In the last few months, Keto diet has become the most wanted diet in America. Everyone wants to know what is keto diet and how to lose weight. Google is full of articles and opinions on what keto diet is. Some people think keto is just a low carb diet, and others think is just a low sugar. Well, there is much more to keto. We have an expert in Keto, right here in Tulsa. Now, let’s get a closer look at what keto diet is and find out more about our keto diet expert in Tulsa.

Keto is a low carb and low sugar but high healthy fat diet. Nobody understands how taking in high fats is good for your body, or how it helps to lose weight.  When you eliminate carbs and sugar for a period your body enters a metabolic state called ketosis. This is simply your body creating ketones by breaking down the fat in the liver. That’s the simplicity of it. But what does the expert have to say?

Skye Magness, Tulsa’s keto expert tried the diet himself first. He started keto when he was 244lbs. In a month, he lost 30lbs. While it was a rough journey (keto flu) he made it through. Skye lost all that weight but he was still eating 3 times a day and only working out once a day. While living and working in Tulsa, our keto expert kept checking out the scale and the weight difference was enormous just within a month.

Not everyone can do the ketosis diet which makes it super important to talk to an expert. In Tulsa, we have access to a keto professional, the certified council member of Men’s Health Magazine. Tulsa’s expert not only knows about keto but did it himself and saw drastic results. Many of Skye’s clients in Tulsa have tried and continue to be in ketosis and they have had changes not only in weight, but their health as well.

What is one of the biggest fears to people who want to lose weight? Diets that require little to no eating at all. I love that this is not the case for keto diet. Keto diet you eat, and you eat good foods. You eat delicious meals, three times a day and never have to starve yourself. Now remember, it is a complete change of the way you used to it, that is if you eat fast food and freezer meals. You will eat three times a day plus snacks and you will LOSE WEIGHT. That is guaranteed.

What about working out? You will work out once a day while you’re on the keto diet. That is the absolute truth because that is how our clients do it and their results are phenomenal. Our clients have seen major transformations in their bodies, their self-esteem and confidence.  Because of keto diet and through Magness Fitness, lives are being changed in every aspect.

You may be thinking that I am exaggerating when I say lives are being changed. I am not. One of our clients went through 5 different personal trainers until she found Magness Fitness. Skye has worked with her for a few months now and she’s been doing keto diet for a couple of months. Her team at work was doing a “weight loss challenge” as a team. Not only did they win, but our client was the only one who had lost weight the most out of everyone in the team. Talk about confidence being built up.

If you are wondering about your ability to do keto diet on your own- that is fine. It is possible but it is very hard. It is hard because you need an instructor or a group of people to lift you up when you feel like quitting. It also depends on how many lbs you want to lose too. The more pounds to lose the longer and harder the journey. And also, more satisfying when you see those pounds drop That is the reason you need someone by your side.

Magness Fitness has the right person for you. How are we different? We personalize your packages. We get you a trainer that fits your personality and the way you want to be coached. We have meal plans. Our entire focus is on our clients and their success. We meet you at your house. We meet you at the park. We encourage, push you, lift you up and all according to the way you want to be.

Why try keto? Try keto because it is how we were meant to live from the beginning. We were not created to live off of carbs and sugar. If you are in Tulsa and want to know more about the Keto diet and have questions on how to start and what to do, contact Skye at 918-814-2213 or visit

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