South Tulsa Personal Training | Eating?

Welcome to Magnus fitness, personal training studio show. We are on the radio, so rebecca, welcome to our show today. We are going to be talking about why are you eating. I think for our personal training studio, this question comes up a lot then since we give to all of our personal training clients, a customized meal plan and some of them really struggle during their journey and journey of weight loss. They struggle with what they’re eating and we found that a lot of reasons why people eat are not necessarily because they need food, fuel, but other areas. So right now I am going to be talking about the different reasons that people eat and I’m going to be asking you that question for you to think you know here at Magnus fitness in South Tulsa Personal Training. Our personal training studio is not just another workout. It’s not just another gem is not just another facility.

It’s not just another fitness. Our personal training studio comes as a package and you’re buying a program, you’re buying a program and you get a lot of things with that program. So I want to talk to you a little bit about us here at South Tulsa Personal Training Studio and what we do and why we do things. Like I said, it’s a program that you purchase to reach the goals that you have for yourself in the weight loss area obviously. And um, our weight loss program doesn’t necessarily just come with a workout and paid session by session, but it comes as a package that you pay, that, um, you get to, again, reach your goals. So the personal training as an industry has such a bad rep because a lot of people think that you know, you’re gonna get the results and if you miss it, you can reschedule it.

Then if you don’t reschedule it, it’s a no show. It’s, it fits a no show. You still get charged or you don’t get charged. People don’t even understand the whole concept. Every gym does it differently in any house. So, but here and magnus fitness, we care so much about you that this is not just another system. This is a full blown system that works. This is our proven path to weight loss. The servers are proven paths with so many success stories that we have that talks about how to reach your goals. So when it comes to weight loss, so salt sell personal training studio here at a 100, I’m first, then Sheridan. South Tulsa Personal Training, we’ve had so many clients are already in the first year of business and everybody that has gone through us that are followed are proven path as I’m seeing the results that they’ve wanted, that they’ve put as a goal.

And so, um, again I will focus more so today on the why are you eating? So a lot of people don’t know why they’re eating and a lot of people do know why they’re eating. And with the personal training that we do here in Santa Rosa location, we’re talking about the food that you eat while trying to lose weight and while trying all these different methods of weight loss and all these different ways of hopefully I’m losing some weight. Well one of the reason that people eat is emotional eating. You know, you’re sad, you’re mad, you’re happy and you just go eat. So with our studio and south also focus mainly in personal training. The eating habits are one of the things that have to change. And so while that is a hard thing to do, a lot of people don’t really think that that’s something that’s going to happen, you know, they’re just like, oh, I’ll come do the work, has three or four times a week, whatever is necessary.

But they still don’t necessarily listen to our personal training program and our nutrition guy who tells them that this is a legit thing, like you need to make this commitment to yourself. And so, um, it, it’s about three or four weeks in when it finally clicks to them that, oh my gosh, my eating suggs, my eating habits suck. So why do people eat for like, why is there such a thing as emotional eating? Sadly, I’ve seen this around America or specifically here around tall, sour, salty wholesale is that people are happy, oh, everybody just won a game or everybody just did a cool thing or finished the test or finish their finals week or whatever. South Tulsa Personal Training it’s like, oh, let’s go out to dinner. Or, oh, let’s go out to eat or oh, let’s go out for ice cream or whatever. Something, something, something. There’s always something that people have to celebrate or there is.

I’m sad. People are sad. So what do they do? They just eat right? They just go and eat cakes or ice creams or cookies or whatever other candy and sugar there is just to sort of make themselves feel better, you know? Sadly, that’s true. Then we have that, uh, people eat because they are bored. So what do you do? You’re in the evening, you’re here at home. So you’re bored, you’re at home, you’re watching Netflix and what do you do? You just eat. Why am I saying this? Because I haven’t done it myself. I’m bored and there’s nothing to do and I just go and eat. Um, so like I said here at our personal training facility in South Tulsa, we’re focused about changing your habits and eating is one of them. Emotional eating. Boredom. Eating is one of them. Um, people also eat because they’re escaping from something.

There’s a deeper issue there that they are running from and just make themselves, make themselves feel better. Um, they just decided to eat so south. Also personal, turning the mountainous fitness here at 100 versus Sheridan Lake. I said your habits during our personal training sessions or during our personal training program, your, um, habits of eating’s are one of the things that need to go that need to change. Now we say to take a commitment of three months with our personal training package or program because it takes about 30 to 40 days for people to kind of get the grasp or have this is a real thing. This is a real deal. I really need to kind of switch, shift my, um, idea of what I’m doing here. And so, like I said, with our personal training clients, everyone that has followed our proven path of changing their eating habits, of doing the workouts, showing up three or four times a week, depending on what they’ve decided to do.

All of them have seen a ginormous successes with their goals, even have beaten their own goals. So that’s the good thing about us. We’re local here in South Tulsa Personal Training and we focus on personal training. We focus on giving the people what they need. You know, we just care. We just want to see you be the best you be in shape. Be able to run around with the kids, able to keep up with your job and training in general. It just helps you with your mental clarity or focus and helps you with your self image makes you feel better about yourself. One of our clients said today, she said, if I don’t work out, I don’t like myself, so that was pretty direct and pretty vulnerable and sincere to say, but that’s the majority of the people and while some people decide not to do anything about it, most of you that to do something about it, to lied yourselves because you all are beautiful people.

You all are wonderful. God created you the perfect way. If you’ve let yourself go, call us today at nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, or go to our website, magnus fitness, tall,, and just fill out the form. We would love to talk to you about your nutrition, about your training, uh, show you one of our packages that we have that would fit best for you know that each workout is customized and for every client and also each plan is customized for every client. So not everyone gets the same thing. So you’re South Tulsa Personal Training studio. You would, I really believe that you would like and enjoy the atmosphere, the atmosphere that we have here going on. You Command, you pick your own music and then we just focus one client, one trainer, and we just focus on you talking while the sessions happens in a way that doesn’t distract you from working out, from your training. And it’s all personal and it just gets you to where you want to be. So thank you so much for listening today. Remember, ask yourself, why am I eating? What is the point of me eating? Is it for fuel or is it to fill some other need that you may be having? So again, this is a lita with magnus fitness at South Tulsa personal training studio and have a good day.