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today, something I’m encountering over and over and over again and our personal training company over and over and over again and our South Tulsa Personal Training company, and before I get there, I do want to give a major shot out to tea and Ashley, who are our scholarship winners. For those of you who do not know, those you listening to our personal training podcast, do not know what a scholarship is. We are already 30 percent cheaper than our competitors and way more humble. Okay? We also provide scholarships so that 100 percent of the people we meet can afford our services. Isn’t that remarkable? It’s so exciting to think that you can afford one of the most expensive services out there besides plastic surgery. Okay? We, we, we provide you all the resources to make your fitness goals and dreams come here and you can afford it. So these two, they were granted a scholarship here at Magnus fitness south, also South Tulsa Personal Training company and those showing up and utilizing our nutrition plan and they’re killing it.

They’re here early every time in the PM, in the evening, and uh, it’s for those of you who don’t know, we do have a buy one get one half off during the same time slots to bring your pile, bring your buddy to work out. They’re here for six months during the same time slot. They’re going to do this together and they’re going to transform and they’re going to go to their family reunion. And, uh, they’re gonna look great. So let’s get into today’s material at our South Tulsa Personal Training company on our podcast today. Can you overtrain I am experiencing this topic way more than I should with my current clients. They’re so eager to get away from that horrible, haunting self image they have of themselves. They’re eager to get into those new pants. They’re eager to whatever the reason is for you and listening to our personal training podcast, you need to know that too much exercise can be very dangerous.

Do you realize that sometimes all it takes is just a little bit of exercise to go a long way. If you. This reminds me of a story from just this morning, a client has an obsession with making sure she reaches her fitness goals and, and uh, and she’s, she’s striving so hard and in fact, before she even came into our South Tulsa Personal Training company, she had already reached, she lost 50 pounds on her own and she’s so eager to get somewhere as fast as she can and uh, some of the social media fitness gurus and personal trainers can be really enticing, but really we don’t really know them as people. We don’t really know them on a day to day basis and what they’re doing to their bodies to get that image. But for the most part, she’s an honest, hardworking individual, very, very, very cool gal. And she’s wanting to make sure she just not Rosa wherever, revert back to her old weight and she doesn’t realize that her hard work and she continues with that mindset can backfire and it can backfire and very quickly.

Okay. You, you, you hear from us and you hear from other people why they should. It’s almost like we’re convincing you should be here at Magnus fitness south. Also, South Tulsa Personal Training company, it’s not convincing you, we understand what stands between you and your fitness goals, time, money, and sometimes friends, family and spouses can be in those and the way over eating, stress, eating, under eating, all of those can be reasons as to why you don’t do that. We’re not convincing you were helping you understand why you should commit to our South Tulsa Personal Training company and are in our program, our transformation program, okay? Because it is good for you, but uh, but if you allow that to trigger a insecurity in you and you are operating from a consistent place of insecurity, you will,


uh, you, you can exercise too much. Like everything else in life. There needs to be a balance with what you’re, what you’re doing with your fitness levels, gay, how you’re doing your exercise routines, okay? It’s called overtraining. Too much exercise can harm you, period.

So you might be asking, so sky a South Tulsa Personal Training company, we see that you’re transforming lives all over the place and you’re, these people are getting going from a body to be body and they’re feeling confident and they’re getting results. How is it that you don’t overtrain them because we work smarter, not harder. A lot of these people will have already have a hormone displacement there. Their hormones are out of whack, and so we teach them how to spend less time in the gym and have more effective exercise programs. We customize that for them. That’s how they’re getting results. We’re not getting results by, by, by, by throwing them into strenuous exercise programs and routines that could, that could injure them. Okay? Injury. That’s what overexercise can do as my first one I need you to understand and our South Tulsa Personal Training company, we prevent injury. Our culture value number one, numero uno is safety. Okay? Injury can put you right back to where you started and if it’s none of that, tennis elbow, tendinitis, runner’s knee, those are all the most common right when it comes to a injury. Okay? You want to be very careful with how you’re training your body. The other one is the psychology behind fitness, and you can burn yourself right out, as I’ve mentioned earlier about that person who is so afraid to move forward, um, uh, are becoming very, very particular and obsessed with making sure they reach their goal. I think a level of obsession with a good instruction is, is more important than making sure you don’t revert back to your old body weight, uh, because you can burn yourself out by being fueled by fear.


You can burn out in your South Tulsa Personal Training a fitness levels. You’re trying to accomplish your fitness levels by constantly doing that, by, by being obsessed, okay? Exercise is supposed to increase your energy, improve your mood. Overtraining, um, can, can place excess stress on your body. Cortisol levels, okay? You can lose. Sleep will fall into depression. You can lose appetite, okay? You can burn muscle tissue instead of fat. Okay? The other one is you can really damage your hormones. I mentioned that earlier. Our personal training company is constantly harping on making sure your testosterone levels, your cortisol levels, your estrogen levels. All of those are in a good place. Your body requires hormonal balance to prevent acute and chronic health problems. Overtraining is especially hard on women’s estrogen levels. You need to hear this women in our South Tulsa Personal Training podcast, particularly during your teens too. Little estrogen puts you at risk for osteoporosis later in life, which means broken bones and overcomplicate other complications.

Okay? Irregular menstrual cycles is another issue as well. Women need to be very careful with too much exercise. Would you ever, especially when it comes to nutrition, would you ever run your car engine without an inadequate amount of oil? No. Be Very careful how much you’re limiting your nutrition on a daily basis. I understand deficit and activity level creates fat loss, but be very careful with doing that. Okay. You’re also going to experience frequent illness. There’s a high possibility you could be constantly lowering your immune system. Okay? It needs rest. It needs rests, and he’s rest to be able to fight off bacteria, right? When you come down with frequent respiratory infections and viral illnesses, it’s. It’s the first thing you need to think about is your activity level. Okay? When you exercise, you’re tearing down your body and it has to repair. Okay? You’re elevated.

Heart rate is another issue as well. One symptom of overtraining is elevated resting heart rate. Normally your resting heart rate should be between 60 and a hundred beats a minute. The more shape you are, the lower against, regardless of your resting heart. Maybe it’s important that you know you know it so you can also know when it’s when it’s dangerously high, so it you’ll know it’s an issue when it’s about tend to be tired than it typically is. Ten to 15, 22 real issue, so this occurs because your body’s in stress. It’s in fight or flight mode constantly. Your cortisol levels are extremely high. Your blood sugar levels are affected, okay? And your body is your adrenaline is pumping and telling your heart to work unnecessarily harder. Okay? You need to be very careful with overtraining. Poor performance. Again, you’re not going to perform as well. Your gains and your goals are going to go down because you don’t have the strength and the ability to obtain she obtained strength and recruit strength and endurance. You would need that. You get from rest. You need to be very careful with that. In our South Tulsa Personal Training company, a, if we see that you have gotten to a specific level,


and your fitness, we may ask you to take some time off. Okay? We do believe that you should be growing and part of growth means resting. Okay? Everyone who exercises whether they’re professional athlete or client here at magnetrol into South Tulsa, whether they’re getting ready for professional sports or they’ll just a newbie to exercise, they need to follow our personal training. Professional guidelines. Exercise is important, but too much of it can be a really bad thing.


So get your rest in.

Try to keep your workouts under 45 minutes. That’s including cardio at the end. You need to be doing cardio but lifts safely. And if you don’t know what to do, come into our South Tulsa Personal Training company. Police nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Call me scheduled time to come in. We’ve got two weeks free, no contract at all. You’re literally walking here a sign, a physical activity, a questionnaire, and a waiver. And we get you going and then we can hear your goals and teach you some stuff on how to obtain it. But so you need to make sure you’re lifting safely and not compromising all these things we’re talking about. We don’t want you having poor performance. We don’t want your elevated heart rate. Okay. We don’t want you to get sick all the time. We don’t want your hormones out of whack. We want men to have great relationships with their spouses and, and women have great relationships with their husbands. Don’t want you to get injured. All of these are good reasons to come into a magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training company and seek out a professional. Talk to us and, uh, we’ll get you the proven path to fitness success. Nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Go to our website, magnus fitness, Good. Our testimonials page here from our clients with real life experiences. Like, reach out to us,

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