Keto Collagen protein is one of the primary products that you need if you decide to go on ketosis. Research has shown that collagen is especially helpful for skin, joint and gut heath. Quality protein does so much more for you than just build muscle.Collagen is the primary protein throughout your body’s connective tissue. When you ingest it, it helps moisten skin, improve gut health, and lessen joint pain.

Keto Collagen is the first keto-friendly protein powder that provides complete collagen recovery.
Collagen has a full amino acid profile and is the most important structural protein in your body. However it’s largely absent from the average person’s daily diet.
Keto Collagen protein is 10 grams of collagen peptides from grass-fed cows in the USA for the recovery your body needs. 
Our Keto Collagen is paired with MCTs and gut-healthy acacia fiber for great low-carb energy as wellKeto Collagen has everything you need to support your exercise, without the blood sugar spikes.
Benefits of grass-fed collagen protein:
Protein is an important part of any diet. Clinical studies have proven collagen strengthens bones, joints and ligaments, improves gut lining and connective tissues, as well as improves your skin health. 
Regular protein powders can’t do that.  
Why we’ve added MCT: 
MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are your body’s preferred source of energyMCTs are quickly metabolized into ketones, shuttling energy to your body. Pairing the collagen with MCT fats slows the absorption of protein so that your body uses it for recovery instead of convertingit to glucose within the body.
Other protein powders spike blood sugar levels. Keto Collagen doesn’t.
No artificial flavors, chemicals or ingredients: We use only real ingredients in all of our productsKeto Collagen contains 100% grass-fed collagen (from USA cattle), MCT oil powder,and stevia leaf. Choose from unflavoredchocolate, or vanilla flavors.
How to use: Keto Collagen tastes phenomenal with smoothies, drinks, or coffee. No blender required. Try adding to your favorite recipes or replacing your existing protein powder.
Pro tip: Add it to your morning coffee for an indulgent (and good-for-you) keto drink.
When to use: Keto Collagen protein can be used anytime throughout the day. Add it to your morning drink to feel full and focused all day. Add it to your mid-day drink to maintain a healthy energy level. Or drink it before, during, or after workouts for an energy boost and fast recovery. 
Perfect Keto Keto Collagen contains the best protein and fats, without fake ingredients. 
TIP: Each scoop is equivalent to 2 cups of bone broth collagen. As an added bonus, our MCT oil powder is made with acacia fiber, which has no effect on blood sugar and acts as a prebiotic to increase gut health.
Article provided by Perfect Keto.