play with the kids. Take your wife out on a date, go walk up a coffee and go enjoy a stroll down the riverwalk.

Okay? South Tulsa Personal Training It’s also, please listen to me. Quit trying to be perfect and quit trying to make everything fit in this one little box. Fitness is not a box. It’s like athletes. Do you realize athletes, some of the best athletes on the planet who are paid millions of dollars by taxpayers for entertainment, are literally in the gym maybe twice or three times a week and they focus on their sports. If you want to be a high performer, fine what it is you want to do in your life and make fitness a byproduct or a secondary product to what you do to enhance your life. You don’t have to be a gym rat or addicted to fitness who I’m talking to or the general public out there. Go enjoy your life. Find whatever it is. Just get fit. That’s all I’m asking you to do. That’s all magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company is asking you to do.

Just find something, please just find something. Quit making personal trainers to problem. Quit making big box gyms. The problem. We are not the problem. We’re educated and yes there are. So like as I mentioned earlier, there are some issues with, with personal trainers out there, there really are. There’s some real, uh, uh, I don’t even know what, what I, I, they’re really bonkers. I mean, there’s some really, uh, I mean, I think I’m just gonna come up with a really funny name for someone, but uh, but I can’t describe it. So there are, there are, and we apologize for that, but for every industry there’s going to be that you tell me one industry on this planet that doesn’t have some Weirdos who take it to the extreme or who are completely irrelevant, who are underqualified, who shouldn’t even be in the industry. It’s in every industry, South Tulsa Personal Training but don’t make that a reason why you don’t commit. Tell your personal trainer what it is you’d want it to accomplish and not if they can get you to your goal. That’s how you know that’s how you know they’re a good trainer. They with their education and their knowledge can help you obtain your goal.

In the name of my savior. I can’t be more strict and firm on this subject. Do not make personal trainers your God. Do not make personal and that’s an that’s an over idolization of the resource given to you. It’s like you buying a car, a a specific brand or model and something happening to you in the car that maybe I’ve saved you malfunction or something that should have been recalled and all of a sudden you throw the whole brand or model under the bus and you see that’s it, baby out with the bathwater. I’m no longer listen. Don’t be so extreme. Don’t subconsciously put people in the industry in front of your excuses and so that you can keep justifying and justifying and justifying and piling dirt over your. Your ability to transform and taking control of your life. Just go do something. Do Calisthenics, go box, go kickbox. Go do something, but I have got to stand behind my industry and personal trainers and I have got to stand there before for for you as well. Personal trainers, if you’re listening to this and in my podcast and magnets, fitness South Tulsa, you need to get off your rocker, get off your white horse and start helping your clients achieve their goals and quit putting them through this one size fits all program and start and start servicing them and start helping them

and then we also have our clients, the general public out there quit making the reason you don’t sign up with a professional South Tulsa Personal Training

when they quit making that the reason. Quit making the reason you don’t commit to your fitness goals because of those in the in the industry. Get out there and do it. Combined my studio. It’s two weeks of free personal training for you to come by us, have a conversation and and for me to teach you some stuff. You can go, I don’t need you as a client. I’m not in need of business. I’m in need of people that I can help because that’s our largest. This is, this is literally a calling for me. It’s in my blood. I’ve been doing fitness since I was a kid. They helped me. Jesus saved me, but fitness helped me, so get out there, try, come see me at nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Go to our website, magnus fitness. Tell us [inaudible] dot com. Go to our testimonials page and look at the people getting results. They’re real life clients and check out what their is like. Are they reaching their goals?

If I hear one more person say, I don’t want this and I don’t want that, South Tulsa Personal Training I don’t want. You’re not going to get where you want by constantly saying what you do not want. You have to know what it is you want to achieve in order to know where you’re going and how to get it. Do not come into my studio so I don’t want. I don’t want this and I don’t want that and I don’t want this and trainers for for Gosh Sakes. Do not. When you meet with them, tell them what you’re going to do and what I’m going to do. Quit being a know it all and give them an ear to listen to. They need someone to listen to. They need someone to talk to. Excuse me. They need someone to give them a lending ear. They in everyday life, they’ve got people out there who won’t listen to them, their spouses want, listen to their bosses, won’t listen to their employees, will listen to them, give them a listening ear and help them commit to their fitness goals. Being in the way of their dream of being in the way of their, South Tulsa Personal Training of whatever it is they’re wanting to accomplish in their fitness goals. Quit trying to, you know, quit. Quit, quit, quit playing the to too high of risk and reward game by having them do box jumps when literally they’re just having trouble getting off the couch.

I think everyone’s heard the message today from Magnus in the South Tulsa. That’s what a customized plan looks like and strength training and cardio and all that stuff. Get out there and just do something.

Do something. Don’t underestimate. If I got busy, I got tons of business on is listening to my podcast. I’m gonna South Tulsa Personal Training. Tell you something right now. You are perfectionists and you, you only want stuff that gives you quick and efficient. And while there are sports science program, the sports science and science journals that proves specific ways of training and doing things, they save you time and money, all that stuff. You would, you please stop under, uh, under estimating just a good brisk walk in the park. Just go for a walk. Just go for a walk. I understand a lot of you were bulldog tenacious about accomplishing things in life, but you’re going to injure yourself. Okay? Just stop and go. Enjoy yourself. A nice little walk, a brisk walk. Okay? Take your wife out. Focus on your wife for one’s focused on your kids. Go play some activities, you know, March around the, uh, the diamond of the, behind the chain of the diamond to the ball, uh, the of the, uh, teeball a backstop and just walk back and forth and show your kid on, get off the binges, quit, quit being high on your horse.

And all that stuff, get out there and just enjoy a walk.

You can never understand it.

That’s it. That’s all I have to say. That’s how you customize it. Just got out there and do something. Okay. Maggie spent this Delta Dot Com. I went to eight. One, four, two, two, one, three.