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welcome back to the Magnus fitness and personal training company podcast. We hope you all are having a great week taking care of your health, putting good food in your body because you’re worth it and you have what it takes to run your business, to run your family, to have success, great success in your life. We believe in you as coaches and our previous podcast, we mentioned coaches are people who who, who are here to help you get in touch with your best self. South Tulsa Personal Training we believe that a fitness is just one of those areas that you can get. Get to that place and prove to yourself you can do some things. A physical feats are incredible markers in our life where we can see it is evident that we can do things, we can conquer, we can be Alpha, we can do some things that, uh, maybe we pull her whole life, thought we couldn’t do.

And we are. Our company is full of stories just like that. People who are reaching their fitness goals. Did you know that 90 percent of people who are in a gym are not reaching their fitness goals as it pertains to what they’re aiming for? Isn’t that crazy? And that’s why our personal training company here is here to exist because we want to help you reach your highest human potential possible. Um, as a child of God, whether you know that or not, or believe that’s even true, we believe it is. We believe that, uh, you can do everything that God has called you to do or you can do anything, uh, that your faith, whatever it is you believe you, South Tulsa Personal Training you have what it takes and you can do it. We believe you can and our company is full of people who are reaching those goals and accomplishing them and becoming the best version of themselves possible.

So, um, that’s what our podcast is actually going to be about today. We’re going to talk about, um, reaching our potential and, uh, and, and, and why, why we should be conscious, consciously endeavoring to, to reach our physical potential. Uh, why is it important? Why is it a, a plus? Why is it an advantage that we focus on our health, our fitness levels? Um, first, foremost, the I’m going to do the biggest reason I think that is, and it may catch you off guard. It may be a come to come to you as a humongous surprise, but, uh, I’m going to make it very simple. It’s for our children. I think the number one reason that we should all be health conscious in our life. You may be saying, South Tulsa Personal Training, it’s for my organization, my company and my business. It’s for my friendships. It’s for my spouse.

I’m afraid my spouse is gonna. Leave me. So I’m investing in my fitness goal is I see the way they looked at other people. South Tulsa Personal Training I see the way. Okay, those are all very valid reasons, but I’m going to say the number one reason is for the generation behind. That’s, that’s, that’s exactly the reason that I lost what I lost on my journey. My 61 pounds of weight loss. Um, that’s exactly why I did that was for my daughter wants to be the best version of me possible for her and to show her confidence because there was nothing more scary to me than telling her what’s important to life and be passing down traditions and rules, not necessarily rules, but a principals and, and her not see them operating in my own life. That is very scary to me to think that I would be a hypocrite to my own kids or people in my life if I am, if you don’t have children in your influencing children, South Tulsa Personal Training, to some capacity or this generation behind us is observing you somehow and you’re not leading or having those principles applied in your own life.

Uh, that is, that is the most inconsistent, inconsistent thing you can offer them. Okay? Ards, the generation behind us more than ever is going to be looking for truth and consistency. And there’s nothing more important than for you to be applying those things in your life. And I, I am actually a part of a business coaching organization. And, uh, when I hear that business owners is supposed to be giving attention to their fitness levels and business owners are not prioritizing that, do you, do you realize how incredible that person becomes to me whenever I’m supposed to be associating myself with successful people, but they themselves don’t schedule fitness in their agenda. Do you know how do, do you know what happens to your credibility there? For me as a young entrepreneurial young business owner, especially with my personal training company, when I hear that you are successful, South Tulsa Personal Training but I see your faith is your, your, your, your, your fitness is failing.

Okay? There’s, there’s my business coach teaches me, uh, his name is Clay Clark. If you’re a listener and you’re wondering who my business coach is, thrive 15 clay Clark, who I work in a personal relationship with him. He helps me with my personal training company. He has what’s called his f six and he is very concerned about your faith. He’s his highest priorities are for you as a business owner or your faith, your finances, your fitness, your fun. Okay? We have six of them. We have faith, family, finance, fitness, fun friends, okay, and you should be making daily deposits and they should be in your agenda every single day. You should do something towards those every single day. For me, I have fitness in my agenda. I have family in my agenda, I have friendships in my agenda. I have finance in my agenda. Okay? Every single day I’ve made some sort of investment towards those things, South Tulsa Personal Training but if you are a leader to some capacity in your life, whether it’s parenting, business, owning, business, coaching, whatever it is, and you’re not doing that yourself, you’re going, you’re offering our generation behind us, the biggest disservice you could ever offer.

And that’s inconsistency and hypocrisy. Okay? And I’m also aware that if your fitness goals are failing in some area, you’re also failing in some other area of your life. Do you realize that your outer world is created by your inner world and when? If you’re walking around thinking you’re some hot shot and you got it all together, but you don’t focus on one of those [inaudible] in your life, that’s an indicator that something else in your life is probably also a deteriorating. You have to give whatever it is in your life, South Tulsa Personal Training some sort of attention, anything left, unattended, 10 towards chaos and so don’t, don’t go around thinking that you’re getting away with it just by making billions and millions and not taking care of your health. Something else in your life is probably also deteriorating. You know, you have to give attention. You have to be intentional about everything in your life.

And I do realize that over time that some things will, uh, will be out of balance for a season like having the perfectly clean bedroom, but that you can’t. I talked to anyone who’s been successful who hasn’t been intentional towards those things in their life for a prolonged period of time, kept their priorities the way they were. And, um, and uh, and did well because that’s success to me. Success to me is not making millions and billions successes for me is, is helping you obtain your fitness goals. For me personally, I don’t want to get too personal, but I want you to do. I do know, I want you to know this, that debt, personal training for me is to help me, uh, to, to, to be able to, South Tulsa Personal Training, not just service the clients and provide them a great service, but to also provide people an income opportunities, a work, a job, okay.

Stimulate the economy, how people spend money and live jobs, but also so that I can have time freedom for my family and be there for them because that would be really inconsistent for me to talk about fitness and balance and then also know how balanced. Yeah, my, uh, for my family. Okay. It’s, it’s, it’s a. You can see the big picture here at Magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company. We’re, we’re interested in your whole life. We want to, we want to make sure that you have health all around and that you’re not neglecting one area over the other and creating ultimately setting yourself up for failure. We do believe in you here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa. We want you to reach your fitness goals. We believe you’re worth it. We believe you can do it well. Most and foremost, we believe your why is is the most important ingredient component to making this all a reality for yourself, and I believe children and the generation behind us are the biggest reason for that.

We need role models. We need people who take care of themselves, who are intentional towards their priorities. Every single day they do something every single day towards their highest priorities and that they follow through with what they say they’re going to do and showing up to a personal training program or a personal trainer appointment is one of the biggest things you can do. Absolutely believe that, that if you can keep your word with yourself, you will shine the brightest light on this planet. There’s more and more and more people who are not doing what they say they’re going to do. It’s in politics. South Tulsa Personal Training It’s an entertainment. It’s across the board in every industry and every is people who say they’re going to do something and they don’t do it. Start with doing what you say you’re going to do for yourself please before you try to do it for other people.

But do you know and understand that magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training company cares about the generation behind us. We care about our role models. We care about masculinity. We care about femininity and people becoming the best version of themselves. We know what it takes. South Tulsa Personal Training You know you have what it takes. We want you to know that you’re operating from a place of success. You have everything you need to succeed. Get out there, accomplish it. Contact us. Nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Go to our website, magnus fitness, Fill out a contact us form and we will have one of our employees reach out to you as fast as humanly possible to hear your fitness goals and to help you make a massive difference in your life. We believe fitness is a means to a very big in, uh, in your life. It could change almost everything. It’s changed a pastor’s lives, business owners’ lives, mom’s lives stay at home, dads, lives, friendships, marriages, fitness has been radicalized a lot of people’s lives who we know personally. Come test us out two weeks free. No contract. One hundred and first and Sheridan. That’s one. Zero, zero. Three, two South Sheridan road, Tulsa, Oklahoma, seven, four, one, three, six. Or check us out on Google, agnes fitness, south Tulsa, a

personal training company. Talk to you later.