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This content was written for Magness Fitness

Here at Magness Fitness we strive to create healthy habits that you can enjoy. We want you to look forward to coming to your sessions to work on bettering yourself. Some people get intimidated when they hear the word personal trainer, but there’s nothing you should be scared about. We care about you just as much as you do, we want nothing but your goals to be reached. Magness Fitness is the most unique South Tulsa personal training that you will find. Check out our website to see all of the incredible extra services we offer, these are services you definitely wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Aside from all of the incredible extra services that we offer, we as a team have a goal to give you the absolute best attention necessary for you to get where you want to be with in a timely manner. This includes creating an atmosphere and environment that is enjoyable for everyone, or bringing our services to you by coming to the comfortability of your own home.

It is our promise to you that you will leave with nothing less than being satisfied with the services and support we offer. Again check out our website at for a full list of services and to check out our reviews and testimonials to give you a better idea of the quality of the South Tulsa personal training that you will receive when you become a part of our team.

Here at Magness Fitness we have passion losing out of our ears. If you don’t know what that means, I will tell you. It means to be overflowing so much with passion you can contain it. With this passion comes some extras that make everyone happy. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to come and utilize all of our services that we offer. With that being said, we will offer a free consultation and full body composition test as well as a free session featuring our CEO Skye Magness and other exceptional very dedicated trainers here in the South Tulsa personal training pool.

We know that you will make the right decision by coming and giving us the opportunity to serve you. Give us a call today so we can set up your consultation as well as free session with a personal trainer. Give us a call at 918-814-2213 with any questions, or to forward with such an amazing opportunity. All questions are good questions, don’t let this opportunity and experience passion by. We guarantee satisfaction and nothing less. So come on by and let us help you help yourself. Be prepared for a change I will overflow into your personal life making everything a little bit more bearable all the way around. We hope you will give us the chance to be by your side while you make such an incredible lifestyle change.

South Tulsa Personal Training | get in the gym today

This content was written for Magness Fitness

Here at Magness Fitness we strive solely on helping you achieve your fitness and health goals. We are the absolute best that you can possibly find if you’re looking for South Tulsa personal training. Just check out our and you will see that we are the highest and most reviewed personal training studio in the area. We offer multiple different services that are unique and not offered in other places. This makes us fairly highly sought after which means you need to secure your spot today to come and meet the team.

We know that we have the most unique and promising services that will aid you in making the decision to trust us with your health and fitness goals. A few of the extra services that we offer include one-on-one training to help you reach your goals fastest. As well as Magness better body tracker to help you track your progress day by day. One of our most incredible services that we feel is also the makes us unique by the fact that we do home calls. This makes setting aside time for fitness and health possible for everyone with the convenience of us coming to you.

We also offer a service that is very accommodating to people who do not like making big decisions and doing things on their own. We call this couples training where you have the option to bring a friend or more than friend with you to your training session. This will help you create goals together creating a more involved friendship. All of the services we offer set us apart from all the other South Tulsa personal training because we offer exclusive online support that will help you connect with other clients which helps in holding each other accountable as well as be able to boost each other up by communicating progress, and concerns.

Here at Magness Fitness we are dedicated to becoming your family. We want to make you feel welcome and comfortable so when you make it to your session it feels like you’re your second home. With being family, comes a small incentive. We offer a free consultation and body composition test, as well as a 30 minute training session with a professional personal trainer. All for free. This helps us create a fitness/workout plan specifically for you. But wait, there’s more. After your free session and composition test if you do decide to continue your service with us we will give you your first two weeks for free, as well as 30 day moneyback guarantee. We know we are capable in helping you achieve your workout goals the question is will you let us. If you find yourself looking for South Tulsa personal training, you have found the right place at Magness Fitness. For any questions or to schedule your first free session call us at 918-814-2213. We can’t wait to meet you.