South Tulsa personal training | Lexi’s Questions

Welcome back to the madness fitness in south Tulsa personal training podcast. Today we’re going to talk about a few different questions that have been posted on facebook and going through a series of questions that have been posted on our page, a particular questions about fitness, health, nutrition, etc. And it is our job to make sure that we take the time to address those and provide you answers, but you know more than anybody. Our personAl training podcast is here to not just provide information related to fitness, health, weight loss, nutrition, all of those important and necessary topics, but we also use this as a platform to congratulate our clients because they to do listen to our podcast. We want to give a massive shout out to ashley. Her and her husband are participants in the program. They shot that. They share a time, a time slot together in a personal training company, and she’s down two weeks and a week, almost two weeks, 10 pounds.

It’s incredible, remarkable. We’re excited for her. She came in, she came in with a need. We heard it, we met it, and she utilizes our resources every day. Counselor macros, users are the app we suggest and shows it to us. And, and, uh, all the way down to how much water she drinks. Two remarkable at what people are willing to do to transform their health. Why are you, why aren’t you transforming your health? Why aren’t you taking the daily, South Tulsa personal training, why aren’t you taking the necessary steps towards bettering your fitness goals? Why not? Why wouldn’t you want to take care of yourself as a depression? Depression? Is it anxiety? Is it fear? Whatever it is, we’d love for you to just call us, come in and talk to us. If we can’t help us, if you don’t think you can afford us, if it’s a time budget or a spousal issue, please just come in, let us talk.

At least let us meet you and shake your hand, pray for you. Uh, we, we, we’d love to do that. South Tulsa personal training, but to ashley is one of those examples of people who, who, who admit they have an issue. there is hope for them and uh, and they want change, lasting change. Ten pounds and more to come. We’re excited for ashley, her and her husband are rocking the program, so again, as I mentioned a moment ago, our series right now that we’re really touching on is our facebook questions of people just kind of putting ourselves out there as a resource for you and our podcast. Lexi asked the questions, I won’t say last names on this podcast just for privacy issues, but that lexi, you know, who you are. I appreciate you posting and taking the time out of your day to day to write and comment on our page and ask transparently some questions knowing that other people are reading it about fitness, nutrition and exercise.

Let’s see, uh, asked. Is it true that if I only have three days a week to work out that I won’t really see any progress? I chuckled at this question. Lexi and listeners not, not because of the, not, not because of your question. It’s a very, South Tulsa personal training valid question, but it sounds. This is a question I get from people I have trained that this question came up when they met with trainers who tried to make them purchase a more than three days in a, in a personal training program. Is it true that if I only have three days a week to work out, then I really won’t see any progress that is typically someone who sat in front of a trainer and tried to upsell them on more days and told them that three wouldn’t be enough because they wanted to sell a larger package.

That may not be your case lexi, but it made me chuckle because as personal trainers, I know the industry. I know when people try to do I know what certain programs or are capable of making you feel a certain way. I’ve been there, uh, for, for those of you who don’t know, I lost 61 pounds, so utilizing my program and it’s highly effective. Our meal plan or exercise plans, great stuff. Uh, and uh, and it’s only three days a week. My clients on average lexi, spend 90 minutes in our personal training studio. You could expect a, a few different, uh, unconventional ways of training, functional training, high intensity interval training. So my clients do not do cardio, particularly for weight loss. South Tulsa personal training, and that’s kind of goes back to the original, what’s your goal kind of thing and how much time should you be spending with weights or cardiovascular training.

But, uh, fOr weight loss specifically, I’ll adjust weight loss just because I’m a weight loss specialist, South Tulsa personal training, for weight loss or intoning, uh, there’s no, no need to do, be doing long distance running. There was an orthopedic study revealing that when you run one pound of fat is equivalent to eight pounds of pressure on all of your bones and joints. Can you imagine that? Do the math one pound of body fat? If you have 40 pounds of body fat currently, if that’s what you, if you, if you did a bmi test and you had 40 pounds of fat, that’s 320 pounds of pressure on your bones and joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Okay? And so long distance running, all of those sorts of cardio, there’s always ways to digress, which just means simply to do cardiovascular training without having to spend a really to have too much risk and really spend too much time in the gym.

You can use battle ropes, you can use ellipticals so you can use a row machine and you can use a farmer’s carry. South Tulsa personal training, there’s plenty of ways boxing bag there, there’s plenty of ways to do this, but, uh, the type of cardio’s one for weight loss, really crucial, but how much time at 20 minutes and durations, a of sprinting or high intensity interval training is. It was a real originally mentioned, used for. It was actually a where you went as hard as you could 100 percent effort for 20 seconds and then however long it took you to recover, you would do it again. And you do this 10 times over a. And so I always encourage a warmup. Don’t leave that out. Warm up five to 10 minutes, but then get some sprints. And if it’s battle ropes, battle rope, as hard as you can for 20 seconds, give it all you got however long it takes you to recover.

And when you get and faster, your cardio gets better, you’ll be able to close that gap of timeframe. And if you have a trainer, like in our personal training program, people say to me all the time, I do, I’m not going to pay you as a personal trainer to do cardio with me. Well, it’s very rare that anyone is he reaching there at least 80 to 90 percent of heart rate capacity. And so we push our clients to reach that because not only do you get away from the long distance cardio factor, but if you bring it, you get out of the cardio, we’ll faster. Does that make sense? So cardio, three days a week is more than enough time. Okay? Now if you, even if your strength training and trying to put on lean mass, it’s South Tulsa personal training very doable. Three days a week, 30 to 45 minutes in the gym is great.

Pick two muscle groups to do three or four sets on. And, uh, if you wanted to do some light cardio afterwards, it really depends on your goal and it’s, you know, for fitness and personal training, South Tulsa personal training do not believe it’s going to go away. I believe god has called us into this industry because we get to be with people and help them on the personal training journey or their journey, their fitness goals as personal trainers. We get to be hands on and really customize it and help you along knowing that there’s no guesswork. Apps are fine. Online programs are fine, but you know, that that’s still missing. You don’t know that it’s really working. Then if you have gotten results, I really admire you. But the vast majority of people, specifically people we deal with have families, businesses, they’re very busy. They have spouses, they have children, they have a career as young professionals, uh, to, to, to, to, to accomplish.

And that’s not an excuse, it’s just that they prefer to pay someone to help them with their goals. Uh, and if that’s not something you’re able to do, come in and just talk to us. We’d love to, uh, call us. We’d love to talk to you on the phone. I know we’d love to give you some information for an objective google review. Uh, w we would love to trade something out, just talk or, or for free of charge. So lexi, three days a week is obviously enough. South Tulsa personal training, it’s just depends on how you’re going to use those three days. Cardiovascular training doesn’t need to be any more than 20 minutes if you do it correctly. Strength training shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes a day and you can split those cardio and strength days apart if you wanted to, but that absolutely three days is more than enough.

And again, uh, our personal training program is geared towards weight loss. It is important for you to know that our intra entire personal training program is built around a losing body fat, uh, using the are ketogenic meal plan, along with specific training routines. And again, my clients don’t spend more than 90 minutes with me awake. And please go to our testimonial page on our website, magnus fitness, Look at our personal training results, 90 minutes a week. It’s our most popular transformation package in our personal training company, three days a week, 36 sessions. That’s what you get and a meal plan. You get homework, uh, you get a accountability, you get nutrition all included in the price and we’re 30 to 40 percent cheaper than our competitors. You have to come check us out, guys. Um, we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re giving you a very, South Tulsa personal training cost, uh, affordable program and compared to our competitors and we’re giving you results, how much more could you ask for if you put it to use coachable and diligence is all we asked for. So anyways, again, lexie’s question, everybody was an honest and trends are very, very good question. Is it true that if I only have three days a week to work out, then I won’t see any progress? It’s a lie. That’s an absolute lie. I don’t know who she heard that from. As I mentioned in the beginning of our podcast as a personal trainer right.