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Thankfully the temperature is a little bit higher than the best weekend. All you know what I’m talking about. So end of December, still sunny outside. It is a beautiful day and you know, what’s a beautiful day for it is to talk about negative comparison. This is a with magnus fitness South Tulsa Personal Training show and I am were injured. Were you talking about negative comparison? So I am here in my living room and uh, you know what I decided to just do a podcast about those because it is one of the things that I talked with about, with one of our clients a few nights ago and I thought about it and I decided to address it so that everyone out there can listen and hear what we have to say about the negative comparison. So our South Tulsa Personal Training studio show here, I’d magnus fitness as South Tulsa location at 101st and Sheridan we believe about, we believe that I’m negative.

Negative comparison is a no go, you know, comparison, just in general as an Ogo. And one of the clients she was asking to me, she was asking me about, you know, just comparison and kind of telling me that that’s something that she’s has experienced with so many other personal trainers here in town. And her concern was that we would do that too, now that we have done it and she didn’t have any proof to say that. I think she was just kind of expressing her bizarre in a little bit. Then, um, the good thing about us and I told her to that, um, it’s been a while that she, not that we’ve talked about it, but it’s been awhile that we have even thought about it because it’s just kind of our daily lifestyle at our South Tulsa Personal Training that we just don’t compare.

You know, we share our clients results and that’s it. Everyone has a different journey. Every one of our clients has a different goal and everyone has a different live that, you know, you just can’t compare it with the rest. So our South Tulsa Personal Training it’s all about healthy training, held a training. It comes from the heart, it comes from the inside. We’re talking about habits here. We’re talking about personalities, people’s self, images, people’s character. We’re talking about a lot of things. It’s not just show up for a workout and that’s it. So I want you out there to know that when you’re talking about Tulsa says, highest ranking personal training studio, magnus fitness in South Tulsa. We’re talking about the magnus way. We’re talking about us approaching clients with something that have not, that they have not experienced yet, and that’s not just personal training session.

It’s more like a lifestyle. We’re changing habits here at our studio. We’re changing the way we do things. People go to the gym and they spent an hour to two hours trying to exercise. We’re talking 30 minutes at our gym command, do the workout, get out, go on with your day. So while some people focus on, I’m comparing themselves with how many pounds we dropped today or this we can. What did I do today? Did I do that? I do this and just kind of homage, homage. Did I bench press? How much do they live? How many minutes did I go on a cardio, Yada, Yada, Yada. All these things that are personal training studio here in South Tulsa, that’s not all we do. That’s not what we believe in. That’s not part of our day to day life. Just in general, not our business, our life, both sky and eyes. So it’s not something that we bring into the business as well either.

So I do want to, you know, out there, if you guys have any questions about a comparison or how we do things, please either send an email or get to the website, magnets, fitness, talls, [inaudible] dot com or nine. One, eight, eight. One, four, two, two, one, three. And just, you know, talk to us about what you think or what you like or what you’ve experienced. We’d love to hear what you experienced and what you don’t like about the South Tulsa Personal Training industry and what you like about it or would you want to see? We’re always learning and growing and our main focus is to help everyone get the desires, the goals that they have reached them and also work hard to change habits, change lifestyle. Um, so again, here at our personal training studio in South Tulsa, we focus on the client, their goals or personality, how they do things, what habits they have, what do they eat, and our personal training.

It’s not just a show, it’s not just to show, it is a show as I’m on it right now. It’s not just a studio, it’s not just a session, it’s more like a lifestyle. Everybody is changing their life the way they live it, you know, the way they eat, what are they eating, the way that you work out, the way, what they think about where it can’t, you know, what they think about exercise, nutrition and what they think about themselves. This is a daily thing that we have with our clients about, about themselves, you know, building confidence. So our studio, our European personal training boutique concept is not just another training session, you know, we’re getting to that point where we’re going to have a wait list very soon and people are eager to be into this, you know, it’s, it’s time. And um, a lot of the people are just needing that accountability.

Somebody to understand that that’s what we do here at, South Tulsa Personal Training, our studio at 101st and Sheridan in South Tulsa. We’re here to hear you understand, you, help you out, push you, challenge you so that when you’re done with your exercise, you hurt, but in the same time you feel accomplished and you feel good about yourself because you know what, you did it. You worked hard for 30 minutes. You work so hard that you’re just sweating and while you’re working so hard and in so much pain, that is a good pain. You know your day to day reaching the goal that you have set for yourself, your weight loss goal, your strength training goal, whatever it is, your maintenance, bottoming, Nez, anything that your goal is, you are doing that, that’s, that’s where we’re here. That’s where we’re located in South Tulsa. People want to see us.

People want to come and we want you to come. You know, we want you to reach out. We wanted to focus. We want you to, um, if you have any questions, reach out and our personal trainings show here. We will address these daily. If you have any questions just because we want you to, you know, we want you to hear us and by us I mean we want you to hear us and we want to hear you, so shoot as a textured, as an email or a call or a common and just get us to either answer your questions or just to get you in the door for two weeks free. So juicy what we’re all about, you know, what are we all about? What are we doing here? What is your goal? How can you reach your goal? Is it even possible to reach your goal?

Yes it is. If the man dropped 30 pounds in 30 days, it is possible for you to reach your goals. So South Tulsa people. Thank you so much for listening. And again we’re talking about comparison leading non compare. Negative comparison is not a good comparison in general is not good unless you’re some sort of like a competitor or competitive freak that embarrassing just drives you and you just think of it as a pace competitors pays that you have to beat and get better and better and that’s a different story, but more so comparison as just not good if you’re trying to lose weight and if you’re trying to reach the goals that you have put set for yourself. So again, thank you so much for listening to our South Tulsa Personal Training show here today on Tuesday, December 11th, December 11th. Thank you so much for listening to us.

If you have any questions, again about either personal training sessions or studio South Tulsa location, any other location, whatever your questions may be, feel free to send us an email. Go to Magnus hipness, Contact us or call us at nine one eight eight, one four, two, two, one slash three with all your personal trainings, uh, questions or all your nutrition questions. If you have any, South Tulsa Personal Training concerns, personal training, Dowd’s, personal training, confusions, whatever it is that you have that is related to personal training, reach out because then number one, talls his highest ranking personal training studio in Tulsa is here to help answer your questions. Is here to see you, is here offering you two weeks of free personal training with top notch trainers that will get you the results that you want, that will show you what it is that we do at our South Tulsa Personal Training here, Sal Taza. So thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for listening to us coming up, visiting us, sending as the text, sending us an email, whatever it is, and we look forward to your questions. Feel free to send them whatever way. If you want a pigeon to send the note, you can do that too. We will accept it and you guys have a great day. Let me know what questions you have. I’m excited to answer them. This is a leader with magnus fitness personal training show. Thank you.