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Sky Magis, it is Friday morning at 7:32 AM. I just got through training a client hearing house. I am here today to bring you this special report, the truth about weight loss supplements. Hey guys, if you guys don’t have my newsletter, go to my website right now with Ya, magnus fitness, where you can fill out your information to receive a newsletter each week. Saturday morning, South Tulsa Personal Training I’m going to pump you out recipes that you need for your week to shred off those love handles, trim that belly, getting those skinny jeans. Monday morning I’m gonna, hit you up with a prevalence, tips, tools, motivational tips, advice, all things health and fitness. If at any moment this newsletter gets annoying to you, you can do the inevitable and you can scroll down to the bottom of any of those newsletters and hit unsubscribe at the very, very bottom of the email.

So without further ado, here’s the lowdown on weight loss supplements that you need to know about. Guys. If you’ve opened the magazine or turn on the radio or glanced at the TV lately, then you know there is an over abundance of weight loss supplements currently on the market. Some claim that you will lose five pounds in a week. Others claim that you will lose three dress sizes in a month, and my personal favorite claim is that you’ll lose 20 pounds in 10 days. South Tulsa Personal Training Do these pills really have the ability to melt away pounds or burn fat in your sleep? The correct answer is probably on the tip of your tongue. No, and I agree with you. No matter how much we enjoy the fantasy of a magical pill turning us into a supermodel, deep down, we know that this is simply not realistic. A $30,000,000,000 industry thrives on our false hope of miraculously losing weight through supplements itching to effortlessly turn us into it felt hard.

Bodies. It’s time that we came face to face with this Tulsa. The real facts about weight loss. As we cast off all misconceptions in this next four minutes, in reality, research shows us that 95 percent of weight loss induced by supplements will be gained back and no less than three years. This is a report I’m reading directly from the food and Drug Administration, and they’ve gone far as to say and declare that a weight loss supplement with a proven record of longterm success. Newsflash, folks, it doesn’t exist. Let me say that again. The Food and Drug Administration has gone so far as to declare that a weight loss supplement with a proven record of longterm success does not exist. Woo, and think that that billions of dollars are spent on drugs that are proven to not work as this possible. You might ask, South Tulsa Personal Training isn’t it against the law to make false claims about a pill?

This is where things get really hairy. South Tulsa Personal Training Tulsa, these so called weight loss supplements are acknowledged as quote food in quote by the FDA and are therefore not evaluated for their safety and effectiveness. So you’re telling me that a weight loss supplement can make outrageous claims about being backed by them. Yep. Sad. But true, here are the hard facts about magical weight loss pills. One, you’re not listening. Tune in. Most weight loss supplements contain appetite suppressants that have been known to cause reactions in some people that lead to strokes, heart attacks, panic attacks, and even reports and claims that have caused death quite often the few pounds that you do in Dev. This is number two. Quite often the few pounds that you do end up losing with weight loss. Supplements are due to the diuretics that they contain. If you don’t know, this is a diuretic, is a substance that flushes water out of your body, providing a quick and temporary dip on the scale. This is how they can guarantee you the weight loss.

Number three, weight loss supplements are expensive. It may be easy to justify the cost to yourself when you believe that your hard earned money. Tulsa is being spent on sculpting your figure, but don’t be fooled. He’s useless. Pills cost to manufacturer, only pennies to produce other charging. You and I an Armadillo leg last, I’m sorry, this is not the last. South Tulsa Personal Training Look at this one here. Next time you see a stunning before and after picture of the guy or Gal that lost 200 pounds by taking a certain supplement, but where there’s a higher probability of you being struck by lightning tonight than a claim being true, then not claim being true. Most spokespersons and testimonials for weight loss supplements are false and they’re only there to entice an unsuspecting public weight loss. Supplements companies admit that their products will not work without a company of here it is.

Folks, good old, just hard work, calorie restriction and increase in physical activity the way before you kiss your weight loss dreams goodbye. Sentencing yourself to life in the fat jeans. Keep listening to me. There’s a way to achieve long term weight loss and here it is. Brace yourself people. This is where my professional opinion comes right in and rips the rug right off this stuff with the clients that are getting results and my personal training, fitness company, sunfire safe and effective way to achieve a healthy weight loss is to eat a balanced diet and to participate in regular exercise. Folks, South Tulsa Personal Training that’s it. No fancy pillar, tasty diet drink. We’ll get you the body of your dreams faster and more effectively than old fashioned nutrition and exercise. Are you listening to me? So the next time that you attempted to dish out big bucks in the latest weight loss craze, do yourself a favor. Put your wallet back into your pocket, March your way. Write down over here to 101st and Sheridan opened up my door, yell my name and tell me you’re done reading books, buying supplements, buying shakes, and you’re ready to drop real weight pack on real muscle to burn more calories and to eat to become a metabolic monster. So you.

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If it’s not me, find a personal trainer instead who can help you permanently reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

I can’t say it any more straightforward. You need to get a professional. If you can’t find one, I don’t know where he should start. I think he just. Just admit you need some help. Men specifically. You guys have the hardest time with this. You don’t want to admit to another male trainer. You need help. There’s plenty of places if you need to refer off, I can’t help you. We’ll send you out. South Tulsa Personal Training We’re all connected here in the health and fitness industry and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Again, this is sky magnus with magnus fitness with this buster report, the truth about weight loss supplements. You guys have a great Friday. Enjoy your weekend as the holidays approach.