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welcome back to our personal training podcast here, magnus fitness South Tulsa, Tulsa. Thank you so much for all that you have done for our personal training studio. Primarily our objective google reviews. We have officially reached the top of Google on the first page of Google, our first year in business. A remarkable, remarkable effort from you all. Thank you so much for coming in and trusting us with your health and committing to your goals and making those a reality because that is in essence what has happened here. We as a company help you get your personal training goals accomplished, your fitness goals, pull ups, pushups, South Tulsa Personal Training whatever it is, weight loss. We help you with those short term, midterm, longterm goals and we’re just so thankful that you would trust us with your health. Give us a chance as a new company, new business in Tulsa, and get your results.

I don’t know what other programs are offering. I don’t know their price points, but I know here at madness fitness, we are polarized because of you and uh, you, you are qualified and you are, you have what it takes. You have everything you need to succeed and you have proved that to yourself. All of our listeners, thank you so much for everything you’ve done. What an amazing, amazing testimonials we’ve been having through here. Congratulations to Daniel. He will be. He will see him on either as a firefighter or a employee saving lives. His goal upon starting his two weeks free with no question in my mind was she going to be a good client, but it started his two weeks and actually signed up a week early to save his slot. He was so excited, but, uh, uh, he, he’s dealing with a lot of personal, uh, complications and committed to coming here and his seeing remarkable results mentally and physically South Tulsa Personal Training.

It’s just, again, I’m amazing, amazing, amazing to personal training company, how people come here looking to get their fitness results resolved and in return, South Tulsa Personal Training it just boiling over into almost every area of your life. It’s remarkable. I stand by this. I stand by personal training. I will stand by personal training forever. It’s a remarkable thing. Whatever the personal training concept is, if it’s bootcamp, small groups or one on one personal training needs to be your go to, and that’s the podcast today. Why personal training? Why should personal training be your number one goto when it comes to weight loss? Okay. Why would personal training, but your number one goto when reaching your physical goals. Why would personal training be a necessity for major league athletes? Why would my personal training be a necessity for general public and and reaching health goals? Okay. Let’s talk a little bit about, uh, other services that are provided.

You have skin tightening machines versus personal training. Let’s talk about that one in the corner. And the right corner, we have skin reduction or skin tightening programs with fat loss pinchers to touch to a piece of mechanic, a piece or a robot that pinches your fat cells and melts them down. And we have in the left corner, we have personal trainers. Why? Let’s talk about the price point. Okay? We have price points for skin, skin reduction or skin tightening, uh, protocols or programs on average $300 for one hour, $300 for one hour for maybe a segmented part of the body for fat reduction. And that’s not even to say who their ideal client is because it’s not something you would use for extreme weight loss. South Tulsa Personal Training It’s typically for minor cosmetic adjustments if you are purchasing or falling into the trap of someone who thinks that it can be done easily by just pinching fat around your love handles and melting in a way into the glands of the body so that you can, it can leave.

You are highly misled. This is not the best use of your money. I personally have been through these. I’ve been through the technology, I’ve sat through it, I’ve gone through it, not a major, not a whole lot of change. And I’m actually the ideal client. I lost 60 pounds through my own personal training protocol. Uh, and, and, and, uh, I had some excess skin and I had a little bit of fat in my lowman midsection. And I’ll be honest, I was a little anxious to get it off, so I went and tried this thing versus my personal training program, my own protocol, and I was left disappointed you cannot do that and keep eating the way I was so shocked to talk to this person to find out what people, how people use this program and uh, South Tulsa Personal Training and, and the costs associated with it. And, uh, and at what point can you say it is a success outside of what it may do temporarily.

They didn’t have an answer for me. In fact, they are the owner of this company specifically told me they do discourage people from going and purchasing this program in hopes that it would ultimately radically change their life. You cannot do this. You cannot go spend a thousand bucks a month for something that may or may not work for you. And you not change your habits. I’m sorry to tell you this huge disc. This may maybe a huge letdown to hear this, but I’m. But I have to tell you the truth. There’s nothing like hard, just hard effort people you have to put you. I’m sorry if you put the weight on, you’re gonna have to work to get it off. Okay. Personal training versus skin tightening and weight loss or fat melting, fat melting technology, personal training. You have to understand while it is one of the largely most damaged services in the industry and the fitness industry South Tulsa Personal Training.

Magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company is interested in raising the standard. There is education that personal trainers go through. There’s hours of, you know, there’s four year degrees for this and colleges. It’s called sports science. There’s kinesiology, there’s so many courses that a personal trainer can take to learn how to help you take it, you know, do you know that I network with doctors, personal trainers should work with doctors and their healthcare provider because we’re in healthcare. We help take care of the body. I have, I hold conversations with doctors and practitioners about the human body, a chiropractors as well. Can you see ology understanding, South Tulsa Personal Training, the biometric system of the body and understanding how it works and how all we’re all human. We have something weird with our body, right? We all have something weird going on and so we all need help and we need help to get to our fitness goals safely.

Personal training is a safe and inexpensive. Our sessions here at Magnus fitness can get as low as $25 a session. Now you tell me and go on our website, magnus fitness, South Tulsa, personal training company. Go to magnet fitness, Look at our testimonials and tell me we don’t. Our program does not work and it can get as low as 25 sessions, so you tell me left and the right corner. We have skin tightening programs and fat melting technology that rubs up against your skin and pinches the fat right away. Okay, and our program, personal training, personal training, back science exercises and nutrition protocols, and you tell me which one I’m going to give it a loud, South Tulsa Personal Training resounding arena. Shaking Kao, knockout. It is a knockout in comparison to those programs, to a machine that pinches your love handles and supposedly melts it away by people rubbing on your stomach and pushing fat into glands out of your body versus personal training versus qualified industry.

Leading personal training, it’ll knock it out every single time. I’ll be in time, I’ll beat it. Envision tools, I’ll beat it in risk. I’ll beat it in all of those arenas. You cannot there. It won’t. It doesn’t. It’s a matchless. You have to understand that. So again, come to magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training company and see what it’s like. You don’t build a friendship with your personal trainer. The benefits far exceed and outweigh that of a machine. People please stop resorting to shortcuts and giving into these whimsical ideas that you’re somehow going to it since you put on the weight, you’re going to be able to get it off really easy. Okay. And don’t get me started. South Tulsa Personal Training We will address it in a different podcasts. Some of the competitors versus personal training because I’ve been getting that question recently. Is your competition, other personal trainers or fitness programs know my competition is not other personal trainers and fitness programs.

Personal training is, is contributing to the overall and general health if it’s done correctly, uh, to, to, to, to, to our America’s biggest problem, which is obesity. That is not my competition. My competition is stress, eating, overeating under eating, uh, surgeries and major people resorting to major alternatives to taking care of their poor decision in eating habits than to just owning up and doing what it takes to get it off. That is my competition. That is my competition. South Tulsa Personal Training I do not care about other personal trainers or other fitness companies in the area. Those are not a competition. They’re trying to help give you alternatives.