South Tulsa Personal Training | Shut Up and Workout

Welcome to magnus fitness. Today we are going to talk about something that most people don’t want to hear and that is shut up and workout. Some people might find this very, um, harsh, but I don’t care because he knit personal training industry. You need to work, you need to work out and here at our South Tulsa location, magnus fitness, we believe that personal training is so focusing and then there was no talk. We may talk, but you need to shut up and workout. So in South Tulsa Personal Training something that people don’t understand is that they think that we’re there to make friends. They think that your coach, as your friend, well, salt, Tulsa people listen up, that, um, it is more than just that it is a time for you to come focused during your personal training session and do the work that your coach has created for you that your coach is leading for you.

The weight loss industry is a scary industry. It’s a very, um, scary industry. It’s a very sensitive topic and insult Tulsa location. Our focus is to get people beyond that point for the personal training so that they can lose the weight that they need because it doesn’t get you anywhere to talk and not work, so shut up and workout as my topic today because I am very passionate about that. I’m located here at South Tulsa and all the clients that we get for our South Tulsa Personal Training program say that I’m harder on one of the harder coaches. Well, that is because I tell people, okay, I don’t want to hear you talk. Let’s do the work. And sadly most people that come for personal training really want to talk and talking is one of the ways that they are either sabotaging themselves or just distracting and getting to the point where they don’t want to do the personal training.

They wanted talk. They want to waste their time and so you’re going to solve Tulsa location. We believe in hardcore working, artcore, working of your workouts, hardcore working of your mentality, and by hardcore I don’t say to the point that you are basically in tears, although sometimes that’s a point, but salt, Tulsa location for personal training is always here with open doors to listen to you, but that’s during our consultation. That’s during our, um, evaluation times, not during the workout. So today, in every day I will continue to tell the people that you need to shut up and workout because first of all, training is expensive. South Tulsa Personal Training is a lot of work and personal training and sell it to wholesale or any other. Location is a lot of work for the coaches. It’s a lot of work. It should be a lot of work for the clients.

And so why would I let you talk? Why would I lead to you not workout. So that’s why I just say, you know, what? Shut up and workout. South Tulsa Personal Training again is one of those things that most people, like I said earlier, thing that personal training is just, you know, come to make a friend. While the second thing is is that that’s not what it is like we want you to work, we want you to work out, we want you to reach your goal, and so in South Tulsa everyone believes that most people, or at least 95 percent of the people believe that the personal training or the personal trainer is about, you know, making friends, talking, talking about your day, how much of your day sug well, get this. Every day sucks or everybody’s day sucks, but what are we going to do about it? We aren’t going to get the goal that you want it.

That’s why you got into South Tulsa Personal Training in the first place. That’s why you chose Magnus fitness in south Tulsa so that you can reach your goals for weight loss or for your personal training needs. And so with me being your code, it’s, it’s what we do. It’s what we say and it’s what an our. It’s on our board, on the walls, shut up and workout because I’m tired of it and tired of people trying to find distractions and we are in in this industry, the personal training, one on one, focus with the clients because we care about people and our Santosa location cares about people so much that we really go into depth about. We would rather hurt your feelings by telling you to shut up so that we can get you to your goal. And so with that being said, I will repeat myself again by saying, shut up and work out and if you are offended by that, you can call us at nine.

One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three and talk to me or ask questions on why I would say shut up and work out. Feel free to do that. Or you can email us at info at magnets, fitness, Tulsa Dot com and say that you heard this podcast at our website for our solid Tulsa personal training location and complain or ask questions or have a comment or discuss or whatever you want. But please know that this is coming from a place that we make South Tulsa Personal Training fun. Our workouts are not boring. You are not going to be in a treadmill for 30 minutes and that’s why you talk. That’s not what it is. Or workouts are fun and the reason that they’re there and they’re sure they’re mixed, mixed up with different things, different ways to do things so that you’re not just bored and you’re just hanging out and talking.

Personal training is fun. South Tulsa Personal Training at our facility in South Tulsa is fun. Not Everybody has that. Not Everybody of our competitors here have deals with that. I actually was talking with somebody, a soundbar competitors a few days ago in how they use one of them meal preps, uh, companies here in town. And I said, well, with us, every client gets a customized meal plan. Not one size does not fit all. So that’s why we don’t carry different meal planning companies in our Salt Tulsa location because we don’t know what’s in it. Yeah, their macros might be counted, but everybody’s is different, you know. And so our training facility, our personal training facility here in South Tulsa is not just the personal training, we are here for the people, we’re here because we care for you and I’m the training goals that you have, the weight loss goals that you have and we’re thought leader here in Tulsa about what we do and why we do things.

And so the reason why we do that is because, oh, so the person said, oh well they’re paying this much so we don’t. Our competitors said, well they’re paying this much, which is an extension and quite a good amount. But she said we don’t really get into giving them much of nutrition things or plans or whatever. She was like, we gave them an advice on how much, what they should eat done, whatever. And I found that to be like what in the world. They’re definitely this fitness industry is absolutely. And it’s for the money and for the numbers and not for the people. And unfortunately Oklahoma is in one of the highest ranking for obesity. And so that’s why our facility exists because we want that to reduce and being one of the top fittest countries in America, not obesity but fittest, healthiest. And so our cell Tulsa location is all about people, South Tulsa Personal Training, a training them to get to their goals.

There’s always six week evaluations that we have in our personal training program and our transformation program and I’m in Santa Rosa. Other personal trainers do not do that. So personal training is made fun is in our facility here in South Tulsa Personal Training is made short so you can get to being with your kids, going to work, running errands, whatever you have to do in personal training is above and beyond and it’s about the people not about the numbers. And as one of our. One of our clients, his name is Daniel, ask him because I talked to him and he said the one number one thing that I like about magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio is it I don’t feel like a number. And that was so encouraging to hear because this is what this was our clients. We’re a whole culture of people. It’s about the people.

It’s not just another personal training, it’s not just another studio or facility or fitness or a gym. It’s a culture. It’s a whole culture and off itself that we care about the people that we are here to reach her goals, that you’re not just another number, but your South Tulsa Personal Training experience is best described as you know, fun, not a number experience, fun experience. So thank you for listening today and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. Nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. And we would love to answer your questions here, your complains or hear your comments. Hopefully. Good to comments. Again, this is Alito with our magnets, fitness South Tulsa location. I’m personal training one on one, focus on the people and not just another number. Thank you and have a good day.