Magness Fitness is the newest fitness company in Tulsa and Bixby. Not only is it the newest but our clients are saying it is the best! Why is it the best? We GUARANTEE you weight loss. Learn how to lose weight TODAY with Tulsa’s certified Men’s Health Magazine fitness council member. Your consultation is FREE & your first session is only $1!

This company was birthed because the owner himself was over-weight when he got married. Skye Magness, the founder and lead trainer put himself on a journey toward weight loss and with his proven system lost 30 pounds in 30 days. Now know this, he did not use drugs, starve himself, use meal replacements, nor did he workout 5 times a day.

Skye started eating a certain way and only worked out for 30 minutes a day. Can you believe this? He did not starve himself, and he did not only eat salads. Magness Fitness is in Tulsa with one goal in mind, to help people maximize their lives through health and fitness while loving it every step of the way. One of America’s largest problems is obesity. We cannot let it rule our lives. There are ways to lose weight and there are ways to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy it.

Stop starving yourself, killing yourself at the gym, or getting depressed looking at all the other people working out around you. At our company, you have the benefit of training in Tulsa and Bixby with a private personal trainer inside of our world class private personal training studio alongside others on the same journey as you. Learn how to lose weight and most importantly learn what are the RIGHT foods to optimize your weight loss almost effortlessly leading you into the dream body and lifestyle you have always dreamed of. It is time to experience the new you. Look no further!

Our clients are our focus! More than ever, America and Tulsa specifically need to know there is an effective way to lose weight, gain more energy, boost your self-image, and beat obesity NOW so that you can live the life you were designed to live. Obtaining our clients goals are primary here so we have different packages with different options. We customize based on YOUR needs. How many pounds do you need to lose?