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welcome back to the magnets, fitness and Salt Tulsa personal training show. All of our listeners have been extremely thankful for a lot of our podcasts that have been coming out. Huge shout out to unique and our personal training company. She started a month ago. She’s six weeks into her program and his lost a total of nine teen pounds. What a remarkable story. Unique had never stepped foot in a gym, but knew she needed to lose weight. Her mother was active herself and I believe has worked with personal trainers in the past. She is from Florida and she’s working on a flying a plane. She does work. I’m currently at an airline and she works on blueprinting a airplanes. South Tulsa Personal Training What a remarkable story of passion and pursuit, but a admits that she wants to lose weight tone. Her body feel good so she can sit in the uh, I can’t believe, I don’t remember not, but I believe there are some health qualifications that she has to meet in order to fly the plane with.

That is our goal and we love [inaudible] magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company. And that’s why we’re here to help you reach your fitness goals, whatever that reason may be. We’ve trained a college referees, we’ve trained professional athletes, parents, we’ve trained the general public people who just have overall general goals. Um, remarkable. Just overall remarkable stories. I love watching people reach their goals and affect their everyday life. Just absolutely incredible stories. So we’re going to talk about personal training today and is it going obsolete? Is personal training something that is a eventually something you will never need? His personal training, something that will ever become just a luxury cost for some people is personal training or fitness programs. Just something that, um, that we should sit back and South Tulsa Personal Training, and uh, never consider for ourselves. Let’s talk about the different, different types of clients and up for a personal trainer first, you might be a good personal training prospect if, uh, you know, you have healthcare needs or your doctor or primary care physician has, has definitely advised a lifestyle change.

And you need to just basically kickstart getting into the routine. Maybe you’re learning what the, uh, industry, what’s, what sports science is saying is best for overall approach to advancing or bettering your fitness goals, um, because the industry is changing and that is something you need to know that personal trainers should be knowing a is that a sports science and journals are changing and there’s new leading research out there. So just going out there and just trying something may not work now I’m not opposed to just getting out and starting to walk. That is something that many people I have seen other doctors have them to do is just start walking, South Tulsa Personal Training begin to just get active and we have seen some major, major changes in that way. Uh, people just starting something. But, uh, but as far as you needing to learn or a approach, especially for safety, which is magnus fitness is personal training companies, number one, culture value, safety, especially if you’re needing to lose a specific amount of weight and a specific amount of time.

A great example of this was with someone I know personally who had a liver. Uh, he had a liver issue too as a fatty liver and needed to get a down, a specific amount of weight quickly, or his doctor was going to prescribe surgery and this guy that was just not an option for him. So South Tulsa Personal Training he came to us and needed to learn how to get down to specifical a specific weight goal of his, uh, even using nutrition because of Dr a was, was not okay with start him starving himself and was not okay with specific food types. So he needed a professional to help him based on his primary care physician’s advice, get down to an optimal weight or his, his health was a, was his health was a serious concern. Okay, so safety you’re always needed because of safety. And then the other one is if you have limitations as well, uh, you cannot just assume that because you, you walk and you talk and you have a body that you can just go do any exercise.

Okay. Every human body is different. You beat me. You may be Mesomorph, you maybe Ectomorph, you may have different types of muscles that require different types of lifting. And different stress on the body. Now, if you have knee replacements, partial knee replacements, South Tulsa Personal Training any past a rotator cuff issues, those are all considered limitations. And you, you should not just be going online and looking at what people call themselves online trainers and just taking their advice and performing the exercise. Uh, you’re, you’re one step away from putting yourself right back where you started or preventing yourself from ever being able to, um, to, to, to do what you could’ve done it with. Just admitting you need help and going to seek your local personal trainer out, calling us here at Magnus fitness out. Also coming in and talking to us and getting some real professional eyes on your circumstance.

Okay? Do not let pride be the reason you fall permanently. Okay? You, you have no idea how close you are to an injury. I could tell you story after story after story where I knew people who were injured because of a pride and who were, uh, another stories where people had no clue. But after an x ray had no clue how close they were to actually damaging their body for the rest of their life so that I’m not fearmongering you, I’m telling you, worst case scenario, because us as humans or habits do not change unless we know the consequence. That’s just how we are. We operate that way. Most people don’t change until they hit rock bottom and trying to be truthful, honest with you and let you know the personal training will never be go obsolete. It’s like saying doctors and primary care physicians will be, uh, will go obsolete.

They won’t, they will never, uh, there’s nothing more important than, um, than having that personal touch and someone being able to tell you personally what is going on. Now, there may be technology to help doctors assist or aid them in treating you or diagnosing. But, South Tulsa Personal Training uh, but you need a human being. You need a human being. And uh, that’s just the way it is. Especially with fitness. You need to get there safely. You need that assistance. You always need a spotter. He needs someone to help you when you’re pushing your body to the next level. You need a spotter, you need a human being there. And uh, and the lastly, the biggest one I get all the time is actually going to be how to develop a regimen. What works for my body. How do I know what I’m doing is working? Um, I’ve hit plateaus.

What do I do next? Uh, again, this podcast, our personal training podcast is for people. Now, if you’re a know it all and you’re listening to this and you’re like, this doesn’t apply to me. I don’t hit plateaus. I don’t, none of that applies to me. South Tulsa Personal Training Then jump off our podcast and, uh, and uh, please do not a waste audio airspace time if you will, a airwaves. Don’t waste them. Uh, we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re, we don’t want to be an irritation to uv or a know it all and you already know what to do then don’t do that. Don’t do what we’re saying to do. What we’re saying is these are for people who literally have not touched a set of having stepped foot in a gym. And a long time or haven’t even stepped foot. It just, just even picked up weights or gone for a walk in while we’re talking to people who just need help.

Okay. So I read it. People like it a lot in my personal training company who are like, well, I don’t need, you know, this or I don’t know. People call and ask about our services. Well, I just want a membership. I don’t need guidance on. Well that’s good. Good for you. That’s that we’re not here to try and sell you. We’re not here to try to bring you on as a client. You’re not my ideal client. So, um, these are, these are people who need help and admit they want help and, and, and, uh, admit they want change in their life. They just need a little motivation and accountability to help them get there. So again, the last one is just the type of program that needs to be built around your body, you know, how do you know where to start, what kind of weight should you be using, you know, um, flexibility, mobility, all of those things are great.

Starting points, you know, a posterior chain tightness, and before you should even performing new exercises, you should be making sure that you’re not gonna injure another part of the body just because you’re training that one side, so that’s a pretty much a wrap personal training. There’s not one thing. If you think of something you want me to address it on this podcast, please feel free to reach out to us at South Tulsa Personal Training nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, and addressed an issue or a comment. Question or concern about personal training that you have and I will adjust it and I’ll do a. I’ll do a whole thing on it. Oh, podcasts for you. I won’t mention your name. I’ll just answer the answer. The question.