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Welcome back to the madness fitness in south Tulsa personal training show. Today we are going to discuss exercise myths and misconceptions. Why should I cross train? Before I go any further? Let’s give a huge shout out to blake who’s lost 35 pounds in five and a half months. He’s ready for his major league baseball tryouts next year are extremely excited for him. We are a major support system here and for the rest of our clients who are turning their weight loss goals and dreams and to real lifelong realities. Yesterday we heard from the New York Times that 95 percent of people who lose the weight are guaranteed to put it back on within months or years to come. We gave you actionable items on how to combat that fact. It is not a truth, but it is a fact. Here’s a great quote. If you feel like quitting, remember why you started.

If you haven’t started at all because of myths and misconceptions, let’s address those. What you believe about exercise affects how successful you will be added, so don’t believe the lies at friend told you. You saw it in a movie, you read it online. Wherever you get your information about exercise or personal training, make sure you check it against the truth. The underlying views you have about working out or personal training can greatly influence how successful you will be at it. Faulty thinking can lead to injury, burnout or Tulsa, lack of results. Three things nobody wants on the journey to better health. South Tulsa Personal Training Keep listening and make sure you haven’t fallen for the following. Misconceptions about exercise and personal training. Tulsa quote, I’m not overweight so I don’t need to work out in quote, skinny people are not off the hook when it comes to exercise. Physical activity is important for everyone regardless of size.

Yes. One of the main benefits of Exercise Tulsa is weight loss. Exercise and personal training is weight loss and maintenance, but it’s definitely not the only one. Regular physical activity improves the health of your heart. Muscles, bones, and joints reduces your risk for serious illness such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and it’s a great way to manage stress, relieving anxiety and boost your mood. Quote, strength training is for men only. In quote, I give this one a lot from my women who come in here for our two weeks of free personal training to test drive our services, and the first thing I hear from them is I do not want to lift. South Tulsa Personal Training I don’t want to lift weights. Strength Training has a reputation for being a man’s world, but it’s not. It’s true. Most of the people you see lifting weights at the gym or mail. Where are the woman you might see one of the treadmill or elliptical machines. This is likely due to a huge misconception in exercise or personal training that lifting weights causes women to bulk up men desire to have broad shoulders and hefty biceps, right? Whereas most women may not because women produce much less testosterone than men. Ladies, you don’t need to worry about getting huge muscles. Both genders. Tulsa can benefit from building and strengthening muscle.


my calorie counter is accurate. In quote, most cardio machines or wearable fitness fitness devices tell you how many calories you burn during exercise. The problem is many times this figure is not accurate Tulsa, unless the machine knows your weight, your fitness level and sex, gender, it’s likely gonna overestimate your calorie burn thinking you burn more calories can lead to overeating and under exercising, so don’t take the calorie count too seriously. Tulsa. Don’t let it get to you. We do here at Harvard, our personal training studio, heart rate monitors. We track the heart rate, but in our technology we have an age entry. We create an athletic profile for our clients that our personal training studio, we entered their weight, their fitness level, and their gender. It’s key. You have to know how to use your fitness equipment.

Quote mornings are the best time to work out. In quote, many people believe the best time to out is in the morning. A lot of our clients and our personal training studio here in South Tulsa, choose that time slot just out of convenience for work, but if you’re not a morning person, a this thought may paralyze you and cause you to give up on your exercise plan. The truth is, South Tulsa Personal Training the best time to exercise is whatever time you can make it a habit to meet with your personal trainer or continue in your regiment, and reality is we want to make it a habit, so whenever it’s convenient to make it a habit, make it a habit to meet with your personal trainer or to continue on your program. This might be in the morning, during a lunch break, after work or late at night, yesterday, podcasts and yesterday’s podcast. We gave you a actionable items on how to increase the burned through daily activities with the kids cleaning around the house. Quote, you can turn fat into muscle or muscle into fat and quote. There’s a misconception that strength training is able to convert fat cells into muscle cells.

There’s also a misconception that once you quit working out all the muscles you built will turn into fat. Fat Muscles are two separate tissues. Folks, your personal trainer should be telling you they should know. Fat cells are found in between muscles and around the organs. Muscles are located throughout the body, despite what you may think, they can’t change from one to the other. South Tulsa Personal Training The best way to lose fat cells is by eating a healthy diet. When you stopped working out, your muscles may shrink and soft and but they don’t turn into fat. I’ve got so many ladies who come in here and say, get rid of my bingo arms. If you don’t know where that is. Laminated picture, when you lift your arm and you shake that tricep wiggle, they think that’s a lot of times what they don’t know is they’ve got a really good tricep which can be used for everyday living, pushing movements, right, so exercise is so boring in quote, it’s no wonder people quit exercise or personal training if they think it’s too boring for that matter, maybe too difficult, but for now, let’s talk about the boredom running on a treadmill or having your personal trainer run on a treadmill.

Having your purse, your personal trainer, having you run on a treadmill day in and day out would get boring for anyone. If you find exercise boring, you likely haven’t experimented with different workouts. Do something that challenge you and I’ll get into that in one second. I’m going to give you a definition on cross training and why you should cross train and while your personal trainers should be having you cross train. That’s what we do here at our magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training studios. Cross train. So take up racquetball, join a baseball league, try paddle boarding or lift weights with a friend. Come here to one, zero, zero, three, two South Sheridan road. Work out with us. We can get you there. The options are endless. There’s tons of stuff exercise with heart. Rather than basing your workouts success on the cardio machines and calorie count a monitor your heart rate.

Instead, get your mind off of the pain. Start tracking your fitness levels at different way. Change up the journey a little bit, trick the mind. It does get boring. So let’s go into cross training and why at our fitness studio, our personal training studio, we continually, uh, emphasize cross training and our personal training relationship with our clients. We continue to confuse the body. That’s what we’re experts at doing. We got the education. So we can learn to manipulate the body safely and accurately. Why Cross train? The many reasons you need variety in your workouts isn’t just from our previous quote that it’s boring a, South Tulsa Personal Training but are you a person of habit? You go to the gym or you meet with us as your personal trainer at the same time every day, run through strength training routine and check your workout off your list or maybe you switch things up a little by alter ultimately new days you work upper body and lower body, but other than that you kind of stick to a similar workout day in and day out. Getting exercise is vital, but you may be missing out on other parts of fitness if you do the same workout every time you meet with your personal trainer or you go to the gym, keep listening to find out, you know what cross training is and why you should make it a part of your routine.

Here at Magnus fitness, Tulsa and our personal training studio. When a person comes to us or the weight loss need, we make it well known South Tulsa Personal Training that are routines will be constantly changing. We implement high intensity interval, we do strength training, we do cardio, we mixed it up, high intensity cardio training, high intensity strength training, high intensity interval training. We use some old schools, a sports science philosophies that you may not be aware of to manipulate the body. You’ve got to be aware of these. Yes, we do believe consistency and showing up here and making an exercise a habit is key and crucial and tracking strength gains and all those if that’s your goal, are are part of the process, but specifically we’re talking about how to not make this boring and really speaking to the weight loss community, how to make this a reality. Go for a variety Tulsa, someone who does several different types of exercise to reach a specific a fitness goal.

This could be a football player who wants to increase his strength and endurance, so he does weight training, swimming and sprinting exercise in addition to practicing football, right? Hey, soccer player may take up cycling to build their aerobic capacity or 10 to improve speed and quickness, so making sense for the average person who’s not into sports. However, general public cross training is just as important to do it, your alternate between various workouts throughout the day, the week or month. Here’s the benefits of variety Tulsa in your personal training regiment or at your gym, doing the same workout day in and day out. It can get boring. We addressed that. If you’re not being challenged or learning new skills by your personal trainer, it’s easy to become weary of exercise. Burnout is a risk when you no longer enjoy the workouts or personal training relationship. Mixing things up with cross training keeps you interested, engaged in exercise.

Cross training also lowers your chances of injury, repetitive use of the same muscles and joints by doing the same movements over and over and over. If you’re training is having you do this or you’re doing it on your own, you’re putting yourself at risk for overuse injury by doing various types of workouts. You build total body strength instead of creating muscle imbalances that can injury if done correctly. Cross training allows you to also a chance to let your muscles rest between workouts. If you’re a personal trainer is having you come in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and not taking notes, not changing up things for you. Major Red Flag, South Tulsa Personal Training major red flag. You reached a plateau in your weight loss. Our clients here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa and our personal training studio, we do six week evaluations. If you look at the calluses on your hardworking hands that you built up over the years, your body has adopted same way it is. Whenever your body changes to an exercise or when it plateaus, it creates a callus or a plateau, if you will,

and your weight loss goals or your fitness goals. Something needs to change. You may need to cross train over time as your body adapts to the same workout and is no longer challenge. Your calorie burn will slow down. Rev your metabolism, burn more calories by changing things up with a new workout. Our clients that are magnets fit in the South Tulsa personal training studio come in everyday and the routine is different. Yes, we do track specific numbers for strength and repetitions, time under tension, but boy, they come in here and they do not know what to expect. It’s constantly different. It’s important for me to teach them in order to make this a lifestyle change that they come in and they learn something new everyday to keep them engaged and keep our minds from getting bored and keep our bodies guessing. You may have thought you were in shape from your spin class until you hiked in the mountains all day.

Cross training is is is one way to improve your overall fitness. Instead of maintaining your fitness. Why not seek to constantly improve, build muscles, strengthened different muscle groups, improve aerobic endurance, develop new skills. Some of our clients at our South Tulsa personal training studio really enjoy learning. Calisthenics, body weight. I can’t tell you how many clients have come in here and just say, sky, I just want to be able to do a pool up. Well, if I put them on a pull up, you know, a up machine or, or a pull up bar with bands overweight, I’m going to discourage them. I have to help them progress from a beginner state. Yeah, maybe some weight loss routines for awhile and yes, we can practice training a scapular strength and, and getting their, their pull up, pull up, motions down the muscle memory down. But, but I have to, I have to continually keep you encouraged by things that you can do.

Uh, that’s, that’s crucial. And personal training is knowing the journey towards progression. A lot of clients want to come in here and just be able to lift the weight. That’s huge. That’s cool. That’s awesome. Not everyone here wants to become a bodybuilder or a crossfit competitor, so people just want to be able to, to, to live everyday life. And so, um, there, there are specific routines and personal training. They can help emphasize and strengthen muscles and prevent, you know, are better off riotous. But uh, we, we have to change things up to keep our mind engaged. Again, we’re interested in making this a life long change, not just a temporary fix.


increased multiple, uh, increased flexibility multipliers that we stretching. Stretching routines are incredible. We do a lot of bodywork and stretching routines. There are magnets, fitness, South Tulsa Personal Training studio,


you know, stretching in multiple areas of the body, uh, that may get neglected when you stick to the same workout every day. I’m frankly

is crucial. I can’t tell you how many athletes we’ve trained that have two powerful the quad. But, uh, we can string gotta stretch out. You got to give other areas of the body attention. So I’d variety. So how does, how do you get started with cross training? It’s best to think of types of exercise that you enjoy or the ones you’d like to learn. Then add them into your routine. This could mean shortening your strength training sessions and adding in 10 minutes of elliptical and 10 minutes of stairstep machine, uh, clients and our personal training studio. We’ll do a combination of strength training, stretching and cardiovascular training all in one session, no matter of 30 minutes. So remarkable how fun it becomes whenever you can, combine battle ropes and row machines and jumping jacks and dumbbells and barbells and kettlebells all in one session and get an incredible calorie burn. South Tulsa Personal Training But also a, an extremely enjoyable time with your personal trainer,


you could, you know, three days a week, do your regular run and the other day is take up cycling or yoga, not sure how to switch things up, don’t do it alone. Talk with us as your personal trainer to cross train and successfully it balanced. Cross training routine will include cardio, strength training and flexibility routines altogether. So let’s address the boredom, maybe some unconventional exercise ideas and cross training and adding some different routines throughout the week. Thinking outside the box at the gym, maybe the trick you need for the results you want. If you’re listening to this. When you think of exercise, what types of workouts come to mind? We think of running, walking. South Tulsa Personal Training Let’s see. Swimming. We think of lifting weights, cycling some of the things we mentioned, Yoga, stretching. While these are all great exercises, we do get bored. We can get bored in the same routine.

So let’s, let’s talk about this. We can play with the kids. Don’t you wish you could have some of your kids. Nonstop Energy rer daughter comes in our personal training studio and is constantly dominic atmosphere with her energy. She rose, she runs, she jumps, she wants to do pull ups. She runs to the weights, but rather than sitting on the couch during the evening, join in their play, we addressed this in our previous podcast on burning more calories, a ideas. I’m burning more calories than you may be surprised that the workout you can get a jump on the trampoline together. That’s extremely fun. Ride the bikes. Go down the slide together, get on the floor for a wrestling match, right? The little boys love doing that or play a game of tag when it’s cold outside. Don’t use that as an excuse playing xbox or we motion game.

These are extremely good calorie burner. I was over at a friend’s house and we did a dance video game man. Uh, they had a salsa. When are a tango one on there. And I was, uh, I was drenched in sweat. Physical activity is good for all ages and plus you’ll enjoy some quality time with the kids. You can never be that dance. That’s a great way to get over boredom or implement cross sort of cross training into your the lifestyle. Hundreds of calories can be burned from dancing and don’t think there are opportunities out there. There’s tons here in Tulsa for anything. Come into our personal training studio. I’ll throw on some tunes and we’ll get jiggy. I mean, South Tulsa Personal Training we’ll get down. We’ll will look like idiots in here and our private personal training studio. We’ll get down, so forget about the slow dancing and take a class to learn hip hop and salsa or belly dancing, you know, and not ready for a class.

Get over here. Let’s just turn on some upbeat music or go dancing in your living room all by yourself. Get excited about live. Get Out of the board and phase. Team sports are great, right? Tired of exercising at the solo jam or tired of seeing my personal training face every single day. Check your local leagues out, sign up for the part of it, part of a team. Get out there and socialize. A little friendly competition is a great motivator to stay in shape. Perhaps you played sports in high school, you want to brush up on your skills and baseball, volleyball or basketball, whatever. The sport, Tulsa, there’s probably a lead nearby. So, um, you can also organize a team of your own thought about that by getting a group of friends together on a regular basis. There’s volleyball courts on Riverside. Those will be a blast. I don’t know that you have to reserve them or not, but go down there part participate, you know, you got tennis, South Tulsa Personal Training racketball rh one nine, one on 91st in Delaware has got tennis courts.

Those are great now. Ultimate Frisbee and I was huge on riverside. There’s um, some parks around here that have frisbee golf available. Ultimate Frisbee is huge on that. On Riverside as well. Hula Hoop, right? I’ll go buy you a hula hoop and I’ll bring it in here. Did you know you can burn as many calories Hula hooping as you can, walking at a brisk pace or doing step aerobics as you try to keep up the hoop, a hoop that keeping the hoop around your waist and you get more core back and leg workout all while improving your balance as well. Just don’t use one of those like cheap hula hoops from the toy aisle at toys r us where they’ve gone on a business. South Tulsa Personal Training You can’t go into there, but uh, don’t go get one of those cheap ones. You’ll find more success in having a and have more fun with an adult sized weighted Hulu.

Okay? Make it challenging. Backpacking. I have tons of clients who love backpacking. Call me up, come to my personal training studio, will go to Turkey mountain. We’ll have a good hype. Have an adventurous spirit and light being in nature. Do you like that? Then you should try and the backpack and go out there. Pack a bag of supplies for spending the day or night and head out to the trails. As you height carrying a load on your back, South Tulsa Personal Training you’ll get an intense weight bearing cardio workout. Enjoy the great outdoors at the same time, ever take a spin class, but with your upper body could get a better workout. Then you should try cranking using upper body ergometer cardio machine. Usually it’s Kinda like it’s used in rehab facilities for your arms. Cranking is like a spin class for your arms. Do believe some of the gyms around here have them?

Our personal training studio doesn’t have, but these are great. As you increase the resistance, your entire upper body, arms and chest, shoulders, South Tulsa Personal Training back and core. Get a serious workout. Check to see if, uh, your gym offers classes. If not, come by my personal training studio and a and we’ll find out how to get it. I get to work and work a rope workouts ready to take your fitness level to the next level. Rope workouts, combine cardio with strength training for intense full body workouts. As you make the waves and various patterns come to our personal training studio, we could teach you these patterns there. They’re incredible shoulder core legs, back exercises. There are a blast. You can do them in intervals. A workout rope workouts may sound simple, but they aren’t for the beginner or the faint of heart. So you need instruction coming here.

One Zero, zero, three, two South Sheridan road in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and my personal training boutique studio. Now we’ve got our battle ropes will teach you how to use them. South Tulsa Personal Training You raise and lower your arms to keep their ropes moving, but use the rest of your muscles to stabilize your body. What will teach you all that and days to come. Come on by here to our personal training studio. And we’ll, we’ll, we’ll coach you up. Uh, so seriously, spending just 10 minutes swinging heavy ropes can burn more than a hundred galleries will touch our heart rate monitor to you. And we’ll have you do 10 rounds of interviews with our battle ropes. And, uh, we’ll let the results speak to themselves. We’re creating an athlete profile into your age, your gender, your height, your, um, everything it needs to give you an accurate heart rate. And Calorie burn a display for you to see a, it sends you an email at the end of your workout so you can have it on hand and track your results, uh, without that about wraps it up. Tulsa. Until next time, keep healthy, stay strong, stay motivated. Get out of the boredom of these cross training routines into your lifestyle. Get Out of those myths and misconceptions. Fitness and exercise is for everybody. We’d love to see you at our South Tulsa personal training show. You can call me. Text me nine, one eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Feel free to reach out to me. I’m good. Website, magnus fitness, Tulsa

[inaudible] dot com, magnus

And check us out. We’d love to meet you. Shake your hand here, your goals, and improve your life in any way we can. Guys, have a great rest of your day. South Tulsa Personal Training Look forward to talking to you soon.