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Welcome back to the magnus fitness and South Tulsa personal train show where today we’re going to talk about why personal training services are such an essential part of our every day living. Quick shout out to Monica who already in her first two weeks has dropped eight pounds. Remarkable. Monica is one of our scholarship winners. She’s here on time every time following our diet, every aspect of our personal training company. She’s on it. She’s so on it and she is enjoying it. She’s pushing her body in ways that she never thought she could push. Today we’re going to talk about, as I mentioned before, why personal training is such an essential part of our everyday living and our previous podcasts. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to our madness fit in the south, also a personal training studio podcast on leaving personal training in your budget.

I would highly encourage you to go back and listen to it. It’s extremely information and informative on why personal training is such a, uh, you know, it sounds redundant, but an essential part of your life. And how many times as a personal trainer I hear often I already live an active lifestyle and again, I didn’t do a previous podcast and our personal training, South Tulsa Personal Training show on how to burn excess calories throughout the day through activities. But specifically muscle growth is so I can’t stress this enough. Muscle attention. Giving attention to your muscles on a daily basis is such a crucial part of everyday life. Our clients at our personal training studios, right ages range from teens all the way into sage age, all the way up into eighties. Either way, each client comes in with a specific goal in mind. Personal training is such a, to me, vital part of our existence.

It is one of the most under rated services I think in society largely because of what personal trainers typically, um, look like. There’s nothing more intimidating than walking into a personal training studio at personal training studio for the average Mrs Smith who’s 70, 80 years old at the ripe stage age of 70 or 80, and walks up to her during her consultation. A 235 pound man who has five percent body fat. There’s nothing more intimidating than that. The first thing that comes to our mind with an emotional decision concerning our body, because this is all emotional. I know what it’s like. Our bodies are the most important to us. There’s nothing more intimidating than wondering if a person is going to hurt us. Specifically a personal trainer. I think it’s wise for you to know that personal trainers, true personal trainers who have been certified educated, whether it’s a four year degree in sports science, kinesiology, any of those specific emphasis, emphasis on on, on personal training or sports science gives a person insight into the function of anatomy, the purpose behind and the potential behind a person’s body. Did you know that personal trainers should have an understanding of overall function of the human body? They should have a base knowledge. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people in our industry, in the personal training industry, be aware, are literally in the industry just to make a dollar. South Tulsa Personal Training That’s right. I’m going to call it as it is, personal trainers for them, for the

most part, think they’re thought leaders because they themselves have a nice body when shopping for a personal trainer, which is essential for your everyday living, you need to be aware they should be able to look at 20 different individuals and customize a plan based on their limitations and their abilities. Risk and reward. It doesn’t make much sense for me to put a client who is middle aged with multiple joint issues and dealing with obesity problems on box jumps. There are other many, many hundreds of other personal training avenues that you can take a client down to help them sweat it. Get the heart rate up to help lose weight. Here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa. I think it’s really important for you to know that we do have a daily workouts that we do a give each client, but we customize it to the individuals, uh, South Tulsa Personal Training limitations.

You know, it doesn’t matter if my 18 year old athlete can do 20 pushups, I may, may make it. I may make it more intense for him by putting a white jacket on him or have him do more plyometric pushups, explosive movements so that he can reach those muscles. Now, a female who’s just started out, I will not put her or force her into a pushup position if she cannot hold or do a certain amount of repetitions. If her core strength isn’t there, if I see a dipping of the back shoulder blades. If I look at all that and she can’t hold her body weight, we will digress by moving to the knees. Personal training for the most part has been highly abused and we apologize for that. Magnus fitness. South Tulsa is in the, uh, South Tulsa Personal Training in the crux of it constantly dealing with, especially while interviewing personal trainers were constantly running into people who are unwilling to get certified here at Magnus fitness.

South Tulsa will never put you with a trainer who, who believes through their ideology that everyone should be able to do one specific exercise even though it is painful and it’s not muscle pain, but joint pain. There are a lot of individuals out there who have no idea what they’re doing and we do apologize on behalf of the industry if that has been your case, if you feel like you’ve been in a group setting or a boot camp and you felt like you were being neglected and you felt like you were on your way to injury and the group, a group setting wasn’t just, um, was, was not just servicing or providing a intimate feeling to you or a one on one. That is why we exist. Now. South Tulsa Personal Training That goes without saying. Our personal training studio exists to provide that one on one client service that you will appearance here, but we do for the most part really do encourage people to get a part of group settings.

Group group, a group training is highly therapeutic. It’s encouraging. It’s a motivating but not at the expensive injury. There’s, if the reward is not as high and the risk is too high, we would highly encourage you to come to our private personal training studio. Get an overall assessment of what you’re capable of doing and making sure you can perform the exact exercises that you need to be able to perform and to be able to reach your goals. Now, there are listeners on our podcasts or magnus fit in south Tulsa podcast that are already lifting weights and for the most part have been athletic most of their life and have been a part of many programs and have purchased lots of personal training but in the pre in the past, but we will in the future be pumping out specific podcasts that will address exercises that may be causing a lot more damage to you and then you made.

Then you may know there are specific exercises. While you may be able to lift them with your muscles from a skeletal standpoint, you may be causing damage in your spine, neck, shoulders, knees, ankles. It’s not enough to be able to just lift weight. One of my favorite, it’s not funny at all, South Tulsa Personal Training but one of my favorite videos on Youtube to watch a gym fails individuals who grab a ton of weight and think they’re doing highly effective movements. When really they’re doing themselves a big disservice by creating issues underneath the surface. Many of my clients learn right off the bat when doing consultation or be begin training and our personal training studio that we will work our way towards success. I will never seek out one of you, one of our Tulsa listeners. By having you perform an exercise you can’t complete and then making you feel inferior to the exercise.

You have to understand there are thousands of avenues to success. There are thousands of as avenues to success when it comes to personal training or develop and your fitness goals. If you can not perform one exercise, there will be an alternate exercise you can perform specific quickly. One of my favorite exercises to do or routines, South Tulsa Personal Training his calisthenics, bodyweight routines, these routines offer for beginners and my clients are great opportunity to learn the exercise without having to raise the risk too high for instead of squats with um, uh, with a bar on the back. We will show our clients suitcase or goblet squats a air squats. Calisthenics aren’t extremely good way for you to get you to get yourself familiar with the exercise. It reminds me of playing baseball. One of the coaches that I, um, that I had, okay, whenever I was growing up, really put an emphasis on going home and practicing the swing, practicing the swing because practice makes perfect the same thing comes to a healthy exercise routine.

It’s extremely vital for you to learn from a personal training professional specifically here. We’d love it if you’d walk in here and take part in our two week free, no contract program where you can get acclimated and test drive our services, but also learn a little bit. All of our graduates from personal training here at Magnus fitness, South Tulsa, all our plan is for all of them to graduate with a level of knowledge to know how to continue in their fitness journeys. It’s extremely crucial for us to have that relationship that coachability from our clients, but also the anticipation, the excitement from the client standpoint that they’re going to be able to graduate and really continue on their fitness goals outside of here, knowing how to operate in a gym, knowing when to go to the gym, when not to go to the gym, which equipment to use, which ones, South Tulsa Personal Training and really a lot of our clients are satisfied by, uh, by learning from us enough information for them to be able to do it.

I’m just on their own. We love for individuals to find their fitness. Yes, it helped them to do it forever. If it’s cycling, hiking, mountain biking, jogging, running, or anything that we can get an individual to get their body moving safely, we’d love for that to happen. But specifically magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio exists to help with your personal training goals and you for you to help to reach them safely. Now, our number one culture value here, buying this fitness is safety. We understand that reaching your fitness goals does not mean at the expense of your overall and general health and your ability to function on a daily basis. There is a safe way to get there. Coming here to magnus fitness, South Tulsa and 101st and share, and that’s one zero, zero, three, two South Sheridan road, magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio. Visit our website at www dot magnus fitness,

Give us a call or text nine. One Eight, eight, one four, two, two, one, three, nine. One Eight, eight. One, four, two, two, 1:30. Again, personal trainings and extremely essential part of your daily living would highly encourage you to come in. Take, take advantage of our two week program. No contract, no fees up front, nothing binding. You can literally leave. We doubt you’ll want to because most of our clients, 100 percent of our clients who follow our program guidelines, lose weight and feel great within the first two weeks. Again, this is Scott with magnus fit in the South Tulsa. We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us. Nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three.