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Tulsa. Welcome back to the magnus feminists and South Tulsa person on training show. Yeah. Today we are going to discuss supplements. Is it possible to hit your goal, your fitness goals without supplements? Before we answer that question, we need to know what specific supplements and nutrients, what do they do for our body? What do protein powders, creatines, glutamines, visual, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, what is it all do? What do all of these essential vitamins and essential supplements do for our body? There is an array out there, isn’t there? There’s quite a bit to choose from. There’s quite a South Tulsa Personal Training that’s kind of what I call paralysis by analysis, sort of paralyzed by so much. So many options. Let’s start with food. It’s food categorizes as supplement. It is categorized as essential. This is essential. Food is essential for weight loss. Food is essential for weight gain.

Sue food is essential for celebrations. Food is essential for parties, marriages, right? Food is essential for funerals. Fusion, food is even funerals. We all need to eat when we’re feeling down, but not all the time. So what does food do for our body? I want you to understand two different categories. Let me preface this, start by prefacing this. Do you know that whenever you work out, depending on how strenuous the exercise was, you actually are tearing down. If you’re weight training, tearing down your body, it’s extremely inflammatory to exercise. So how does your body restore? Do you need to give it time to recover? Yes. Do we need to put something in it? Yes. South Tulsa Personal Training You’re on your way. What do we need? We need food. We need three major essential types of nutrients. We need carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a potential source of energy. I have a big opinion on carbohydrates.

We’re fat and culture because of the carbohydrates, not fats or proteins. Carbs have a major subject to go in there, but I will address that in another podcast. Secondly, we have proteins. Proteins are essential for muscle, cellular repair and production and preservation. Protein helps preserve, promote, protect all the ps you can think of. If you take too much, you’ll pee it out. Okay? It does all the PA’s, but South Tulsa Personal Training then if you take too much, you pee it out. Did you know that if you take too many supplements, you actually can be extremely damaging to your kidneys. Liver,

right? Did you know that even your bladder, you take too many supplements. You can harm your body. How much protein should you take in most individuals? Say Around one American sports science and sports journals, say around one point seven, five to one gram, depending on your goal, if you’re tearing down your muscles six days a week, do you need around one gram per bodyweight? One gram multiply your body weight. You need that or you need one and a half. Okay. South Tulsa Personal Training you need. If your goal is to put on a muscle, a pound, a pound a day, you need a. You need a unit, a gram and a half, right? Some conservative say you need point seven, five, one point seven, five. Just to be enough just to be just enough. Okay. European sports journals, admit point six times your body weight. Let’s do the math here, so if I wait, let’s take.

Take your calculators out. Point six times I weigh 190, that’s only 114 grams of protein a day. That’s easy. Some say, if I’m really trying to pack on the pounds, I should do a 190 grams of protein. If I’m taking supplements or any sort of synthetic steroids, I need at least two, at least 200 plus grams of protein a day. Now you’re going to say, what do you think? Sky, what do you think you should do? I, for one, do tests, blood tests, scans off the track by stuff, right? Track my, South Tulsa Personal Training, check my hormone levels, checked my digestive system, check my blood, checked my heart, check my brain, track my track at all. And so, uh, I, I do have opinions, but let’s get back to my who cares about my opinion. Let’s talk about this later. Uh, let’s cover the subject at matter. The last one is fats. Bmo most controversial subject on El Planet tour that you live on earth. It is the most controversial subject ever. Cape Fats don’t make you fat.

He’s scratching your head. I know I am. Fats don’t make you fat. I know this through personal research, longterm research documents, journals, European and American both, and you’re going to hear why I have such a distaste for American sports science in journals later and why if favor a European, but for the most part, stay on subject. We have a major dilemma with that. Trans fats are what our car are. Genic tried to make that way too long. Those are cars that transparency. You need to understand this. We’re actually by the FDA. We’re not that I completely trust the FDA, but the FDA FDA asks every restaurant on in America right to put advertisements. If you have trans fats, you need to let them know this stuff is bad. It’s, South Tulsa Personal Training, there’s carcinogens and it preservatives. It’s manmade fats, shelflife fat. It’s created. It’s literally created by man to help preserve it.

And when you consume it, it’s destroying you. Not good, not good at all. Mono saturated fats, good stuff. This comes from your Jesus. Did you know Parmesan is actually one of the number one. It’s the cleanest cheese out there. Wow. So, uh, in our South Tulsa Personal Training company, we give our clients. I’m actual a kito protocol, so I have written a protocol and the meal plan came from an already established meal plan for what’s health, what’s best for nutritional ketosis. A lot of the guesswork is taken out for you. You’d have to be a chemist in the kitchen counting calories all the time. But uh, yeah. So anyways, you need to know that you need to, you need to know that the carbohydrates, South Tulsa Personal Training if you take too many in excess excess and you don’t burn them, they meet glycogen. Glycogen stores as fat and our body creates that tissue that we don’t need.

Want protein helps muscle. That’s the act of stuff. That’s the good stuff. You ever woken up with a, with a muscle cramp? Of course. You. Have you ever woken up with a fat cramp? No. No one has. No one’s ever woken up going, oh my love handles hurt. Okay, that’s, that’s. You’ve never had that. You never. You never will because muscle fat is in the way muscle is active. We need more lean muscle tissue in our body. A total overall health benefits for that in neurological benefits as well. We also have our fats, the heart runs best off of mega complexes and the ratio between six and three. If you’re out there and you’re listening to, there were magnets, fitness, health, also South Tulsa Personal Training podcasts, and you’re like, you know what? I don’t agree with that ratio. Send us in the research. We have definitely heard many rumors about those.

That ratio can actually be harmful to our body, but get your Omega threes. We get your fish oil. I’ve heard a lot of things about getting a fresh water fish. Cold water, fish oils is better for you instead of just some random official off the shelf. For the most part though, those are your three different micronutrients, macronutrients, macro being largest nutrient tissue. We taking it on a daily basis. Now as far as which ones, which foods out there contain the most of which in which in which and where and where and how and how much and when that all that we’ll discuss later, but for the most part, carbs, fats, proteins. Did you notice I didn’t put sugar in there? It’s not essential. There are essential parts of fruit toast that can part play a major role and our amino development of molecular and cellular level Mitochondria, but, uh, there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate and an essential sugar if you’re taking all that in, you can lose some crazy amount of poundage just by cutting out the cokes, cutting out the, the, the excess, a vegetable or fruits that we’re taking in, um, but, uh, it doesn’t, so micronutrients as well as a big topic as well.

These are, these are going to be your, South Tulsa Personal Training, all your different smaller complexes you’re going to need to take in on a daily basis. These are really customized based on blood work. So late. Your doctor do a blood test, go get a scan, I believe it’s called an a or a scan, a scan where they scan your whole body and they’re gonna. Tell you what you’re deficient in. Okay? Don’t be shocked if you see so many parasites in your gut. You need parasites, parasites, but if your excess and parasites go get some warm, would go do a warm would cleanse, get the bottle, follow the instructions to you about two weeks on, one week off, two weeks on kinser parasite is taken care of, but the micronutrients are really going to be something we’ll cover in different podcasts. I just needed to make sure you understand those are the correct supplements. You should start with food, get food in your body. Let’s start with that. Start with food. Let’s do supplements later. South Tulsa Personal Training, those are the number one essential is all do as a volume two or podcast too specifically on a protein shakes, a bca, ways how not to waste your money, how not to pee on the toilet and quit wasting all your cash on ’em and all that stuff. So a magnus fitness South Tulsa Personal Training podcast. Listeners, thanks for listening to call me. Text me nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three.

And when they pick one, four, two, two, one, three, stick with food. You’ll be in a better mood and all that, not going to sit in the South Tulsa dot, South Tulsa Personal Training come visit us, come talk to us, and one of your goals are and helping you accomplish that.