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hey, good evening. It’s your boy scout badges with magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company, bringing you today. A little bit of motivation even with a broken voicebox. Just overcoming strep again, if you don’t like my voice and the way it sounds doesn’t sound too friendly, then you know what, just press stop and listen to one when I’m. My voice is healed. So let’s talk a little bit about motivation real quick. Before I go any further, let me definitely give a big shout out to you know, how we do, uh, to our newest scholarship winner. Uh, he’s an or you student is on his way into the navy. He’ll be testing for officer candidate. I believe I have that correct. It’s not officer training officer candidate school. Um, he, he is already implemented our interest when a protocol and already seen results strengthened and weight remarkable.

We have other participants who were scholarship winners. You were already seeing results. It’s incredible what happens when you put resources to the test. Um, so let’s talk a little bit about motivation and how we view motivate motivation that our South Tulsa Personal Training studio, I’m going to give you the most profound statement on planet earth. If you are listening and tuning in from a different planet, then you need to hear this because it is a southern, is a philosophy that will change your life. All listeners, every listener, those just tuning in and listening to me very carefully as your personal trainer and your weight loss, special expert motivation does not exist. Motivation does not exist. Why would I say that? Why would I say motivation does not exist? Because most of the time we end up making motivation, a dependency instead of a requirement out of our day to day living.

What does that mean? We’re dependent upon the feeling of motivation versus acting our way into motivation. You do not feel your way into action. You Act your way into feeling. This principle can be used in everyday life, not just personal training. We breached this as an intrinsic doctrine at our South Tulsa Personal Training company because we do understand what stands between our client’s success and their fitness goals and in their personal training relationship. We do understand what stands between them, so it’s vital for you to understand and go into each every single day. It’s no different than waking up at 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM to get all the things in your 24 hours in a day out of the way. It’s important to get up early and accomplish those things. If you’re finding that you don’t have enough time of the day because the reality is you do not have it at 24 hours for work.

You don’t have an extra 24 hours for your relationships and extra 24 hours for fitness and extra 24 hours for all those are. We have only 1:24 hours to get your fitness in at our South Tulsa Personal Training company. If you’re a current client or listener, okay? We give you 30 minutes of the most highly effective results driven program on the planet and you’ve got time for that, but you don’t have an extra 24 hours out of your day specifically designated for fitness. You’ve got 23 share the same 24 hours I do. And so you might hear about someone like myself or a high performance business coach or successful entrepreneur or ceo who makes a habit of getting up early. The only reason that we get up early like that is so that we can make sure we get everything in our day accomplished. It doesn’t make me better if you do not have things to do that early in the morning and you find that getting up that early is, uh, is, is ruining your energy for the tasks you do have to accomplish in the day.

Uh, that’s your prerogative. And if you find that you are effective in everyday living and you are accomplishing and surpassing your goals, or at least accomplishing them, uh, uh, at least accomplishing them, then a go right ahead. For the most part, my day is packed and I have things I need to do that I know I know I’m not going to be over. I need to be able to pace myself so I have to get up earlier. In reality is I. You need about six hours of sleep to operate as a personal trainer and get everything done. Marketing, advertisement. I’m training all that sales, all of it because right now in my current state of the business, I do do a lot hiring all that, so without going into too much detail, you may hear that and you say, I don’t have the motivation. I started the first week and then it went away.

What happened to my motivation? The difference is a diligence. You’re going to have to understand the concept that that motivation does not exist. You have to act your way into feeling. A really good way of doing that is by waking up in the morning and saying three, two, one go. You Act your way into feeling. You’re not going to feel like getting out of bed over time. You may gain the habit. It’s like scheduling your South Tulsa Personal Training, Qa, a appointment with your trainer. You may start out by calling us and being excited about coming in and getting your body composition and finding out where your your, your starting point is and we’re going to get you to your fitness level goals, but the next week or the next day, you know other maybe even the next day. For some you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re not gonna feel like getting up. You’re going to come up with say, if you’re really smart, you’re going to come up with a new excuse every day as to why you shouldn’t be, why you could make it in.

So you have to understand that motivation does not exist and you can’t depend upon feelings to help you accomplish your goals on a day to day basis. So waking up early. Those are tools you can use, you know, don’t set 15 alarms in order to convince yourself it’s finally time to got to bed. I don’t do that to yourself. Also, don’t assume that everyone in your life is going to go out of their way to remind you of your goals. That’s really unfair. It’s really not responsible you. You can’t expect everyone in your life. Everyone’s like accountability, accountability, accountability, your personal trainer, going to do this, your South Tulsa Personal Training. I’m not here to change your life. I’m here to provide you the resources that have the ability to change your life, but it is really a misconception to think that everyone in your life, your wife, your spouse, your best friend, your boss, your employees, everyone, your business coach is going to do this for you and they’re going to remind you when to get up and they’re going to send you a text message.

It has a really major, a major, major mismanaged expectations and I would encourage you to reevaluate those and learn to operate on a on your own motivation really and put it to the test. Again, you’re not even going to feel like this is a nice conversation, so just test it out. Go onto your way into feeling. It’s no different than someone saying, I don’t feel like running, but when they went and ran, ran, they got a runners high. That’s exactly what I’m referring to. A, I didn’t feel like putting it in my agenda, but I’m so glad I did because if I wouldn’t have gone to that sales meeting, if I wouldn’t have written that down in my agenda, I would have missed that deal, that handshake that landed me the largest sale of my life. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of regret. What if I would have met my personal trainer?

What if I would’ve continued in the program? What if we are constantly accustomed to what ifs? In this culture, in this country, we’re constantly saturated with what ifs and regrets. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of regret being at the last stage of your life and wondering what if you had given it all? What if you would not have listened to those thoughts in your head that were keeping you in slavery and in bondage to your potential that we’re literally changing ball to your unlimited surplus of potential that it lives and resides on the inside of you, so act your way into feeling scheduled things in your agenda. Delegate things to people who can do things that are not your area of specialty. Delegate. Get up early, look in the mirror pep talk. Learn to do this. This is a great habit South Tulsa Personal Training. You’re not going to accomplish anything if you wait around for feeling yes, there are ways you can stimulate motivation and that comes by inspiration.

This can be used by tools like music. It’s going to be used by tools like photographs, inspirational messages, illustrations. You can have success quotes, but quotes don’t work unless you do, and so you have to put a lot of these inspirational tools to the test. You have to do that. So this is. This is madness, fitnesses motivational podcast to you. Don’t feel your way into acts and act your way into feeling. Don’t wait around for results. Go and make results happen. Don’t wait for heaven to drop a a business idea into your lap. Go fail at a couple. Go try them out. Go test them out. Go prove to yourself you have what it takes. South Tulsa Personal Training, your your fitness goals. Contact me at nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, five,

three, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, three. Again, this is the madness podcast and show.