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to the magnus fitness and South Tulsa personal training podcast. I hope you guys had a great weekend. It is South Tulsa Personal Training. How are we in week? If you’re currently listening to this podcast, it is the week of Halloween and I hope you’re not over indulging on that. The sweet tooth years. Take care of your teeth. We love seeing you. Smile of our clients are getting results here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training company. Someone wants, came into our personal training company and ask the question. One day they said, uh, who was not getting results in your program? And one of my clients responded with allowed only those who were not in here, you know, it was really, really funny. They’re passionate and we’re thankful for our clients. They love participating in our transformation package and they love the one on one attention they get in our personal training company. They love the resources that they receive and our personal training company.

And we love watching them change their lives. It is remarkable. Every story is different. Every goal is different. I, for one can tell you that, South Tulsa Personal Training, I am inspired by my clients. They are the true reason to their success. We are not, we provide the resources and our personal training clients, they, uh, they, they’re the ones who reach the stratosphere when it comes to their goals. They, they blow it out of the water and it’s remarkable watching them become the best version of themselves. And that’s actually what brings me to our, um, the reason for the podcast for today. Um, we’re gonna we’re gonna use a quick quote that I, I want you to be, um, aware of, and it is this, as coaches, we equip people to be in touch with their best selves. Okay? That’s what magnus fitness coaches are here for in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

That’s why magnus fitness exists as a personal training company. That’s really the heart of who we are. Um, I am, you know, I was at a, a conference this weekend and I noticed that it was a business conference and I was around, um, what used to be a personal trainer and he was huge vascular and a, just a big guy. I, South Tulsa Personal Training you know, you, you could tell that there was a lot of drug use, steroids and supplementation to get there for whatever reason. He needed to be big. He needed to be, I believe he was a competitive bodybuilder or once and, and I’m sure he probably has to continue to supplement and to keep the physique looking good. But uh, I had this internal agitation that I just kept having. I couldn’t get away from when we’re headed home. I just told my wife, I said I just can’t.

And I finally it hit me. It hit me like just a truck. I felt like I was like, Whoa, how did I miss that? Because we were the only two fitness companies at this conference. And it finally hit me, dawned me that the reason it was frustrating to me was because there were other people in there, not just by survey, South Tulsa Personal Training but just because I know the psychology of fitness and people were there at the statistics of people who are not taking care of their bodies. I knew that while he may be fascinating, that’s that image is the exact image why people don’t trust personal trainers because they’re afraid that we’re going to make them look like us. I need our listeners to understand something very clear. As a coach, it is very important for you to understand my intentions and that is to help you reach your fitness goals.

That is why we have education. That’s why we have certifications, is to understand the, an irrefutable laws and, and, and, and foundation of education that the human body. How can you see how the load use very simple terms here, how the muscles work, uh, how, how, how the body and food relate. Exercise, input, output. You know, what it takes to get there. But, uh, but if you’re, if you’re, if you’re afraid of personal trainers giving you a one size fits all program, then I understand your fear. I, for 1:00 AM, I’m a great example and I, I’m, I’m the owner of Magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training company. And I’ll be the first to tell you right now, I do not want to look like that. South Tulsa Personal Training I do not by God for the sake of my life ever want to look like a freak ever, and that is why develop magnus fitness also personally trying to cut back because I couldn’t find a trainer who could help me do 20 pull ups because that’s all I wanted for the life of me.

That’s all I wanted was to just be able to do some things that I couldn’t do. I needed to lose, you know, 30 plus pounds. I ended up losing 60 just because I loved the fitness I was doing. And as a result I looked up and went, wow man, my short term goals were smashed. I have longterm goals I can do the things I want to do. I can lift my body weight, I can do an incredible amount of steps. I, I could qualify for the marines if I wanted to, but I’ve got energy for my internship, for my wife. That’s success for me. And that is success for you. Whatever your goal is, you know, so many times people look at our before and after photos on our, on our, um, on our personal training company’s website. South Tulsa Personal Training they’re like, man, the weight loss, the weight loss, the weight loss, the weight loss, while the numbers are great, those are byproducts of a best foot forward towards becoming a better version of themselves. That is what polarizes magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company. That is what makes us position ourselves as a grant, a great franchise, because we as a company are very integral and confident and protective of of our culture and that is that we help people reach their fitness goals.

Yes, there is some irrefutable baseline education that we utilize. It is very different than other people. Some science and some science backs exercise. Guys, excuse me, some science backed exercises and nutrition truths that we will. We were constantly learning for you. Yes. That is the industry where we’re like any industry or wealth manager, a car insurance. The regulations are constantly changing. The, the, the. That’s an everchanging. That’s why professionals exist in a community to be there for you to help answer those questions, but for the most part, magnus fitness, South Tulsa, personal training company, I, I refused to look like everybody else and every other person to look like at a gym junkie to look like that is not who we are and if you’re continually thinking that that’s who we are, I’m sorry, but that is not who we are. We are a transformation program and the transformation is you. South Tulsa Personal Training You are the one to be transformed. You are the one who utilizes our resources and makes the change, the change. You’re the one doing the pull ups. You’re the one doing the pushups. You’re the one losing the poundage. You’re the one better toning your body. That’s our goal. A coach, again, not to veer too off the topic, but that was what a coach is. A coach equips people to be in touch with their best self.

That’s it.

If you’re a pastor and you’re listening to my podcast and you are a current client and you’re a pastor, my goal is to help you become the best version of you possible so that you can preach and have the energy it takes to preach and travel and be there for people at funerals and weddings and, and, South Tulsa Personal Training, in the hospital, take care of the physical part of the body because they, they, they are directly correlated and they, and they connect and they worked hand in hand together. If you’re a stay at home mom, my goal is for you to have some confidence, gain some confidence back in your life as a mom.


there’s some things have been taken from you. If you’ve been, if you’ve lost your identity and parenthood and you’re regaining it or you’re, you know, you had some unexpected turn of events and, and you need some, some, uh, some confidence. Come, come here, meet with our trainers. Do two weeks free. Start gaining the confidence, confidence back. If you’re a business owner or a sales associate and you need a little confidence in your life, of course I’m always going to advise that you talked to Jesus, that you have a relationship with a savior that is very much alive and exists. And I’m not afraid of saying that on my podcast. You need to know that I’m a believer in the risen savior, Jesus, the Messiah, the, the profit side when the Bible, but, uh, but more than ever, you need to know that you got to take care of your body. You can believe in Jesus all day long, but, South Tulsa Personal Training, but I have a healthy perspective of how you view yourself and how he views you. And, uh, we need to start there. So we need to start knowing that, uh, that you have someone in your community who wants you to help you reach your fitness goals and we have the resources for you to do that. We have the education for you to do that. But, uh, but it’s up to you. It’s up to you. A client.