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good morning to also Oklahoma. Welcome back to the magnus fitness in South Tulsa personal training show, or today we’re going to talk about a few of my favorite subjects that will help you make your weight loss goals a long term success. Before I go any further, I have to give our local attorney, Keith and his wife a huge shout out. Keith came in this morning at 5:30 AM from over the weekend, Clean Shaven, nice haircut, and said I’m down 12 pounds in five weeks key. The smashing it and his wife Megan are so excited. She’s down inches. They’re applying all of our personal training resources or meal plans. They’re here on time. In fact, they’re here early and they wonder why sometimes, but that’s why, because in order to get with other people, don’t have. You have to do what they’re not doing. So Keith and Megan keep it up and all of our other clients out there, we’re extremely excited for you and those people who are not getting results are the only ones that aren’t our clients that come.

See Me, I’m sitting here at one zero, zero, three, two South Sheridan road, looking right out my window, watching everyone go to work. Hope you took care of your bodies this weekend, Tulsa. Hope you’re fueled and ready for a productive work life, family ministry, faith, all of it. So here’s a fun fact for you. Did you know that New York Times says that 95 percent of people who lose weight and regain it and sometimes more within a few months or years, did you know that? Did you know that 95 percent of people who lose the weight are going to regain it within months or years to come? Our personal training studio exists to make that a fallacy. I lie specifically for Tulsa. We don’t believe that has to be the case. I, for one can tell you a story about my weight loss journey. Last year I weighed 250 pounds. Now, according to the statistics this year, within a year, South Tulsa Personal Training I should have gained the weight back


start back right back where I started a year ago. It’s 250 pounds. Think about that. Twenty, uh, 28 years old, I was a parent first and foremost, a husband, a parent involved in my local church and the business has extremely unhappy with myself and if the mountain of weight loss was an already big and I had to lose 50 pounds, I think it down to a healthy body, fat percentage look and feel good. South Tulsa Personal Training I for one, what did you have to lift my body weight and do a pull up.

So not only is the weight loss mountain itself and the journey difficult to imagine that I can, I can take looking at it from the valley, but now I have this statistic from my own country telling me that I’m going to put the weight back on and need professional services again to help get the weight off, whether it’s pills, whether it’s surgery. This is having to go through my mind. So six months into my weight loss, I had hit my target weight, which is 200 pounds. I was feeling great. I was applying my personal training principles that I knew worked. I was following my own email plan and then something switched. South Tulsa Personal Training I allowed my circumstances and stress to start bombarding me again, start influencing my thinking again, my self image, because really the reality is that was the core of the issue I was putting on weight because as a man I didn’t think I had what it took to be a husband, to be a father at a young age, Ripe Young Age of 28 and to be a business owner, so emotional eating and boredom and feared.

All of those things. Boredom. You think that would be the guy you wouldn’t think that would be the case, but boredom in the sense that I was giving up on the inside, if you will. I. I felt like I was doing all the right things, but I didn’t know if they were going to work. I wouldn’t. Living Life with passion, with excitement, with anticipation. That’s a better way of saying that with with the positive expectation of good things, we’re going to come out of my marriage at a parenting out of my business. It was going to succeed. So ultimately my Goto was food and my wife mastered the American kitchen. For those you who don’t know, my beautiful wife, uh, is from Europe and her goal and we got married, was to master the American kitchen and so she did and I ate on top of my insecurities.

So I don’t want you to think that I’m going to be educating on you how to, on how to get onstage or look like a bodybuilder or become a crossfitter. While those are great things and great goals, I’m talking to the general public or people who just want to be parents, healthy parents, healthy business owners. This podcast is for Tulsa, uh, to, to lose a healthy amount of weight and be able to keep up with their daily tasks. We want, we want you at our personal training studio to become the healthiest version of, you know, brain fog. No, no confusion throughout the day, no reliance upon sugar, excessive carbohydrates. Learn how to shop. South Tulsa Personal Training Keep the whole family right. Okay. Our legacy, we’re talking about long term here, and this is why my favorite. This is why my favorite subject. This is why this is my favorite subject today.

I’ll get to those in a second, but that statistic is a nasty statistic coming from my own country, from people who are educated in this country to lead the guide to teach and uphold truth, but that is a and that doesn’t have to be the truth. Ninety five percent of us will put the weight back on, so that was how I gained the weight. I lost the weight, followed my my meal plan that I that I created, followed my workout through sports science by my personal training workouts. I lost the weight. Then all of a sudden I noticed that life started, as I said previously, sort of taking back over again, taking me. I was becoming inferior to my circumstances and I’d be. I gave more attention to those things that are fear, anxiety that I started to put the weight back on and that snapped it clipped. I began to realize practical steps to make this a reality for myself. South Tulsa Personal Training I’m here sitting here today. Today is the 20th of August, 2018, and I am the lightest. I’ve been in years. I weighed 190 pounds. That’s a total of 60 pounds, so I’ve beat one year,

so today I’m going to bring you some practical steps, an information, some education on how do I make this a permanent lifestyle change for yourself, because if you’re like me and you wanted that quick fix or you’re a highly motivated person and you want things to get finished, then we needed. We need to address that because I don’t want this statistic to become a reality in my family’s life and my friend’s life. I’m not gonna. Sit back idly and watch my clients have to face the fact, hear me fac that they’re going to put the weight back on.

So here we go. Let’s dive right in. You guys know this ancient Chinese proverb. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Here’s our first step, Tulsa here in our personal training studio, South Tulsa. We have one motto, no more fixed quizzes, no more, no more quick fixes. Losing 100 pounds or more. It takes more than a fad. Diets and gym memberships. Tulsa, South Tulsa Personal Training everyone loves a quick fix. We pump up a flat tire. We take medicine for our headache, we just restart our computer. Unfortunately, not everything in life can be fixed in a few minutes. Yes, we do have clients and even myself, I was, I mentioned earlier, lose weight within a matter of months, a significant amount of weight, but again, we’re addressing, we’re addressing the heart of the issue, how to make this a long term lifestyle, enjoyable, effective, a change for ourselves, living a lifestyle legacy for our family and ourselves.

Losing 100 pounds or more as something that takes time. It takes effort, sweat and tears. Yes, you may have initial weight loss and you may have water loss. You may have a total body reboot were experiencing really good changes in your body, but we want people, graduates of our personal training studio to leave here with a mindset change and as I’ve mentioned earlier, that was the biggest thing that helped me was getting past the the chasm of quick fix and efforts and in and making those things come back to me that all those things that I had lost come back to haunt me. This is more than a quick fix. Losing a lot of weight requires a change of mindset, a long term perspective and lifestyle changes that last an entire lifetime. A plan to shed pounds must include both dietary changes, Tulsa in regular exercise, eating the right foods and burning the excess calories will set you on the path to health and weight loss. Our personal trainer or your personal trainer is the best resource to help develop an exercise plan. That’s why our personal training studio exists in South Tulsa. Again, I don’t mean to read or write and be redundant, but yes, our clients, they follow our program. You’ll plans and they show up on time like they’re supposed to and they get that weight loss because their body is changing, but we’re here addressing the mind.

If you’re looking to lose a lot of weight, get ready to heat advice. That looks a lot like right. Here’s what you’re about to hear. South Tulsa Personal Training You need to, you need to embrace this. Step one, we need to visit our doctors. Obesity comes with an array of health concerns that may make exercise risky for you. Before beginning a new workout routine, make an appointment to visit your physician before you come into our personal training studio. If you feel the dizziness

are you unstudied unsteady on your feet, you have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, lung disease, kidney, kidney disease, arthritis or osteoporosis. Do you have mobility issues? There’s stuff wrong with your shoulders or your knees. Last thing I want you to do is walk into a big box gym or a high intensity program where you’re overweight and you’re having to run for miles and jump on 36 inch boxes and in a moment’s instance have to, because I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it all, and your weight loss journey is just not been put on pause and not only do you have a physical limitation now your mind is now gone back to. This will always be me. Visit your doctor. Step to start with cardio

smart. Cardiac cardiovascular exercise is the key component of a fat burning workout program. Getting your heart rate and breathing elevated builds endurance, improves fitness and burn some serious calories. Guys, as your heart rate and lungs begin to use oxygen more efficiently, Tulsa, your body turns to fat stores for energy. That’s when the fat burning really is getting your heart rate elevated. For those of you who want to know what a target heart rate is, take 2:20 minus your age and multiply that by a specific effort, so for me that would be 2:20 minus my age, 29 times point seven, five at 75 percent effort, carrying around a lot of extra weight South Tulsa Personal Training and also places pressure on joints. High intensity, high impact exercises can be tough on painful joints and increase your risk of energy. Therefore, low intensity, low impact cardio exercises are the best walking, simple as it sounds.

You’re using an elliptical machine. Riding a stationary bike, bicycle and swimming are great exercises to begin your weight loss journey. That’s another factor. I would always psyched because I, because I’m in such a doer, I was psyched myself out in the gym. I had to follow all these intense programs. I was paralyzed first and foremost with so many different options out there and comparing myself because I already had such low self esteem that I had to do everything everyone else is already doing, which was so intense that I wouldn’t show up the next day because it was too intense and some of you have personal trainers in your life that are pushing you but don’t understand the psychology of coaching and you need to be aware of that. You don’t want someone who doesn’t understand pace and longterm success. You don’t want a personal trainer just trying to get it before and after out of you to grow their personal training business. I’m brigit Ra on this podcast. I wonder, but I want you to be aware of the industry, but for me as a personal trainer, it would. I knew that I knew. I don’t want to get off on a tangent. I didn’t really get off on a tangent, but I would psych myself out.

So low intensity walking, using an elliptical machine, riding a stationary bike, swimming are great exercises to begin your weight loss journey. South Tulsa Personal Training These exercises are all easy on the joints and they burn extra calories at the same time. Adding exercise into your life can be a shock to your muscles. Did you know that? Tulsa, avoid excessive soreness and injury by starting out slowly each day. Increase the length and intensity of your workouts to give your muscles, heart and lungs and time to just plan to do some form of cardio exercise three to four times a week or incorporate it with your strength training and in our podcasts, come will reveal more information. We’ll do another podcast on how to continue to make this a journey, walking out our weight loss goals. Thirdly, incorporate some weight training. Have to incorporate some weight training. Building muscle is another vital aspect of a successful weight loss program. After all, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolic rate and the more calories you burn. While resting, not to mention the benefits of strong muscles and bones we want. That doesn’t mean we’re going to bulk. It means we’re going to build lean strong to have bone density issues. The White Section of the gym intimidates people and that is exactly why our personal training fitness boutique studio exists here in South Tulsa, so you can focus on yourself, but if you are not a client

and you’re in a box gym, don’t let a lack of confidence prevent you from reaping the benefits of weight training. Do not feel like you have to live as much as the next person with lifts safely. That’s a number one culture here at our private personal training studio and that is safety. Focus on keeping your own benefits. Work with your trainer or come here and knock on my door at one, zero, zero, three, two South Sheridan and Tulsa South Tulsa, Oklahoma. Work with us on proper forum for basic compound exercises, big movements, and then develop a circuit of exercises to perform two or three and build up your endurance and each workout plan to add strength training to your routine two or three days a week. Does that sound doable? I know you can do this. Tulsa, we’re here to smash that 95 percent statistic that we will put the weight back on within a matter of months or year. Aim for slow and steady. South Tulsa Personal Training Yes, as I’ve mentioned before, clients do ux experience, incredible results here, but we don’t live off of those past successes here at Magnus fitness and our personal training studio. We hope for lifetime lifetime legacies, right, lifelong health goal, legacies

quick fixes are appealing, but they can backfire and really bring lasting change, gradual and consistent weight loss as healthier and more sustainable. With that in mind, your fitness goal should be to adopt, and this is where the lifestyle change for me change. This is how I’ve surpassed my goal. This is how I’ve dropped 60 pounds over the last year and beat my goal and how I plan on making it a reality everyday of my life. Find activities you look forward to and make them a priority in your schedule. Tulsa, please like eating, sleeping, and brushing your teeth. Exercise must become a habit you do each day. Only then will you find your way to a thinner and healthier you. I’m tired of the quick fixes, hear it back. Just fitness. We teach you how to eat permanently. That’s why most of these weight loss or fat diets exist and they promise you results because because they do promise a certain amount of results, but then they’re hard to sustain. In everyday life. We have to learn how to shop. You can’t live off shakes the rest of your life. You can always run to food. You’re sad or depressed. Guys, I’m talking to you from him as a friend and a personal trainer. We can’t run to that stuff constantly. We have to make this a lifestyle.

Be More successful at weight loss. By tracking your progress, let your friends and family know what you’re doing. South Tulsa Personal Training Tell us as your personal training trainer every day about your results. Don’t always focus on the negative. Leave that at the curb coming here and do our private personal training studio and tell us about the small things you’re seeing.

Take pictures and measurements. That’s what we do. That six week evaluations here. We give you a fitness gps system so the guesswork is eliminated and we watch the numbers change. Weigh yourself, we prefer that our clients and our personal training studio. Wait for our six week evaluations just so that we can help make this a lifestyle change. We don’t always want it to just be about the numbers. We want to help transform people’s idea about themselves and in their fitness lifestyle, helping them find the fitness they love and help them do it forever. So real quick, here are few extra actionable items that you can do to increase the burn, burn extra calories with these everyday activities and important part of losing and maintaining weight loss tall says living an active lifestyle. Don’t be mistaken. Just because you lift, you fit in a 30 minute jog every day, doesn’t mean you lead an active lifestyle.

Successful lasting weight loss, Tulsa best achieve is best achieved by being active throughout your whole day. Yes, South Tulsa Personal Training regular exercise is great, but if you still sit around for the other 23 and a half hours, your work, how does a only a little good make it your goal to add activities to your daily life that burned calories? If you bring an extra 300 calories each day just by being active in 12 days, that’s 3,600 3,600 calories and a pound of weight loss. Here are a few things, as I said before, that we can do throughout the day to increase our calorie burn and keep your metabolic metabolism humming, so a green thumb instead of watching television in the evening, why not work in the yard? Why hire a neighborhood, a neighborhood boy to do the yard work and when you can improve your curb appeal and lose weight at the same time, a half hour raking leaves can burn up to 147 calories.

Now that’s up to it for 150, 50 pound person, but you get the idea. Planting flowers or weeding the garden can burn around 150 calories. Mowing the lawn with a push mower requires a little more energy than can burn more than 200 calories. Sparkle and shine. You may dread house cleaning, but studies show that a messy house increases anxiety, depression, and stress. When things are in order, it’s easier to relax. Have Company over and find missing items. Get off social media, turn on some music, and dig in. Just 30 minutes of vacuuming can burn around 120 calories. Scrubbing the bathroom, mopping floor and dusting furniture can burn another 100, probably 100, two calories. Even folding the laundry will help you burn a little, an extra 72 calories. Get serious and reengage the furniture, rearrange the furniture, paint a room or clean the gutters and say goodbye to hundreds of calories. Grocery run. South Tulsa Personal Training You may be tempted to order your groceries online these days, but you’ll be missing out on the potential burning extra calories while shopping. After all, it takes energy to push a grocery cart around the supermarket, bagging your groceries, pushed that bag boy aside and tell them, I’ve got this and returning the car. Would you be courteous, tired of almost hitting all of these carts. Tulsa, you can expect to get rid of an estimated 240 calories in an hour of grocery shopping.

Just stick to your list and fill your car with healthy whole foods. I understand all of these convenient apps that Walmart has, where they deliver your groceries. Some of you have real reasons, not excuses to why you have to have that, but if you have time and you’re making excuses as to why you can justify your sedentary lifestyle, you need to apply these and be real with yourself on the job. South Tulsa Personal Training You may have an office job that requires long days of sitting. Your goal is to be more active, so Tulsa on and off throughout the day. Get up and move around. Instead of calling your coworker on the phone, walked to his or her office rather than sitting in the break room at lunch, going a brisk walk.


Take the stairs instead of riding the elevator and every half hour, do a few bodyweight exercises in your cubicle if you’re embarrassed. When I was in sales, I used to walk around downtown Tulsa and look at the architecture is gorgeous. Walk the dog. Maybe you usually let your dog run around in the fence and this fence or walk or walk him just until he’s done his business. Why not take them on a brisk walk around the neighborhood? Utilize those hills who love it, and you’ll benefit from it too. Instead of once a day, increase your walks to twice a day. Do you want in the morning and one in the evening, one by yourself. Maybe you’re doing meditation time and the one in the evening with the family. Half hour walk at a moderate pace will burn more than 100 calories. Another important one for me, and it’s coming from the heart. South Tulsa Personal Training This is why I’m addressing this. First and foremost, my health goals is for my kid.

We have to have fun with our kids. You might normally send the kids out to play and you may put them on their physical fitness goals by having them run the refrigerator for you. Have them grab you a drink, but you’re out on their fund. Since exercise is good for people of all ages, joined the kids as they played. South Tulsa Personal Training Tag ride bikes, shoot hoops, Cook with them, cleaned the house with them, or build a fort. You’ll burn extra calories while spending quality time with your children. It’s a win, win, step up, anyone with the goal of becoming more active may benefit from wearing a pedometer

fitness pal or fitbit, Apple Watch. You have all the technology in the world to have our steps tracked, tracked the number of steps you take, and find new ways to increase the number each day. Tulsa, we’re here at our private personal training studio to make it longterm difference. We appreciate our current clients, but those who are not getting results or those who are not in here, those of you who tuned in to our magnets, fitness in south Tulsa personal training show are thankful for your listening, but you have to come see us. We have to shake your hand. You have to hear your goal. We have to see if we can meet you. Until next time, Tulsa guys, go conquer your day. Be Strong, put a smile on it. Takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile for excited to meet you. I hope you heard what you needed to hear, what she wanted to hear. We’ll talk to you soon. South Tulsa Personal Training I’m out.