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Welcome back to the madness fitness in south Tulsa personal training show. Today we’re going to talk about how to reach your fullest potential as a human, as a human on this planet and our social environment and our climate globally with everything going on. So many distractions, so many negativities. How do I as an individual focus on developing and mastering my environment, my circumstance specifically as it deals with me, my household, sky, magnus, or any of our magnets fit in the South Tulsa listeners. Personal training for me, as I’ve said in my previous podcast, is all about helping people reach their potential. Our goals is to help you reach yours. It’s that simple, but how do I. Who am I as a personal trainer to talk about how to reach my potential as a human? As a men’s health magazine, fitness council member, we thrive to make sure every individual, as a personal trainer is able to accomplish their goal through personal training, advice, personal training, regiments that we write for people individually.

We give you resources, tasks, things to do for your body that will help you reach or maximize your individual human performance. Whether it’s changing your body composition, fat loss, muscle growth, whatever it is we exist on this planet to help you reach your goal safely. That is we don’t have anyone doing anyone, uh, and he just credit or a not doing you a favor by having you do something that will put you out of the, your fitness game for a long period of time. So with everything going on across the world today, it’s hard to focus on ourselves. You have so many distractions, so much negativity on the news. It’s on your phone, it’s on facebook, it’s everywhere. South Tulsa Personal Training The only ad that is an effective ad is stuff that bleeds. If it bleeds, it leads. We’ve got to stop the bleeding in our life and start a maximizing our potential on a day to day basis.

Here’s where we start. Do something daily towards your highest priority. For me, that’s faith. Family, finance, friends, fun. For me, I do something every single day that I forget. Fitness. Fitness is in their personal training. I apologize as a personal trainer for not putting fitness in my priorities. Faith, family, finance, fitness, friends, fun. Those to me are my top priorities. If I can just do something towards those every single day, I am a success that is important to me. My faith as a personal trainer, you wouldn’t know this, but it’s extremely important to me. I do believe in the providence of God in my life that I have someone bigger than me, a better coach, a better, a better compass to follow, a better guide through life, and I need him. I needed him when I met him and medium every day. Family as a personal trainer, as I’m constantly helping under other individuals reach their full potential is extremely important to me. Family, family is my top priority because if my family and my life isn’t reaching its full potential, then who am I to help you with? Your potential?

Finance. Finance is extremely important. If my life is out of whack with money, I wouldn’t be in business to be able to offer you personal training services. It’s extremely important to make a actionable item each day for finance. Something I’m doing for my child’s future, for my personal training company, for my wife and I do enjoy life, which falls under fun. Friendships. It’s extremely healthy, helpful, a healthy excuse me to invest unhealthy friendships. A lot of those change as you may focus on fitness levels, a lot of those change. South Tulsa Personal Training If you start with faith, a lot of those changes, you prioritize your family first. You begin to contribute only what’s healthy in the ingredients of a successful friendship or successful faith relationship with your Creator or a successful relationship with your family. You will only begin to add successful ingredients in your kick out, the toxins, whatever those are for you individually, every single day, do something towards your highest priority.

Specifically for fitness. If you have a fitness goal, one of the most renowned things I see what are the most. South Tulsa Personal Training The biggest things I see when it comes to people’s fitness levels is they go all in and they do way more than they can handle and then they fall out. They become way too sore and they psych themselves out or they perform an exercise and it doesn’t feel like it’s working and so they stop. Fitness is one of those areas you’re gonna have to be patient in. I think patience is one of the greatest virtues when it comes to faith and seeing change in your life spiritually when it comes to seeing the massive ship headed towards a wreck and marriage turn its course where the small rudder. I think that friendships and choosing better friendships, patience is required in those as well. I think patience is required and finance doing something every single day towards your highest priorities better than thinking about it and being fearful and afraid never doing anything at all today is better than tomorrow because tomorrow will be a yesterday, very soon. If all we do is sit around and think about how to reach our fullest potential, one day that day will pass. It’s better. You had done something today in the smallest way than never had done anything at all. Today in a society that is full of negativity and constant and bombarded, bombardment of bad news, things headed south.

It is best that we focus on what we can control. Paint the picture of your future. Make a small investment every single day towards your highest priorities. Take a chance every single day at proving yourself wrong that you can do it and you have what it takes. Men that is your greatest question of all time. Do I have what it takes to fulfill the vision that is in my heart? If it’s personal training or fitness levels, come in here. We will help you to obtain those goals, to prove to yourself that you can do it. That is one of the greatest aspects of a personal training relationship is finding someone who can help you. Magnus fitness South Tulsa exists just for that reason for you on the area of fitness to come in and make a daily deposit for 30 minutes a day, three days a week for three months, six months, or one year to prove to yourself you can do this. You can change your body. You can change your thinking. We can get out with the stinking thinking and end with the good. That’s why Magnuson fitness South Tulsa exists, is to help you with that priority called fitness and for a lot of our clients, everything else in their life has turned for the good. They find that over time where the personal training relationship as they reach their fitness goals, they have toxic friendships.

You realize that it’s going to take you a little over 21 days to change habits. If you think you have the strength to change your circumstances, to be or could be in control at a turn down temptation or to resist things that are bad for you. Think again, because if it hasn’t changed yet, what makes you think you have the power to change it by yourself? Personal training, relationships for fitness, priority for fitness priorities, extremely good. Sure. Highly encouraged and definitely recommended here. South Tulsa personal training studio specifically. We have a client that came in, signed up. They had a family member that passed away their life to them, seemed almost impossible. A part of them has left this earth forever.

A lot of us have dealt with loss, but in different ways. This specific individual was not afraid of confronting negative, constant depression on his life and chose to commit to one area of his life. He knew he could control and that was his fitness levels. I stand here today as his personal trainer and I have seen this man evolve to a life dominating potential reaching, maximizing human being on this planet. His social skills have completely, radically changed. I’ve seen humor in ways I haven’t seen in quite some time. I see his communication between clients and passing has completely evolved. If you’re waiting for the perfect time to start doing something towards your highest priority every single day, start with fitness. South Tulsa Personal Training Come into magnus fitness South Tulsa and 101st and Sheridan. Build a relationship with us two weeks on the house, no contract, no fee at all. Get to know us. See what we’re like. Make an investment towards your highest priority every single day. Get the distractions out of your life. Start with one thing at a time because one thing at a time is better than nothing at all.

We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for listening to the madness. Fitness South Tulsa show. Go to our website. Look at our testimonials, all those individuals who have made a daily deposit into their fitness levels from our studio and our personal training relationship. You’re going to get an insurmountable amount of resources, accountability, and friendship from us. We’re going to help you make or turn your fitness levels and do an absolute reality. Our goal is to help you achieve yours. South Tulsa Personal Training It’s that simple. That’s it. Visit our website, magnus fitness, Find us on facebook or Instagram, text or call me nine. One, eight, eight. One, four, two, two, one, three.