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everybody, welcome back to the MAG fitness in south Tulsa personal training podcast,

where do not let the cloud coverage dampen your day. The Sun will be out soon, whether it’s tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, light snow coming in, uh, that I know what our personal training podcast, we, uh, we try to keep the atmosphere a little bit more exciting than the outside temperatures and weather conditions. We hope you as well are able to do that throughout your day. We want to give them massive shout out, a recognition to Rachel, who is a participant in our program. She is down 18 pounds within 10 sessions. Remarkable. Absolutely remarkable story. It’s not even in the middle of January. They were in the middle of January. She started in January and is smashing it. She’s smashing it. South Tulsa personal training. I got three days a week that says a three, six, nine sessions that she has lost 18 pounds and utilizing our meal plan and a extremely coachable and our exercises, uh, does not give us any pushback when we, you know, because she does have some prior education and not only that, but just working with personal trainers.

No pushback on the routines, that type of routine. She’s willing. She’s, South Tulsa personal training, she’s fully participating, absolutely an ideal client and she’s smashing it. That’s what happens whenever you’re coachable and diligence, you get results and especially whenever you come to a professional. So, uh, I do want to touch on that real quick on our personal training podcast. I do want to mention that, uh, that whenever you participate in our program, you can expect us to take note of things you do enjoy as far as, you know, circuit training, free weights, cardio, whatever fitness methods or routines you do enjoy. We do incorporate that in our program to try and keep your brain, you know, involved in the process of reaching your fitness goals. But, uh, there’s nothing more important than just humbling yourself and admitting that, uh, one of the biggest ones is cardio. A lot of people give me a pushback on cardiovascular training.

And I, when I, the moment I asked them if they’re doing it on their days off, the answer is a loud, resounding no. And so we do cardiovascular training. Why? I have to push you outside your comfort zone. So that you make it a habit, it’s a really important key for you to know that, uh, it’s 21 days to create a new habit. It takes 90 days to create a lifestyle, right? That’s why our three month transformation package is so effective because after three months, this is a lifestyle for most people. They find the fitness levels, they love that they reached their fitness levels for the most part and they learn how to continue to perpetuate that, South Tulsa personal training, without having to stay with us. So 21 days to create a new habit, okay. Um, and even getting rid of an old habit, you have to replace it and replace one habit with the other.

Um, so you can’t just cut one out, right? Um, and so that’s, South Tulsa personal training, that’s a very important subject for you to know. Uh, and uh, I want to jump right in to A. Congratulations, Rachel. By the way, I’m gonna go ahead and jump right into answering our series of questions on our facebook post. And this one is actually a very, uh, this is huge. It’s just a huge, huge, huge topic when it comes to autoimmune and other issues with the body. What sort of diet should you follow if you’re affected by a hyper or Hypo thyroidism and this comes from Christina. Christina, I think you should know about one of our clients. Um, I don’t think I’ve given her a shot on our podcast yet, but prior to coming to us, a little backstory here. Uh, her name is elsie and she was working with a strength and conditioning coach prior to meeting us and was actually putting on weight.

Well, what she didn’t know that, you know, three, four, five, six days a week with nothing but strength training with a Hypo thyroidism issue. Her body was never able to recover and was packing on the pounds. Uh, you could mistake that as muscle, right? But really what her body was, was doing was, uh, it was having reverse effects. Her adrenals are compromised and uh, and she was actually holding onto lots of water, was gaining weight. Her body was in constant stress mode. And so she, when she came to us, the first thing I said to her is, I’m not training you early in the morning because you need sleep. Your adrenals need sleep. South Tulsa personal training, everything in your body needs to reset. And so, uh, I, I did give our ketogenic meal plan to her, which is a great one to follow. Most doctors are a skeptical about dishing this specific meal plan out because the sustainability is difficult, which I do not agree with.

I believe it is sustainable as long as you’re willing to be creative and, and research a little bit. Um, ketogenic is highly effective for hyperthyroidism. Uh, the high fat content, the low glycemic low sugar, low a low carb diet has proven to be highly successful. Hyperthyroidism, I would encourage you to talk to your primary care physician about going onto a low car. Raven Mediterranean diet can agentic as well. And just low carb, low sugar, right? So, South Tulsa personal training, I wouldn’t go into a high protein or unlimited protein diet just because without an adequate amount of fat that protein is actually metabolized as a sugar or glucose and if not used, um, can, can be very detrimental to your body fat percentage. Okay. And so just as an example, at our personal training company, a LLC has gotten tremendous results, uh, utilizing our ketogenic meal plan or a primary care physician is extraordinarily happy for her.

And just to lie a little cherry on top, she’s down 20, I believe, 29 pounds. What a remarkable story. She wasn’t losing weight and I didn’t start with exercise with her. We started with nutrition and the result is that her body is now accepting the types of food she’s putting in it and everything’s began to operate correctly. I won’t make any claims that she is healing herself were by any means carrying herself. But because of the High Omega and high healthy fat intake, her body just seems to be doing well with it. Oils and nuts. I’m Omega Complex. I’ll make it three. You know, fish, she’s doing an extraordinary job and it started with nutrition. It doesn’t, I think it’s first and foremost important to know that the, the less is more when it comes to a disorder like that. Your body is under constant stress and so for you to go and start lifting weights and go into high resistance programs where your body is requiring more, more and more, South Tulsa personal training, you know, strength, you know, you got your cortisol levels which could shoot through the roof.

Uh, your body’s in a constant, um, you know, that that’s just not good, you, you know, and so llc spends 90 minutes with me a week. Okay? On her days off, she does low impact cardiovascular training and it’s just going well. Okay. So there is a way around it. We do believe that, South Tulsa personal training, we, you know, we’ve even got type two diabetics in here, now that I’m thinking about it, who have lowered their aonc counts, their blood sugar, a remarkable stories. Specifically earlier this year we had a client who doctor was completely opposed to her meal plan. I’m not sure why he would be, but low carb, low sugar, um, I don’t believe she was on Metformin. She May, she may, she, she, I can’t remember. I can’t remember. Not a. doesn’t mean she was or wasn’t just because she’s, she’s a type two diabetic, but um, for the most part, sure her a one c went from 11 down to six.

Three. Okay. And so every story is different. Results may vary, but the best thing to do is to, uh, consult your primary care physician. And if your primary care physician is only medication or medication driven, follow your gut. You really need to listen to your body and what you do believe you should be doing. A lot of us know the answer to our questions. We’re just not willing to take the risk and so, or develop the discipline to make that happen for ourselves. South Tulsa personal training, while there is evidence of specific meal plans, low carb, low sugar, modified Mediterranean, Mediterranean Ketogenic, high fat, low carb, high fat, all of these are proven to be helping people. And there’s some great research and even clinical studies, medical clinical studies that are proving that this is reversing the effects of an autoimmune type, one or excuse not type one, type two, and pre diabetes hypothyroidism.

Uh, I would take the time to really, South Tulsa personal training, to jump in and to just try it out. Okay. Worst case scenario is you stop or add some carbohydrates in the morning. Okay? Hypoglycemia as well. Hype. If you’re hypoglycemic, you know, just begin to jump in and try a kinesthetic breakfast, try ketogenic lunch and see how your blood sugar reacts. You know, this requires discipline. It requires trust that you can, you know, uh, the information is accurate, but just try it out. It’s better than currently living in the lifestyle that we are, if we’ve got these issues. So to answer the question your question straight up, uh, I would say a great diet for this is a low carb, low sugar lifestyle, just that stick to your advocates, your carbohydrates from your veggies, complex cars made from sweet potatoes, maybe a little much depending. Check your blood sugar.

But um, vegetables and then meat definitely stay away from carcinogens, any sort of preservatives, a, any of those. South Tulsa personal training then just incorporating some high fat cooking without oil. Cook a grape seed oil or avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil at kerrygold butter. Okay. Saturated fats a poly. Um, okay. That’s, that’s it. Just start introducing it in your diet and see how your body responds. How can egetic I would encourage, I’m going to say Kennedy, Christina, jump right in. Try it out. And the answer is somewhat answered this, Christina, that’s a great question. Not to butt in, but diets with low varieties of fruits and vegetables have been shown to cause or worsen thyroid disorders. So eat up variety is key. Um, varieties, but diets with low varieties of fruit and vegetables have shown to cause or worsen thyroid. I, I would question the fruit part just because of the fruit part is actually going to be a high end fruit toast.

I don’t know if you’re a carmen, your, South Tulsa personal training answer to that is that she needs to go on an unlimited fruit. I doubt you’re saying unlimited, but you never know. People, um, sometimes that’s what I’m saying, these, these questions and these responses are hard to decipher sometimes, but a high fruit has high in fructose, um, and that’s, that’s just as bad as taking in regular process sugar. So, uh, without any, any more going into any more depth, I think that that should sum it up. Call us if you have a specific question, please. Christina, we’d love to answer that question. My, uh, office number is nine one eight eight, one four, two, two, one, three. If you need to call me and reach out, just shoot us a text. I’ll make sure to take time to talk to you over the phone and even connect you with some local doctors. I don’t know where you live, but we can connect you with some specialists who are experienced with this issue. Um, yeah, so there’s a little bit of information from a personal training podcast. Call us nine, one eight, eight, one four, two, two, one, three, or conveniently located at 101st and shared it with the car.