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back to magnets, fitness South Tulsa Personal Training show. My name is Elida and I am sitting here in our studio in between clients and it’s raining and it’s pouring so much outside that it’s actually feels kind of cozy even though I’m had our studio and not at home, curled in a blanket. And so I am. I decided to do a podcast right now because I’m, I’m making some time, you know, to do what’s important, which is a podcast and if you hear some background noise that would be the rain because I’m actually sitting right next to the window and it’s pouring rain. So I do want to shout out to somewhere around clients they have been so consistent with their workouts, with their plans. I mean it was super cold last week but all of them showed up on time and then my 5:30 AM did not give in to sleep in, but they actually showed up.

True. Got in the car, drove to 101st, then South Tulsa 101st and Sheridan and uh, here to our South Tulsa Personal Training. And we just hit it hard and they just got it done. And the beautiful thing about our program about weight loss here in South Tulsa is that you come in and we get to work and we do hard work for 30 minutes and then you get to go home, get to get on with your day and you know, get ready for work or get ready to get on with your kids or whatever it is that you have to do with your day. That’s the fun part about our studio is that we have 30 minutes fun, hardworking workouts and we get it done and people are seeing amazing results. So shout out to all of my clients that have been training this week. You guys rock.

And again, like I said, it is raining today in Tulsa, which is fine because the temperatures are really high and well it is raining here in South Tulsa and I’m sitting in our, a South Tulsa Personal Training at 101st and Sheridan. And it is, it is really nice. It’s cozy, although it’s pouring rain and I can go outside. So today I’m going to be talking about something that I’m very passionate about, you know, I love learning, I love researching and studying and all of those. So today I run, I ran across an article that was talking about, um, how to lose weight fast for men. And I was like, okay, you know, you always find these, get rich quick, lose pound quick that at, at, at, um, you know, all these different things. And I was like, okay, let me just take a look because it was like one of those seven steps or whatever.

And the second step was eat complex carbs. Now I know that there’s a whole different research out there and I know that there’s a whole lot of research and literature about weight loss and fitness and whatever, and not all of them agree with each other. But I do want to tell you that when you’re talking about weight loss and you tell a person to eat carbs, that’s something that we don’t agree with. Now here at magnets, fitness, South Tulsa Personal Training, we have something that we’ve proven path to success, which the success in this case would be losing weight a certain amount or whatever goal you have. So that’s the thing about this industry is that there’s no one size fits all. Not everybody can do what one article is talking about to tell him me and the ones to lose way to go and eat complex, complex carbs is not okay.

Now granted the article had a lot more to say, but that was number two. So when it comes to weight loss, when it comes to personal training and when it comes to reaching their goals, people are not going to read a whole lot of research sadly, and so I’m giving the number two step to losing weight as eat carbs is an unacceptable. So I’m going to talk about how you as a listener out there need to get educated. You need to get educated and what are you wanting to do? And that’s the reason why here in tell us a personal training studio. Magnus fitness. We give you two weeks for free. We gave you our Ebook, which is a proven path to success of your weight loss journey because all of our clients have done it and all of our clients continue to do it and they’ve seen tremendous success, so personal training as made fun and easy and understandable and explained to you at our personal training studio, magnus fitness.

So if you are deciding to get into the weight loss journey is starting in 2019 and you need a personal trainer or you don’t need a personal trainer or you just think, you know, a personal training is scary or you think personal training my need, my have a lot of um, you know, bad rap or whatever it is that you think I would say think again because personal training is made fun. Fun as in like fun workouts, South Tulsa Personal Training is bay being revolutionized with this one studio at 100 percent. Sheridan called Magnus fitness. It is not about us making you look like, well we think you need to look like, but it is personal training based on what you want for yourself is to lose 20 pounds. Is it to lose five pounds? Is it to lose whatever, however, do you want to, do you want a personal training coach to be in your face or do you want a personal training coach to be more laid back?

Do you want to personal training to be more encouraging or do you want a personal training that will yell at you? So this is what our South Tulsa Personal Training has to offer for you. It’s called the magnus way because we have done those based on research based on our clients, based off surveys, asking people what they like, what they don’t like and based on seeing the results. So you need to get educated. And who is the best in town? Who’s the best in Tulsa? Who’s the most reviewed in Tulsa? If you live in south Tulsa, who is the closest to you? Obviously, but honestly sometimes if the people are good I won’t, I wouldn’t mind driving a little bit to get to the best. So if you live in south Tulsa, I would recommend going to 101st and Sheridan and just, you know, take a look.

We do have two weeks for free so you can see all we do and what we do and what we don’t, and then it’s up to you. So but South Tulsa Personal Training, it’s a whole different breed. It’s been a whole different breed for the longest time, but you need to get educated and personal training. You need to get educated and fitness. You need to get educated in nutrition and honestly, sadly, and unsaddling happily. There’s a lot of research out there but not everything is good, so you need to find someone that can back up their research. So with Magnus fitness, personal training studio here in Tulsa, not only are we the most reviewed and Tulsa, but we can back up everything that we’re telling you with all of our clients. You know, that’s the beauty of our studio of personal training here in Tulsa is that we can back up all of our education, everything that we’d tell you, you, we can tell you.

Here’s a person that did this. Here’s a person that did that. So personal training is not scary. It is affordable. Personal training is affordable for you here at our studio and the personal training as a different story starting this year because no more trainers making you look what they thing you should look, but it is trainers, personal trainers out of Magnus, feminist, listened to you to what you want to do, so again, please get educated, get a trainer and get a personal trainer or a coach or a personal training facility or personal training studio here in South Tulsa that will educate you, that will show you what they’re talking about, that will back up, have some evidence, have some proof that what they’re saying works because with a South Tulsa Personal Training, which is magnus fitness, we can do all of that for you. Not only can we educate you in life a whole lot of different theories, but we can also prove that our way actually works.

And so if you have any questions or if you need to get educated in personal training and nutrition, anything fitness call nine. One Eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Or go to our website magazines, fitness, And go to contact us and you fill out the form and we will reach out to you and explain to you everything that we know, everything that we do with personal training and everything that we offer to Tulsa South Tulsa and more so. Thank you so much for listening. Again, this is a leader and I recommend suggest and beg you to get educated with your fitness, nutrition, exercise, and different diets and whatever you’re trying to do first before getting into it. Thank you so much for listening again. Today is Thursday, December 12, and it is raining and Tulsa, but our South Tulsa Personal Training and keeps on working with all of our clients are rock and we are ready for you to join us with everything that you’ve got. Thank you. You have great day today.