Welcome back everybody to the magnus fitness and Jenks personal training podcast. We hope you guys had a great weekend. It is Monday here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa our Jenks personal training podcast today wants to recognize Aaron. Aaron is doing an incredible job and his three month transformation package. It’s really a remarkable journey to watch him so eagerly reach his goals. Even though he has discouragements, he shows up to his sessions, he applies nutrition, he’s very transparent with as accountability. It’s really remarkable to see Aaron put his best foot forward even when times seem tough and things do not seem as though they are. Everyone around him is seeing the results but himself. He came in today and asked, he came into our personal training company and asked, where are my measurements, you know, and really just wanted to get to the bottom of why he was plateauing.

And so he was transparent about his daily routine is weekly routine nutrition and exercise. And uh, he brought it, he brought the heat today during his session. He was more than willing to confront the giant of intimidation and uh, and uh, and really just brought it, it was in a very impressive 30 minute session that he had. He sweat. It was the, he looked up after the session, uh, and he said, a coach, this is the hardest. I think I pushed myself and that’s, you know, that’s how you break a plateau. I think that that’s what this podcast is going to be about today. I want to give a huge round of applause and a on our, on our, uh, some praise on our Jenks personal training podcast to Aaron. But I think it brings up a good point. Um, I can’t, I really think our listeners need to really take this to heart.

Uh, weight loss or reaching a fitness goal is not about perfection. It should not be stressful guys. Weight loss should not be stressful. And if our personal training company has made it stressful by giving you all these results and creating a spirit of comparison among you that I apologize, that is not what this is about is not about comparison. Now it is healthy to help, you know, use poster childs, uh, children or poster clients is as opportunities to say, you know, what am I doing? What it takes. We don’t want to operate in a cognitive dissonance or, uh, having a double minded attitude are not doing really, really doing what it takes. Say we’re clocking in, but we’re, uh, you know, clocking in, clocking out, we’re, you know, we maybe showing up but not really doing the work that’s required to reach or obtain your goals.

But, uh, but that is not the nature of those video testimonials. That’s not the purpose of these, of these shout outs as to compare. These are, um, uh, opportunities for you to hear that there are people getting results and uh, and reaching fitness goals. That’s all these are for. But weight loss should not be stressful. And I’m going to give you a quick tip on how to overcome a couple things really on how to overcome this sense of, uh, um, effort outweighing results. You feel like you’re giving your all and you’re not getting results. And the first thing is to quit focusing on, uh, results. And the sense that you’re so dead set on seeing that scale number drop, get off the scale and get your focus on a different type of effort. Maybe it’s perfecting a different type of exercise. And my personal training company, we’re constantly introducing different types of exercises to keep you psychologically and mentally engage.

The brain is a son of a gun, isn’t it? It’s a, it’s set at a specific altitude. And our Jenks personal training attitude when it comes to our self image, our personal belief system, uh, it is constantly trying to drag us back to where we were and our daily living. Uh, you know, and so that stuff requires change. If you’re going to change your body, you have to change your mind. You have to change the way you see yourself. You have to change the way you see things. Uh, specifically looking at the scale every single day is deadly. Okay? It’s extremely stressful and it’s probably kind of productive because it was stressed that put the weight on you, which caused overeating under eating. Whatever habits that led you into did not help you in the first place. So why being brings stress onto this new weight loss journey of yours?

That makes zero sense to me. Why would you be stressed about losing weight? Make it fun. You know, our personal training company, we are successful because not because our exercises, yes, our exercises are geared towards helping you reach your goal. Yes. Our exercises are geared towards uh, uh, you know, our, our, our, our, you know, researched and, and, and they’re highly effective. Our nutrition is extremely, it’s clinical. It’s back to, to, you know, it’s, it’s extremely effective, but are, are the success of our Personal Training Company as our coaching. You know, we’re constantly mixing things up for you. We’re keeping you engaged with keeping you motivated. We know exactly what stands between you and your fitness goals are specifically your weight loss goals. Our personal training company is only as good as our coaching distracting techniques and helping you stay engaged in conversation techniques and all of those.

The way you see our personal training coaches interact with you during your weight loss goal are geared towards helping you stay engaged. I would challenge you to think of exercise that you would want to perfect or work on or grow in or I use the word perfect. Do you, you would love to, uh, that you’d love to advance and, and progressing progression is not perfection. Fitness is not about perfection. It’s about progression. Personal training at our company. It looks like helping you progress in certain exercises and that’s one way you can trick the mind and you can get it, not trick it, but just be realistic. Get it off the scale, get it off. The numbers were so accustomed to look at me. I mean our car commercials on an advertisements about fitness or just loaded with 10 pack abs and, and uh, they can drop in 12, you know, and it dropped 26 pounds and 12 days and, and uh, and, and in, in So-and-so Watch, you know, you know, it’s just loaded with results that, that, that can cause you to compare yourself with people and really create emotional damage.

You know, it’s like a acute psychological damage. You know, it’s like, man, this hurts the mind. That’s not what this is about. This is about finding the fitness you love and doing it forever. I don’t care about initial weight loss, my personal training podcast where personal training company and they talk a lot about results, but that’s because I’m celebrating, you know, I interned at Walt Disney world years ago and you know, they were constantly talking about reward, recognize and celebrate. We have to do that because that’s part of the, the the again, the mental engagement, the psychological journey of fitness is celebrating each other and recognizing each other’s efforts and, and rewarding each other for, for, for, for putting forth the effort and the results come. But my, your biggest takeaway from this podcast today is get off the scale. I did a podcast on that previously, but I want you to just focus on progression, not perfection.

You know, just to be a little transparent, I’ve really been focused on certain gymnastics moves. I’m really attracted to the idea of being able to do a certain amount of pull ups or a muscle ups or you know, specific key exercises. Right now I’m specifically focusing on pullups and muscle ups and abdominal training training. My midsection, training my, uh, my chest and, and back. Uh, I’ve got, you know, those goals are important to me. I would really, today I did this, I did 20 wide grip pull ups. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never done that in my life. And you realize how important that is to me. And that was a goal of mine. And as a personal trainer, it’s important that, uh, that I have goals that I can help you reach years. But if, you know, again, if I have bread that in you or created a spirit of, of intensity, the it gives you discouragement, unrealistic expectations, then that’s not the goal here. Uh, that is not what we want. We want you to focus on certain exercises and progressing and being able to high five and slap on the butt, you know, men and not women. Uh, s slap high five women’s slap on the butt, man, good game, uh, to, to, to, to grow and perfect, you know, progress, certain movements and exercises. That’s what this is about. Get off the scale. What’d Ya get your mind right

engaged on, you know, running the mile that I running his mother. The worst x says you can do for weight loss, but rowing a certain amount of meters or battle ropes or Bosu ball training or TRX banding or rings or pull ups or push ups.