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magnets, fitness South Tulsa, personal training, and today is when actually Thursday, so today we’re going to be talking something that not everybody likes to hear and I’m going to be titling this session, that experience that does not make you an expert. You see there’s a lot of people out there that are talking about Quito, the Keto Diet that are sharing with everyone what they think, giving everyone recipes. Well today we are going to be addressing that because it is no good. Why is it not good? South Tulsa Personal Training It is not good because everyone thinks they are an expert in this topic of Ketosis and they’re not, but first things first. Today I want to give a shout out to sky who has been working so hard ever since he started this journey of weight loss himself and he has lost over 60 pounds just because he wanted to look good just because he wanted a good healthy lifestyle, a healthy body, and he has reached his goal and he looks amazing.

If you haven’t seen skies, pictures of his body, get on his facebook sky, magnus and look him up. He looks amazing from his before and afters and you will be surprised that such a thing can be done, but you were magnus fitness. We are here to tell you that such a thing can be done, that you can see the results that you’ve never seen before with your body that you can lose 60 plus pounds. Guess what? Because the trainer that is training you has done it, has reached Ed, so congratulations. Congratulations. South Tulsa Personal Training Sky, you are doing a great job. So now we will get into talking about why are people sharing things about Quito when they know nothing about it. So the problem here is that because they have treated themselves lost some weight, now they think that they can share it with everyone and everyone should do Quito.

That’s not true. Not everyone should do Quito or not everyone should do the same thing as somebody else here in magnus fitness South Tulsa, in our personal training studio. Every meal plan is customized for people. Every workout is customized for different people. Not there is no such thing as a one size fits all. One size fits all. It’s not true, and Quito, just like any other diet or regimen can be deadly. You know, we’ve heard of teachers having heart attacks because they were doing Quito and we’ve seen it happen with our eyes where people are doing quito on their own or with a friend’s advice and they’re gaining weight instead of losing weight and they’re having such bad reactions to their skin. South Tulsa Personal Training, some of them are even struggling with their internal system. So it is not good. It is not doable and not everyone should be doing quito.

This is why it’s so important to talk to an expert, a real expert, not someone who’s done kid on their own and now suggested to, you know, you need to talk to somebody who has done it, who has studied it, who has done research and research and your research. And as a trainer, I mean hello. You can do any diet, not just Quito, but you can do any diet and not workout. You’re going to put that weight back on and that is not what you want. So when doing Quito, you need to take into consideration your gender, your age, your hormones, your cholesterol, there are so many things and you need to take into consideration are you diabetic. You need to take that into consideration what kind of diabetic. South Tulsa Personal Training There’s so many things and you need to take into consideration what are you eating? How are you living, how are you?

Um, what are you doing during the day? You know, all of these things come into play when you’re doing a diet. The specifically we’re talking about Quito. So no, please do not listen to the people that have done it. I mean listen to them, take their advice and what it did for them. But get on with magnus fitness. We have our own protocol that we wrote about Quito. And not only that, we will be able to tell you if this is a good idea for you or not. I mean, we have so many doctors that are saying, do not do it because people are not doing and right. So please, if you are a person who has done in Quito before and you’re sharing with others to do kido on their own, please don’t. Please don’t do it. South Tulsa Personal Training Don’t do that. You’re not an expert just because you had a great experience with it. You are not an expert on Kido,

so send those people are way magnus fitness. They get two weeks free there. Get a protocol that will assess them, that will help them, that will teach them on what they need to do or if they can even do it, but don’t take the risk of telling if somebody else to do Quito just because you had great results. Again, are magnus fitness facility here as how Tulsa, the personal training facility is here for the people that want to lose weight is if here for the people that want to change their lifestyle is here with exact correct and everyday developing knowledge of fitness, of health to help people. Magnus fitness, I’ll Tulsa. Our personal training studio is here to tell people what can do they they do best, South Tulsa Personal Training what is good for them, what is right for them. Our South Tulsa personal training studio is here to bring people to a whole nother level and not only help them lose weight, but just help them in life in general, and that is by getting a better health, getting a better lifestyle.

I mean we deal with so many sort of different people in a day to day basis that you would think that they’re all expert just because they lost 10 pounds on Quito, but they’re not. They’re still on a day to day basis learning on what they need to do because Oh, some things in their system switched around after their last 10 pounds, so they need to tweak a few things so they’re not experts even though they’ve had great results with Keto. So this is what we’re saying is please, if you have had a great experience with Keto, we are so happy for you. We are so happy for you, but we need for you to send them to a professional to send them to an actual expert and please don’t treat thing. South Tulsa Personal Training Don’t you dare thing for ones that just because you did Quito on your own for two or three weeks and you’ll lost a few pounds that you can keep doing it.

It is not healthy for you and you will be getting a ride back on and when you stop it, because you can’t live on Quito every day for the rest of your life. You need the workout. You need the exercise, and you need the exercise for a longevity, healthy lifestyle, so please, please send the people magnets, fitness. Like I said, you get two weeks for free, 900, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. You can call in today. You can walk by today, drug by today, and we will be happy to assist you. South Tulsa Personal Training even more so, I’m talking to the people that are at at a devicing, all these poor, ignorant in a non bad way. People, these all these ignorant people that don’t know much about Quito and they listened to a friend. That’s what I’m. That’s the people I’m talking to. You are not an expert just because you had a great experience with Quito.

Again, we’re so happy for you but have to stop and the reason why I’m saying this is because I know a person who’s doing this, no one, I know a few that are doing this and no person that is actually listening to one of them and I have not seen any change and their body whatsoever and I’m really concerned and I’m just really concerned for her life because she’s talking to a non expert. She’s listening to a non expert. Are they non Hsi? So pleased. You need to keep on working out. You need to keep on eating. Ride. South Tulsa Personal Training You can call magnus fitness. I’ll Tulsa personal training facility here in South Tulsa, located at 101st and Sheridan and reach out. You want to do Quito. You’re interested in Quito. Reach out, reach out. So every day we are here to help you. We are here to teach you and everyday we’re learning ourselves because everyday we ladies said the research changes.

The Diet’s changed, the healthy living changes. Everything is changing constantly. So you need somebody who is keeping and track keeping on track and keeping tabs on what’s going on. And how things are changing, you know, so like a few years ago they said, Oh, olive oil is bad for you. And then they said actually all of those great for you. So you need to be talking to an expert one that knows what is going on with our health and fitness and ideas and suggestions, not just somebody that experience around. South Tulsa Personal Training, so again, if you had a great experience, that does not mean you next

people that want to do Keto lifestyle

the way they want to try personal training, recharge magnus fitness, nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, three, two, one. Have a great day.