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is Monday morning and this is my favorite day of the week. This is a leader with magnus fitness, personal training show South Tulsa and I was telling you that this is my favorite day of the week. Why is my favorite day of the week? Because it’s a fresh start. South Tulsa Personal Training You can get things done that you couldn’t last week. Goals that you didn’t reach, which you should have but that you did reach. But it’s my favorite day because you get to start fresh, new to do new things, to do new things, to see new things, to achieve new goals, everything. So I just love Monday. And so right now I am in the car and during this podcast you may hear a little bit of noise and I apologize for that, but I am doing this because I need to get, um, I need to make time for the things that matter.

So that’s what you should be doing with your fitness goals. And so today I will be talking about stretching in our personal training studio here in South Tulsa. Stretching is very important because not a lot of people do, so we have all the time clients that will come and are like, okay, well I’m, I’m, I heard my leg hurts and the personal training studio, everyone is just like, not everyone, but you know, like people are complaining about, um, legs hurting or whatever as we’re doing either lunges or squats or whatnot. And I have two specific cases just last week that are complaining on that. And so, well I told them in our personal training during our personal training sessions and South Tulsa studio that, look, you may have some tight muscles there and people were like, no, tight muscles if you don’t feel like this. Okay, well my suggestion was to go to the chiropractor and check it out.

And so they went to the chiropractor and guess what they told then your quads are so tight that your hips have shifted and now your leg is shorter than the other. Boom. Where did I say the first place? Our personal training studio in South Tulsa isn’t just for us to show up and tell you what kind of workouts to do. Our personal training studio develops the whole human basically starting with fitness mindset, so we check out where you need to be a stretch. We know where you need to be stretched because doing squats and lunges, the legs don’t hurt for no reason if you don’t have any limitations. And stretching is a big part of your session here in Magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio. And so I wanted to talk to you about why it’s important to stretch obviously because most of us setting a desk for eight hours a day or so.

And when you sit that’s not all that good. So when you said obviously your muscles are all tied up. So this is why it’s so important. And this is why I’m agnes fitness. I’ll tell a personal training studio. We tell you how important it is in your days off to even just go for a walk, just so that you can get those muscles working, stretching a hips moving so that they don’t get so tight where there, um, where the leg is shorter than the other. So again, I apologize if you’re just getting on the show and you’re hearing a little bit of noise. I’m in the car, I’m making time to do this podcast because I’m a busy woman, but they, these things need to get done. So I am making time for it. And again, you should be making time for your fitness just like I’m making time for my podcast.

And so stretching is the topic of today and in our personal training studio is telling you that it is so important for us to know these things. Like, hey, how often do you workout? Do you even work out? Do you go, um, do you walk? Do you even take a walk like a 20 minute walk during the day? All of these things for our personal training sessions are so important because that tells us how flexible you are if you’re stretched at all and if you need to be stretched too, because tight muscles hurt tight muscles during workouts during our personal training session as her diva more and therefore won’t allow us to do your workouts because you’ll be in pain. And so again, our personal training studio is there and we work with different chiropractors with different massage therapist and a because we all know what the body needs, you know, and so most times we’ll recommend you to go see a chiropractor or you know, the other case that we have is this girl who came in and she wants to do our personal training sessions.

She wants to get our program but she has a sprained ankle. Well she’s not from America and so with the sprained ankle, she’s been wearing a boot for two months because some physical therapist has been telling her that she needs that. And so getting her to go in every single week and poor girl paying out of her own pocket because she doesn’t have health insurance since she’s not from here. And when she came to see us and we heard all that, that was so good of her to like let us know what’s going on. And we were able to refer her to the chiropractor that we work with who will not rip her off. And we’ll treat the issue at once. You know, if it’s a sprained ankle, this is what we need to do and move on with life. Now I have a boot for two months and so our personal training studio, like I said, we work together with chiropractor, massage therapist has all different sorts of people that are in the same industry because we want you not only to come and do personal training, but we want you to be whole.

We want you to be to reach those goals, a weight loss, and if you have any different pains, different limitations and all that, we want you to get the most out of your personal training, show out of your personal training studio and get yourself a holistic human being. And so with that being said, um, I do want to challenge you to reach out to us if you have any questions or if you feel like you’ve been going to a personal trainer here in South Tulsa Personal Training that just kind of works you through the pain and hasn’t necessarily taken the time to explain to you what’s going on. Um, or you’ve had a bad personal training experience. I do want to challenge you, encourage you to reach out to us and see for yourself if everything that we’re talking talking about here. No, a personal training show is true.

You know, if we really give you two weeks for free for personal training, if we really give you, you know, like all this information, if we really tell you all about nutrition and all what we suggest and what has worked for all the clients. If we are really back up all of our testimonials with the real people inside of our studio for personal training in South Tulsa. So I encourage you to reach out nine one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three or magnus fitness tall And go to contact us and fill out the form and we will reach out to you because Tulsa, we are here for the people. We are here to get you to your goals. We are here to work. We are here not just for personal training, but personal training that works. Personal training that gets people’s recent, gets people results.

Personal training that has made the easy personal training that is made fun personal training and that gets you your goals and personal training in South Tulsa is made fun, is made a exciting, is made short and to the point and so solid Tulsa. Again, this is Alito with magnus fitness personal training show and as I was saying, stretching as a very important part of your routine of your body. It’s very important for you to reach your goals because you can work out if you are having different pains in different muscles and most of the time those pains are because of non stretching and if you are like most of are they Americans and you have an eight to five job sending on a desk. You morals likely are tight and most likely have not taken a walk in a long time and most likely are not stretching.

So like he said with personal training studio here at South Tulsa Magnus fitness, we do that all for you. We help you stretch. We help you get the right chiropractor or massage therapists that will not rip you off, but actually treat the problem in hand. Which has different, um, stretching methods and all that. So thank you so much for listening. Again, today is Monday, December next Monday is going to be Christmas Eve. So this Monday I am taking the time to enjoy the Monday before Christmas. I’m taking the time to enjoy another Monday because like I said, Monday is the day, a fresh beginning, new opportunities, new to do lists and check the things off the list and new week for achieving those little goals that will lead you to the bigger goals. So enjoy this beautiful sunny day us that and again, reach out for personal training. Two weeks free of South Tulsa Personal Training to the magnus fitness personal, a personal training studio in South Tulsa. One hundred percent Sheridan, and give us a call at nine. One, eight, eight. One, four, two, two, one, three. Again, this is a lead out with magnets fitness personal training show. I am very sorry for all the noise that you may be hearing. I am in the car recording the podcast because I’m a busy woman and I’m making time for things such as the podcast. Thank you so much for listening and giving me grace. You all have a great day.