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today’s success stories shot out, goes to chat who has lost an hour personal training, a transformation package, 40 pounds in six months. What a remarkable story in effort on his part, utilizing all of our personal training resources, showing up to our personal training studio and rocking it. He is well off and reached his goal to be a college officiator for football. If you have to run around the field and watch the plays, keep track of everything that happens on the field and also have the agility to dodge those, uh, those football players on the field. So let’s jump into our personal training. A wisdom of the day, if you will. We’re going to talk about the proper way to exercise, but before we talk about the proper way to exercise, I’m going to address in this podcast today how not to exercise its right. There’s a wrong way to exercise, South Tulsa Personal Training but Tulsa do not worry at our personal training studio here at South Tulsa.

We teach our clients how to work smarter, not harder. I love that quote and it’s specifically as well pertains to fitness and exercise and personal training. One of my favorite stories most recently was a young client who had come in and had been working vigorously hours at the gym and sharing equipment and and researching online and bombarding his mind was strategies and techniques on lifting on how to lose weight, and he walked into my personal training studio and 101st and Sheridan and said, sky, I need help. I’m overwhelmed with the amount of instruction and insight that everyone is giving me on how to lose weight. You’re a professional or personal trainer. How do I lose this weight? I sat them down and we discussed my personal training, transformation packages. He was excited to get started and at the end of our free training sessions that we had given him, South Tulsa Personal Training I said to him, I only need you here three days a week, and he looked at me with a blank stare and he said three days a week, and I said, I want us to work smarter, not harder.

I have some homework for you on the days off, but all I need from you, I need your very best for 30 minutes, three days out of the way. That’s 90 minutes out of the week. So long story short, months later, he was down 35 pounds, extremely shocked at how the quote work smarter, not harder, had become extremely effective to him in our personal training relationship and his fitness levels moving forward. So if you’re like most people, you don’t have a whole lot of time to exercise. So why do you exercises that won’t help you be healthier and happier, right? Continue listening, uh, on. We’re going to discuss a exercise. No, South Tulsa Personal Training no. Numero Uno. Let’s discuss a few different exercises to help us on our path to avoid or to help us on our journey towards optimal health and whatever your goal may be. Specifically, I’m talking to weight loss clients, uh, out of my personal training studio.

And those of you listening, that is what I specialize in. Magnus fitness. Uh, South Tulsa personal training studio exists to reach the weight loss community. So we will invariably be discussing things as it pertains to how weight loss individuals, uh, can reach their optimal weight. So the lateral pull down behind the head is done by pooling away to Da bar behind the head and neck. So unless you’re really flexible, uh, and you have very mobile shoulder joints, you guys don’t realize this, but you could be hurting the actual alignment of your vertebrae when you pull that bar down. Uh, you could be putting undue and a ton of strain on your shoulders, which could easily lead to longterm injury. So what should we be doing in a. I’ll tell you what specifically, what we have people do a in our personal training studio. Instead of pulling that bar down behind the, uh, behind our, our head, let’s try leaning back a few degrees and, and pulling that thing down to your, to the breast bone by pulling your shoulder blades down and together, squeezing your back, contracting it, and using your abdominal muscles to control the movement.

So you’re not just using arms and shoulders to, to leverage the weight down. Let’s actually use our momentum. South Tulsa Personal Training Lean back slightly, pull that bar down into the sternum while contracting. It’s called the Scapula region. Were you pulling the shoulder blades back to exercise number two. So raising a weight to your mouth or Chin with your arm can be extremely dangerous, uh, as this sort of movement actually can compress the nerves and your shoulders. So a lot of people will grab what’s called an easy bar or any sort of dumbbell movement or even a barbell and lift that weight, uh, towards their mouth. Instead of doing this, let’s perform the same type of sort of exercise a butt, lift the weights to the side or to the front of the body’s still targeting those deltoids, a which is the purpose of that exercise, to strengthen the shoulders.

Try this exercise kind of like bending forward at the hip and holding the weight below your shoulder and then lifting it to the side of your body that this type of movement still targets all those muscles I mentioned in your upper back and the shoulder region while getting the biceps a little burn as well. That is our second personal training tip of the day. And exercise? No, no. Our third is when using a weighted machine to perform leg. I was just talking to a client this morning, our personal training studio a, and he, he had mentioned his hip issues in the how the doctor had explained to him, do not for God’s sake, South Tulsa Personal Training go into a gym and put a ton of weight on a leg press machine and lay down and press it. Um, so why? Why wouldn’t think for me for just one second? Why would that be horrible for the, for the knee and hip joints typically because of the position.

So it’s easy to bend your knees to deeply as you move the weight. This exercise is designed to target quads, hamstrings, and glutes. South Tulsa Personal Training But if you’ve been too much with your knees, your pelvis will tilt and force your lower back to bear. Uh, most of the weight which can lead to some serious back issues. If this exercise is part of your daily regimen, do you realize that the leg press has to be done extremely strict. So here’s an alternative that you can use instead of using a machine. Why don’t you use a resistance of your own body weight squats and lunges, uh, that can work the same muscles with a far greater safety. You can even implement what’s called in our personal training studio. We love time under tension store instead of major axle loading exercises where the weight is on top of you or the weight, um, you’re laying under the weight.

We can actually utilize time under tension so you can do suitcase squats. Were you holding the weight to the side of you and move very slow negative reps and then very slow positive reps. you can actually make that weight feel extremely heavier, lot heavier than, than you might think. So I can’t stress that one enough. You guys have to understand here at our personal training studio, we are huge on instruction. One of the biggest mistakes I see in the weight loss community particularly is, and I mentioned this in my previous personal training podcast, how people will do anything to get the weight off.

I know you agree with that. We, we are willing to work very hard, but again, we want to work smarter not harder. South Tulsa Personal Training There is this adopted mentality in our society and culture that quick fixes are the way to do this, but if we would just adopt the long term mindset of fitness as becoming part of our lifestyle, we would become a lot more satisfied with our daily progress versus constantly expecting heavyweight and messy, a lifting to get us to a place that we ultimately wouldn’t get there because we could injure ourselves. Do you realize one mistake or one tear can put you out at a minimum of six weeks? Not only that, but are you willing at the expense of your bones and joints and mobility and flexibility, willing to, uh, hurt yourself in a long term standpoint to where you can’t be fit the rest of your life?

Sure. Six months, three months, um, weight loss goals and reaching those things are great. But, but here at Magnus fitness, at our personal training studio, we care about your longterm health, leaving a legacy of health. And if you hadn’t had a chance to listen to my personal training podcast previously, I would highly encourage you to do that. We discussed a little bit more in depth, uh, specific on the topic of no more, um, quick fixes. And so work smarter not harder. Here’s our fourth one. Actually, let me tell you about the alternative. Instead of using that, I’m a little bit more in depth. Instead of using leg press or even leg extensions, which can be horrible for the knees as well. Um, South Tulsa Personal Training one of the things that most people don’t realize is a term called hypertrophy, where you are putting the muscle under a certain amount of tension for a prolonged period of time where it doesn’t have to necessarily be extremely heavy weight, but I can get in my quad a massive amount of blood flow, um, and uh, without going to too difficult of terms, uh, effective, uh, tearing of the muscle microscopic tears in the muscle by, by, by training medium weight, or body weight with slow movements.

As I mentioned earlier. And feel free to stop by. My personal training studio had asked me to clarify what these look like, how they’re performed, but we don’t need to compare ourselves with bodybuilders and with power lifters, we are the general public and my personal training studio exists to reach the general public. Yes, we do train some high performers, um, but for the most part we’re teaching you how to make fitness a lifestyle at our personal training studio. So, um, I feel like there’s listeners need to come in and learn this type of strategy, learning to train for hypertrophy and, uh, uh, specifically how to learn negative reps and positive reps and stuff like that. Feel free to come on in. South Tulsa Personal Training I’d love to teach you that. Our fourth example is going to be if even if you’re doing everything kind of spot on wearing the wrong shoes, I don’t think you understand this can actually counteract everything.

Think about that. So, improper footwear. Let’s say for instance, I have a great story with myself. I had a pro nation and my feet, um, it was, uh, a moderate a pro nation, but with the amount of exercise I was running, jogging, jump roping. Um, any sort of physical activity, the wear and tear that was placing on, on my knees and my hips, what was happening on the surface was actually extremely detrimental. I’m very, very, very unseen, but wild training, it was essential and it’s essential that I actually got some support if the foundation is a very weak or off everything, think about everything else that’s supporting, right, that, South Tulsa Personal Training that data supporting the hips, the joints, the shoulders, the spine, how, how incredibly bad it can be for that foundation. So improper footwork can actually increase the pounding on your joints and lead to conditions like plantar fasciitis and or tendinitis.

Those joints and those tendons are working extremely hard and keeping everything supported, especially in a specific movements. So the key is to choose a shoe that fits the exercise. So you’re the, what you’re doing shop the kind of like a reputable athletic store. I know fleet feet here in Tulsa would definitely get you fixed up. There’s plenty of places you can go to to find out what your pronation or supinate is on your ankles. Uh, but, uh, we need to get the knowledge on that. And we need to get that fixed. Having a firm foundation while training with a personal trainer or doing a fitness program is extremely crucial. So here’s another one to many to many people. South Tulsa Personal Training A lot of people that I have talked to are using weight belts. So unless you have a medical reason to really wear one, um, you can probably go ahead and put that belt down.

So using a weight belt kind of reduces your core muscles and ability to work on, on becoming stronger. So unless you’re a bodybuilder, skip the weight belt and concentrate on utilizing the core muscles to build up your strength. That’s what your core is there for. If you’re having to do use a belt, um, and you’re still feeling it in the lower back region, um, it’s probably an indicator that you’re lifting too much weight improperly. So what we want to focus on, especially in our personal training studio, is teaching people how to progressively work themselves up to the ability to actually train with weight. They’re April capable of lifting. Too many times I have clients in my personal training studio come in and we do an evaluation and I’m helping them on their fitness journey and transform their body and we find out they actually really don’t have the strength, South Tulsa Personal Training um, that otherwise need to lift the weight and they’re actually not even targeting the specific muscle groups they’re looking to target.

We’re actually using secondary muscle groups more than the primary. So a lot of times you got to think at the expense of lifting heavy. What else is compensating for lifting that way? There’s bones, there’s, there’s ligaments, there’s tendons, there’s all of those things underneath the surface that we have to be cognizant of. If you’re looking to make fitness a longterm lifestyle change. So if you’re kind of an exercise novice, um, are personal trainers and myself at our personal training studio can help, uh, are your exercise program. Get off on the right foot. Okay. Specifically working smarter, not harder. A personal trainers are great at keeping you pumped up. And even myself, I don’t think some people realize I even have a personal trainer in my life. Having someone who’s more educated, who understands the body anatomy, can you log all of the inner workings of a fitness and in the body, specifically a personal trainers were great at the ability to ensure that you maintain proper form and a good variety of activities while working out, um, as personal trainers can also provide other benefits that you may find like motivational, including, South Tulsa Personal Training like fitness evaluations, we can measure where you are and we give you a fitness gps says system here at magnets, fitness, Tulsa.

You come in. What you can expect is you’d come in and we hear your needs, your wants, desires. Talk about a realistic timeframe for you. Talk about our resources, our meal plans, and all of our different resources in personal training studio. And we can help measure your progress. So there’s no guesswork. We keep up with your body’s changes. We make all of the necessary changes to get you there safely. So personalized exercise programs are extremely good. And having us as your personal trainer, um, who knows you and knows your physical limitations and knows where your starting point is. Um, we can get the greatest benefit from your exercises. We can help keep track and watch your slo victories. You know, we have plenty of clients who, as I mentioned in my previous podcasts who come to me as a personal trainer and just want to be able to do a pull up.

Well, there’s, there’s ways of being able to get there without overly discouraging ourselves or injuring ourselves to be able to accomplish that. So having supervision on your exercise plans guys is huge. It’s a big plus when you have us as a personal trainer. It can be hard to know if you’re doing something right or wrong. I can’t tell you how many times, countless times in the past, South Tulsa Personal Training whenever I was training myself and I wasn’t sure if it was actually working because I would perform an exercise and I may or may not fill it in a different region of the body and had no clue that I was susceptible to injury because I was performing the exercise incorrectly. And the more I got involved in my education and understanding, uh, biometrics and understanding the muscles and the body and everything else involved in this process, uh, and became more competent, I had more confidence.

Never feel afraid to reach out to a personal trainer here, our personal training studio. We make personal training very affordable. We understand that most of the time people are charging high rates for personal training. There are scholarships available at our personal training studio here in South Tulsa, and that people take advantage of all the time. If you don’t think you can afford personal training, South Tulsa Personal Training I dare you to come down to our South Tulsa location. Uh, our personal training location is located at 100, one zero, zero, three, two South Sheridan road. You come march on in here and you tell me what your goals are and you’re, if you’re already on a fitness program and you’re wondering if it’s working or you haven’t reached your potential or your not seeing any progress, talk to us. Let me know what your problems are and we can make this work for you.

If money’s an issue. Let’s talk about this. We can not at the expense of pride or confusion or a lack of knowledge risk the we have what’s called risk and reward and personal training world. If the risk is too high, even the reward, it seems great. We can’t perform that exercise. There has to be an alternate. That’s what this podcast is about, is teaching you working smarter, not harder. South Tulsa Personal Training There’s A. There’s a greater way of benefit and getting reward here with lowering the risk. We have all those concepts in a house that our personal training studio, we’d love to teach you. We’d love to inform you on a. We hope you guys are staying up to date with our podcasts on our previous ones. We have discussed working no more quick fixes in our fitness life and we also have discussed a few different ways to burn calories.

A dare you to jump on there and listen to them and let them challenge you. And today we have a. We have concluded our specific ways to work smarter and not harder on our fitness journey. Again, this is sky with magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training, a podcast. Feel free to reach out to me. My phone number is nine one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. I’ll take time out of my day to answer any questions you have. Feel free to text me, call me and get our location is 101st and Sheridan. Conveniently located right between the Fast Eddie’s Burgers and bluestone steakhouse, South Tulsa Personal Training so you get to

mother’s delicious steaks and Burgers. Cook as you put your best foot forward on reaching your fitness levels. We’d love to hear from you. Until next time. Stay healthy.