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Welcome back to the magnus fitness in south Tulsa personal training show. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about stress and exercise, right? Can we have one and have the other existing in our day to day life be warned. Stress is out to get you. It is out to dominate you, is out to rob you of all of your joy, all of your passion, all of your efforts, everything that you are stress is every day in our American lives. Looking to make us have more sedentary lifestyles, stresses the reason for excessive drinking. Stress is the reason for unfaithfulness in our marriages and our friendships. Stress is a major contributor to immobilization in our daily living. You need to know that I specifically at our personal training studio, we train a lot of business owners and I can’t tell you the amount of time I’ve. I’ve interacted with business owners who were overly stressed in their day to day lifestyle and it is preventing them from finding any sort of joy and being able to help them and their health journeys. Do you realize if we don’t confront this issue, sure, your car can be fixed and maintenance anytime you take it into the BMW dealership, the lexus dealership, or the Land Rover dealership

or the Honda dealership. Your car can be under warranty and it can be fixed and it can be maintenanced. Your computer could be taken into apple and they can give you a loaner and it can be fixed. Do you realize everything you own and everything you are doing in your life is hinging on the fact is hinged on your health.

Our personal training studio exists to confront this issue in our society. One of the biggest reasons diabetes is rampant in our culture. One of the biggest reasons depression is rampant in our culture is be people. Be People feel in mobilized, they feel they feel I’m sort of stuck and inferior to them circumstances. Let me tell you something that I know is very true and I tell all my clients and my personal training studio motivation does not exist. There is no such thing as feeling your way into action. Sure. I do believe that you can listen to music and you can have external motivators such as posters and quotes and surround yourself with, um, as far as your ecosystem is concerned and trying to grow yourself as an individual with friendships and, um, a healthy people around you. But do you realize you are the only one that’s responsible for your health? No one is going to fix that and I can’t believe that our society is having to resort to other people, care of our health. For us, time and time and time again in our personal training studio, we have people coming in here whose doctors have them on another diabetic medication. South Tulsa Personal Training As long as their a one c count is okay. They are allowed to maintain their current lifestyle.


I don’t know about you, but I do not want my clients and my friends and my family to be inferior to their circumstances, to feel out of control because of stress. There are a lot of diseases that our contributed to stress in the hormone. I’m specifically cortisol. Stress Hormones that are released into the body. When you were a constant, when you were living under constant stress, do you realize that is slowly deteriorating your body? The Real Fountain of Youth here people is exercise exercise. We’ll do your body. Good. Research also shows that it does the mind good exercises, particularly in the good and reducing stress, right, South Tulsa Personal Training producing endorphins, making you feel good. If you’re listening to this and you’re already a current client, you have heard this from my mouth. Please do not resort to alcohol, pills, overly indulging in food. I as a personal trainer cannot sit back idly and my culture and watch people be dominated by this concept called stress. Exercise needs to be our Goto, a goto on a daily basis. If you don’t know where to start, coming down to my personal training studio and I will help you make fitness fun. Exercise can be a blast. You can eventually begin to enjoy it.

Exercise has an incredible ability to not just help us physically, but really kind of take that cloudy day, a sort of dismal feeling we have and and and really charged us with hope.

If you’re anything like me, for the longest time I didn’t even, even as a personal trainer, I didn’t even approach my fitness goals because I didn’t feel like if I didn’t have things perfect or I wouldn’t lifting to a certain degree or if I wouldn’t lifting a certain amount of weight or I wouldn’t, you know, then no matter what I did it. It didn’t help. It didn’t help me get any closer. So really I became stressed about working out. We don’t want that to be the case. We completely understand that. Our personal training studio, how complicated things can be in life. It kind of feels like this. Your own a business or you’ve been running a business for quite some time. I don’t care where you’re at in your business. South Tulsa Personal Training If you’re handing it off to a relative or you’re selling it. We’re always at new levels and our companies and in our businesses and our professional life where we are feeling and competent or that we don’t know about a specific area, so we’re constantly learning our marriages.

If you’ve been married for a long time and you’re just newly wed or you’re engaged, you’re dating, they’d stressful because you don’t know if success is going to come from that. Uh, the parenting. If you’re parenting for a, you have a newborn baby or you’ve been parenting for years, there’s always a level in our life that we always will feel incompetent or to a specific level that we’re always learning something. We never become complete experts, but here’s where personal training I’m really comes in handy because we are to a degree considered experts because the industry is changing. Every day. Science is coming out and proving new methods. South Tulsa Personal Training Just coming out and revealing new strategies on how the body adapts and how it reacts to fitness.

And so that’s why having a personal trainer can really benefit you. Come down here. Let’s humble ourselves. Come down to a personal training studio in South Tulsa and admit this is an area stress that we need help in, but if you don’t feel like learning something new, then handed off to us so we can coach you through this on how to make fitness enjoyable for you. A quick jog can, can make be a huge game changer for you being part of a local league or a basketball league or coordinating, uh, uh, sports, a program with friends can be incredible. Karen hartness said this, give your stress, give your stress wings and let it fly away. South Tulsa Personal Training If there’s one thing we want to be addicted to in our life when it comes to stress, it needs to be exercise. Exercise is the Real Fountain of Youth. So now that you know or have always known that exercise can alleviate stress. We have a lot of work to do so it’s up to us. As I told you before, motivation does not exist. You cannot feel your way into action. You have to act your way into feeling.

It may seem slight, South Tulsa Personal Training sort of easy and simple to get up and go to the gym, but you need to know it is actually very hard for a lot of people to do. If it was easy, everyone would be fit, stresses in almost every area of our life.


magnus fitness, for those of you who don’t know, is a personal training boutique studio. You come in, it’s 900 to thousand square feet of private, one, one personal training where we can focus on ourselves and get away from the day. You can take your stress and your anger out on our equipment. You can literally come in with a personal trainer to guide you through this process while you’re learning and executing a lot of the exercise we have, you perform. You can come in and you can get the stress off your life. It’s an enjoyable atmosphere. You can turn the music on that you’d like take off your shirt if you’re a man flexing the mayor, sweat the things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do in big, big, commercialized gems where you’re likely to do that. Even for some of my clients who need a day away from their current routine, they’re not supposed to be trained that day. South Tulsa Personal Training They come in and they use my cardio equipment. Come on in. We’d love for you to be around. We understand that life is hard and the stress is dominating people, but just realize that any sort of exercise is better than none.

You May. You may not be able to spend, you know, an hour and a half or the majority of your early afternoon or early evening in the gym. Why don’t you just go home and do a quick jog, walk up some hills, utilize your neighborhood as your local gym, go to the park, go swim your neighborhood pool. And our previous podcast, we talked about different ways to burn calories and for those of you who have kids, boy your kids are a great South Tulsa Personal Training If you can keep up with them, you’re doing great in life,

but we can no longer allow stress to dominate us and we need exercise to be our addiction. South Tulsa Personal Training if an addiction is too strong of a word for you, then make it part of your routine. Something you go to on a daily basis, go to the park, go push your spouse in a swing and push them off. And our personal training studio, we do not believe one size fits all, that everyone should be doing weights. Everyone should be doing a specific regiment at Magnus fitness and our personal training, personal training studio. We do believe anything can be considered fitness. I don’t care if it’s a 10 minute walk. The biggest problem with our society and our biggest dilemma our culture has fallen into and why we are leading in obesity and diabetes in our world on this planet called Earth is because first and foremost, um, how many resources our country has, how accessible everything is, but how simple our lives have become. We roll out of bed.

We may or may not put forth effort. I hope you brushed your teeth that burns calories, but may or may not have effort to cook breakfast. Alright. The probably the most amount of calories we burn on a daily basis. The majority of people. And if you not hear me, if you’re, this doesn’t apply to you, then don’t take this personal at all. I’m more so addressing the, the, the, the large amount of the population which makes up 80 percent of our population is primarily obese, 60 to 80 percent depending on where you’re at in our country. Um, but specifically here in Tulsa, we, we don’t do a whole lot roll out of bed, may or may not make breakfast. We jumped in the car which takes us to our job. We walk out of our car and into our desk where we sit and we scroll through facebook and we sit and we sit and we sit and we go to lunch and we sit, go back to work and we sit and we jumped in the car and we sit in the car traffic. When we get home, I’m really what’s going on under the surface is it’s not that we don’t have a lack of energy. We feel tired because we’re overly rested. That’s what a sedentary lifestyle creates, is the feeling of exhaustion, South Tulsa Personal Training but really what your body really is craving is actually some physical exercise. Your energy levels will go up, your endorphins will kick in, your dopamines will kick in. Once you start applying this, we have to kick this into gear

to go beyond the gym, the gym, go for a walk, enjoy the sunset, go down to Riverside rollerblade, come into magnus fitness in our personal training studio. And enjoy two weeks on us for free. We will be your home away from home. Your personal getaway. We can laugh, we can have fun, we can talk, we can enjoy our lives as we watched them transform, but we cannot continue to allow stress to dominate our lives. Again, I don’t mean to reiterate, but something as simple as a 15 minute jog, jump rope, go punch a boxing bag or A. Yeah, go, go box. I’ve got a punching bag. Come down to my personal training studio and rock that thing. Set a timer for 30 seconds. Start punching and punching in and punching it. And then rest, jump on my rower. Something is better than nothing. Let your stress have wings and let it fly away. But let’s push it out the door with some exercise so we can eat healthy, right? Let’s talk about some things that go beyond exercise that can actually begin to help you. Um, if you do enjoy food, let’s talk about some strategies that can really actually sort of a benefit. You. South Tulsa Personal Training Nutrition is for most part larger than 50 percent of the battle when it comes to weight loss or, um, for this monitor help managing stress and our daily lives.

Just eat healthy.

Plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, as I mentioned before. Have some great time with friends. Have them over for dinner, cook a meal together, break out of your social anxiety shell and invite people over. It’s time to make a change. Tulsa, go see a psychologist. One of the best things, um, some of my clients have ever done is actually invited a therapist into their life. What they thought was actually my personal training, um, program that wasn’t working. It was actually as it is always. Not that we do, but for the most part, they found out that they needed a therapist. I didn’t want to go into further and an example, but most people just needed a therapist. Get out to your work social gatherings. Get out there. Don’t miss an opportunity to network. Take a warm bath, take a second. Don’t skip your meditation time during the day. Breathe. Take some time to breathe. One of the best things that we can do in our day to day is take some time to reflect, to actually manage our thoughts. It is shocking to me as a personal trainer, the amount of people that I see who are not in control of their thinking, their thought life is one of the most distracted. I would not want to live in the heads of some people,

even mine. These are things that I practice even as a personal trainer on a daily basis, but if you come down to my personal training studio, we’re not not going to listen to you and understand the frustrations of life. We understand what stands between you and your exercise goals. Just to remember this, I say this all the time to our South Tulsa Personal Training clients. South Tulsa Personal Training Having a poor self image is a lot more painful than the work that it takes to obtain a healthy self image. Let me say that again. Having a poor self image is a lot more painful, a lot more painful emotionally.

I’m clearly physical, physically painful

than it is to put forth to work to obtain what it is in the proper self image and self esteem that you need to have a fulfilled lifestyle. It really doesn’t take that much. What I’m telling you on this podcast as it could be a 15 minute run. We just need to develop the habit of making exercise our go to in times of stress, you need to do it. We have to. It is the Real Fountain of Youth. Alcohol is not the Fountain of Youth. A lot of the things that we take and look at on a daily basis are slowly killing us. Come to Mama, come down to my personal training studio on 101st and Sheridan. I will give you two weeks of free personal training just to experience most of our clients. After one or two sessions begin to feel the difference or the type of personal training program that we implement into their lifestyle. We will give you the workout of a lifetime at our personal training studio. No doubt about it, South Tulsa Personal Training but we want you to come back and we want you to enjoy it so it’s an it’s a forever lifestyle habit. Get away from the stress.

Don’t feel your way into action. Act your way into feeling. Be more powerful than your excuses. Tulsa. Let’s get out and make a change. Come in and see me two weeks for free. They’ll show you all the ways you can dominate. Take back your life. We really do believe in you here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa are personal trainers. Take our time to hear you, to motivate you, to provide your community and your resources to make fitness and exercise part of our everyday life. We would love to see you in a personal training studio. Visit our website and magnus fitness, You can find us on facebook at Magnus fitness, Tulsa. Check out our instagram, jumped back on our old podcasts. We have loads of information from our personal training studio to keep you motivated, inspired, and uh, ultimately to live the life that you were born to live. Let’s take it back. Come back and see us. Call me. Text me nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. That’s nine. One, eight, eight. One, four, two, two, one, three.